Monday, 31 October 2011

Three tired peeps

It is only 9pm and Rodders and OH are both fast asleep.

I am sitting up on the sofa trying to watch Young Apprentice, if I lie down I know I will fall asleep too. These 5.30 starts are killing me!

Training School

Pete from Rossway Dog Training School rang to let us know Rodders can start Puppy Classes at 11am this saturday. We need to arrive about 10 minutes early to get a special toy to be used for training purposes and we need lots of treats to help with socialisation with all the puppy's in the class. Treats are only used for retrieve after this, He also said that Rodders is not to have anything to eat before we go, that could be fun!

May need to ring him back as he said something about a lead and I can't remember what it was!

Dinner and trick or treat

I finished off dinner and had just served up when the Trick or Treaters started to arrive. We had all ages from teeny tiny's to teenagers, some with parents some without. One little boy was just so excited he stood on my doorstep with a big grin and his hands flapping! All of the children were polite and happy with the sweets they were given, thank you £1 Shop. Rodders thought it was all very boring and so he stayed with OH at the Dining Table after having a look at the first lot!

We have fireworks going off again and Rodders really isn't bothered by them at all.

He is so tired he couldn't even be bothered to eat his supper so OH and I ended up on the floor almost hand feeding him kibble. Rodders and OH then had a play on the floor with his new favourite toy - the ball. He then went for a snuggle with OH in the conservatory which I rudely interrupted to get OH to de-gunk Rodders eye's with cotton wool. Rodders wasn't very happy about it and had a chew at OH's fingers while he was doing it, but it is done.

OH fell asleep in the conservatory and Rodders is looking sleepy too. He did take himself off to his bed in the crate but just sat there and barked! OH has gone to see why but I am not sure we will know!

An afternoon in the garden

When we got home Rodders walked from the car to the house on his lead. It took a while as there were lots of things to sniff on route!

We went straight in to the garden to see how OH had got on without us. Amazing progress, the 2 new sleepers were almost in place which means that he had removed turf, dug out the hole, measured and cut to size. Rodders was a bit confused about how he was supposed to get from the patio to the grass for now so I lifted him over.

I went and made a cuppa and start lunch and left the boys to it.

It was another bright day and really not cold so we ate at the patio table, this seemed to confuse Rodders even further! He did come and sit with us eventually.

After lunch OH was able to level up the sleepers, drill holes through and then drive steel rods through them and in to the ground. We then both back filled the gaps either side with soil and OH replaced the turf on the grass side and put down sand and cement mix topped with some cobbles and pebbles..

OH loaded the car up with the rubble and waste soil and we put Rodders in his crate so that we could go to the tip and the builders merchants. We came back to find Rodders asleep in his bed and no mess :-) We now had a further 7 bags of cobbles and pebbles to spread out which seems to have done the trick and has finished everything off nicely.

Rodders has spent most of the day following OH about as he worked, except for the short time he was out with me or in his crate, so he will be shattered this evening.

OH cleared everything away and packed his tools back in to his car as Rodders and I came in to finish off dinner. OH then got the garden hose out and watered in the sand and cement mix and cleaned everything off.

Rodders and Maty go visiting

Where I used too work were having a bake off competition and Rodders and I had been invited to attend the tasting and judging session :-) We left OH in the garden working and off we went.

This is the longest car journey Rodders has done since he came home three weeks ago so it could be interesting. I didn't need to worry, he gave a couple of whinges from the car crate as we left home and then not a peep out of him. When I got to Stockley Park he sat and waited for me to put on his lead before he was allowed out of the crate and I carried him in to the office. I signed in at reception and, as it was someone different, I had to wait for Denise to come and get me.

We saw lots of people while we were stood in reception, Rodders got lots of fusses and I got a kiss! Denise, Rodders and I made our way upstairs and the place was mobbed with people from all departments trying cake. The standard was very high this year as you can see below and they had a Halloween theme. Gareth managed to hold on to his crown apparently, he is a fantastic baker and made me a yummy cheesecake in my last week.

I managed to catch up with lots of people, collect my briefcase and drop a form in to HR for them to complete but it was soon time to leave - we can't stop them working for too long! They were surprised at how quiet and calm Rodders was!!!!!

Denise came out with me and we put Rodders on the grass while we were talking in the hope that he would have a piddle. No chance, all he wanted to do was chew his lead or chase leaves. Denise and I said goodbye & I thought I would see if Rodders would walk on his lead. He did brilliantly, and made me stop so he could have a piddle :-)

Another minor whinge as we left Stockley Park and then silence all the way home :-)

Boys together

Rodders and OH seemed to be having a great time in the garden together, I could hear them as I pottered about upstairs, little barks and whines at things Rodders wasn't sure about. OH is brilliant with him and talks to him and explains what he is doing and stops to let Rodders come over and sniff things that he seems frightened of.

When I came down they were still happy playing and working alongside each other.

Once the noisy work started Rodders and I came inside and he settled on snuggle fleece at my feet and didn't move until OH popped his cup through the door for another cuppa. Once made we went out to have an inspection of work so far.

