Sunday, 18 March 2012

A Family Lunch

Rodders and I had a busy day yesterday as we were going to a family lunch at my big sisters.

We were up early and had a walk before coming home for me to shower and change. Rodders got a spruce up too so that he was looking his best.

It takes us almost two hours to get there and Rodders was his usual brilliant self in the car, he wasn't even bothered about getting out of his crate when we got there so I suspect he had been fast asleep.

As we walked in to the house he started off quite confidently and then realised that there were lots of people there making a noise and darted back to my side. Gradually he was happy to let people approach him for a play or a fuss though. When he is used to just me and sometimes OH it must seem a bit daunting to be surrounded by my sisters, nieces, boyfriends, guests and the odd husband!

He was happy running about the garden playing off lead and came back when called.

During lunch he settled on his snuggle fleece once we had all sat down and didn't move until people were getting up from the table to clear away the main course things and bring in dessert.

After lunch he even went out in to the garden with my sister Kirstty and her friend Gill for a run about without me.

As you can see, by the end of the day he was more than happy to be snuggled up with someone else!

I wonder if he remembers that Pete and Ailie were the first people that looked after him so that I could go out for the day.

Once everyone settled down to watch England playing rugby things got a little loud. Rodders took it in his stride but stayed close to my side.

All too soon it was time to head home. Rodders seemed to be worn out by his day as, after he hd eaten his supper, he flopped on the bed pad and stayed there until bed time!

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