Sunday, 11 March 2012


Rodders has always been quite good at coming back when called but he has been chancing his arm more and more recently. This probably coincides with me giving him a little bit more freedom. For example when we go out to the car I have been letting him walk there on his own, he has had a little run around the green but comes back to me when called. He has also been allowed off lead on the Nicky Line and he has been testing that by running up the steps back to the Rugby field and not coming back when asked.

Yesterday when we went out to the car he ran off around the corner, luckily he didn't go off the grass but he also didn't come back and I had to tell him off when I caught up with him.

Later in the day I had my car out the back to clean it out. To start with Rodders was happy in the garden with the gate open (especially when Bob and Pat tried to go and say hello to him!), he then got a bit braver and came out beside the car and was happy sniffing around.  Then he started to wander off towards the road and I called him back but he wouldn't come, he did stop and look back before carrying on out of the garages and on to the grass where I caught up with him. He got told off again and put back in the garden with the gate shut.

This mornings walk on the Nicky Line he just would not come back at all and  tried to chase after a jogger so he ended up back on his lead for the rest of the walk, even when we bumped in to Higgins the German Shepherd with his Dad. I don't think he was too happy at not being allowed to run around and play but he has to learn.

We have done some practice in the house during the day with the clicker and treats and he was coming back fine & he came back in from the garden when called so we went off for another walk on the Nicky Line.

This afternoon's walk was so different from this morning. He was happy running about off lead and either coming back when called or waiting when told for me to catch him up. He even sat and waited for 3 joggers to go past us. I did have to change direction and walk away a couple of times but he soon came running after me. There was one sticky point when he tried to go up some steps half way between the church and Queensway but I stayed where I was and he came back to me after he had had a sniff about.

After walking from the church to Queensway and back to the Rugby field I was really pleased with how well he had done. He also said hello to a greyhound and let his owners give him a fuss but he gave a couple sitting on a log drinking a wide berth - probably best!

And then it went wrong! He heard a family on the rugby field playing and went to investigate. As he isn't used to children, and he wasn't showing any signs of coming back, I went after him. He had sat himself down and was watching them playing with a ball. I clicked him back on his lead and we headed home. After this morning's walk I was quite pleased with how we had done.

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