OH has borrowed a spade of Bob next door as I am a bit challenged in the garden equipment area!

What is he doing?

OH went back out and unloaded his car of tools as he is working in my garden today finishing off the end of the patio. Rodders stayed inside with me and then we both went out and we let Rodders have a sniff about.

OH came in and changed in the conservatory, Rodders wasn't sure what to make of that!

Then they both went outside and started work. Rodders was sniffing about and was very interested in what was going on. He barked a little as the bricks were moved and was chasing OH as he moved them to the bottom of the garden. He didn't seem to mind all the tools and equipment as long as he was aloud to sniff them.

Bob and Pat got back from their walk and stopped to chat and then I ran upstairs, leaving Rodders in the garden with OH, so I could get dressed in peace - 2nd time in three weeks.

Someone at the gate

Rodders had just settled on Snuggle Fleece at my feet when I heard OH at the back gate. Rodders lifted his head and had a look and sniffed the air and then started barking!

Once he realised who it was coming in the back door he went to say hello and have a snuggle.


We came downstairs and Rodders went in to the garden for a piddle and was then sat on the patio. I could hear someone talking to him so I went out too.

Bob and Pat were saying hello over the fence. He was watching them but not making a sound. We had a chat and then let them go off for their walk.

Shower time

I filled todays Kong with Peanut Butter and Kibble before we went upstairs so that I could have a shower. Rodders didn't seem very keen on it :-( Back to Dairylea then!

As I opened the shower door to switch it on Rodders came running so I let him see and he was happy licking the water for a little while.

I then got in and closed the door and he started to bark a little, went off for a play and then came back to bark some more. He did manage to pull a pair of jeans off the radiator but seemed to realise that he should not chew them. When I finished washing me, my hair and conditioning I switched the water off and opened the door. He came to lap up the water and then let me out.

Generally he has been so much better today with no crying.

Carrot tops

Rodders came in to the kitchen with me while I was peeling vegetables to go in the slow cooker for tonights dinner. I threw him a carrot top and he sat munching that happily all the time I was peeling the vegetables and chopping them up.

OH has rung to say he is on his way. While I was talking to him I threw down the top of a parsnip. Rodders played with it for a little while, throwing it about and chasing it, but he isn't as interested in this as he is the carrots!


As Rodders was so good while I brushed him I let him have a new toy, a ball. He hasn't had one of these before and it was very funny to watch as he isn't used to things moving of their own accord.

He managed to pick it up and carry it to the rolled up carpet but as soon as he let it go it just rolled off so he had to chase after it. He had great fun batting it between his paws and it kept him amused for ages.

If it got in to a corner or somewhere he couldn't get it he barked at it until I went and rescued it. He played with it for over half an hour so I would say this is a success.


I have struggled to find a way to groom Rodders that works for us and I may have found it. We have just been sat on the conservatory floor and he has been happy for me to use the slicker on him just as long as he could chew the puppy brush. When I got close to places he wasn't happy with he would turn around to bite the slicker but I could divert him by tapping the puppy brush on the floor. Trouble is, it means I can't really do his tummy.

He has been back to eat more of his breakfast so he has had almost 3/4 of it and I am about to lift it.

He has asked to go in the garden again and has pooped and is now sniffing around quite happily.


Rodders went in to his bed without a peep but I was wandering about upstairs moving things on radiators and he did have a bit of a whinge after about 10 minutes

So Rodders hasn't got the idea of the clock change at all :-( Does anyone have any idea how I stop him from waking at 5.30?

I know I could try just leaving him but when I do come down he is desperate to go out and it is 6 hours plus since his last piddle. He also makes enough noise to wake the neighbours.

He has been in the garden twice but has still piddled on the floor by the lounge door and so he got put out a 3rd time while I cleared up and sprayed liberally with the stain and odour stuff. The joys of open plan mean that I cannot keep him contained in the conservatory where he is close to the patio door - maybe I should have kept the doors :-( But he asks to go out a lot of the time so why do we have this in the morning?

I have put his breakfast down and he has eaten a little of it but doesn't yet seem interested in going back to it. I will lift it at 7am even if he hasn't eaten it.

He is currently playing in the conservatory with his toys.

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Puppy squeaks

When I am here on my own I usually take Rodders up to the bathroom with me. In the evenings when he is fast asleep, he stirs as I move and I ask if he wants to come and he normally gets up to come with me and he makes the most wonderful puppy squeaks in m ear as I carry him upstairs and I love it!

He does the same thing when I carry him out to the garden for a piddle.

It is just so cute :-)


Rodders got up to get a drink from his bowl and I took the opportunity to take him out to the garden, he wasn't impressed! He sat on the path for a little while thinking about it and then ambled off for a sniff and a piddle.

While we were out there we could hear fireworks going off in the distance but nothing too loud or close.

I thought he deserved another liver treat for that!

It didn't take him long to settle back down on snuggle fleece.

Can't believe it

I cannot tell you how many fireworks are going off around us tonight, or how loud they are, but I am sat on the sofa jumping with great regularity.

Rodders? He is sleeping soundly! Long may it continue :-)


I have just spent 25 minutes in the kitchen chopping up the cooked liver in to treat size bits and we have loads!

They will probably last 3-4 weeks, if not longer. Once they are completely cool I need to think how I can freeze them in small portions so I can take them out as we need them - they will be especially good once we start Dog Training :-)

Rodders has done a couple of taste tests along the way and he seems to approve!

He was curled up in the kitchen with me but has now settled at my feet on snuggle blanket.

Lost puppy

I didn't mention that I lost Rodders earlier this afternoon. He had taken himself off to his bed in the crate! Unfortunately in my panic, trying to find him, it was short lived.

What are you doing?

Rodders  wasn't very happy when I bought the step ladder in so I made him come and sniff it. The joys of being a short arse and needing something out of a high cupboard!

Then I needed something out of the dresser and was banging about, he didn't like that either and disappeared to sit on snuggle blanket.

And then, horror of horrors, I used the blender and he didn't like that noise at all. He did come through to the kitchen and sit on my feet while I was using it though. I think he was unsure whether he would be safer with me or without me!

Silly puppy, he has to get used to some of these household noises! Especially with me as I do clatter about :-)

Once I finished clattering about Rodders was happy to come and lie down on snuggle fleece at my feet. He is settling down on his own much more now, another sign that he is becoming more independent.

More flippin fireworks

As Rodders was eating his dinner more loud fireworks went off, he stopped for a second and then started to eat again.

After dinner he wanted to go in the garden but wasn't too keen on going by himself as there were more fireworks going off so I went too -  he obviously hasn't twigged that I hate them! Anyway he had a sniff around, stopping to lift his head to the strange noises, and then piddled. We hung about in case he wanted to do anything else but he really wanted to come back in.

Why is it dark already?

Not sure if Rodders can work out why it is dark already, he is sure that he has nor had the usual amount of time in the garden playing.

It is getting towards the end of the day when he turns in to a little horror and the number of loud NO's is increasing.

He has tried to attack the curtains a couple of times but is generally playing with his own toys. Or was, until he spotted by two bears that sit on an upturned basket. They deserve a bark!

We have been in the kitchen for a little while so that I could sort out soup for tomorrows lunch - OH is here working in the garden so he will need something to warm him up. I have also turned over the liver, these are probably a bit thicker than I cut them at my last attempt so they are taking longer. Rodders did have a taste and he thinks they are OK.

Rodders has also started to answer back, when he is told no he barks at me. So I keep saying NO until I get the last word.

He is now running up and down the lounge with one of his snuggle fleeces and is looking very pleased with himself.


I left Rodders on the snuggle fleece by the dining table and I moved to the sofa with my feet up for a minute.

We both woke up when the timer went off to remind me to check on his liver treats!

I then brought him up on the sofa with me but he wasn't going to settle so our snooze was over. He has since been in the garden, has done his sit, wait exercises for liver treats and is now playing.

Mr Bumble

Managed to get Mr Bumble to fly out the conservatory window earlier :-)

Rodders isn't very keen on the noise sausages make when they are being cooked so took himself off in to the garden and left me to it.

When I sat down at the Dining Table with my Sausage Sandwich he came in and is on Snuggle Fleece at my feet. Not sure he is really sleeping as he is lifting his head at the slightest noise.

Do I have

Just wondering I have me a stud dog, Rodders will not stop humping Teddy in the conservatory!

Mind you I suspect the missing testicle needs to be located first!

I wonder

Just spotted the squirrel running along the back fence. I wonder if he dropped the pork rind?

Where did he get that?

Rodders has just come in from the garden, shot up to the lounge, come back when called but flew past me to the rolled up carpet and was playing with something in his mouth. I managed to get it off him and it was a huge piece of fatty pork rind! I have no idea where that came from but it has been confiscated.

We will trawl the garden and make sure there isn't any more of that out there.

Making puppy treats

While in Tesco I bought some liver for the grand total of 63p, and it was ready sliced.

Once we came in from the garden I loaded the dishwasher and set it off, unloaded the washing machine - Rodders still thinks this is a game - and then set to work to make more puppy treats.

I laid the liver out on a couple of baking trays, sprinkled it liberally with Garlic Granules, and sacked it in the oven on 50 degrees where it will stay for the next 2 or 3 hours.

Rodders has had his lunch and has eaten most of it in one go and has been back out in the garden to play.

So happy!

Well I let Rodders in the garden before I went to Tesco and then put him in his crate with his puppy treats and covered the crate. He cried as I made my way to the door and he cried as I walked away :-(

I did the shopping, feeling stressed out, and wondered what I would find when I got home.

I walked in to silence, I put the shopping down in the kitchen and then spoke to him as I lifted the cover. And there he was, sat in his bed, and everything else was as I had left it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, the puppy treats had gone obviously :-)

So happy with my little boy!!!!!!!!! He got so much fuss and we went to have a run around the garden to celebrate :-)

He was happy to see me too!

Back in the garden

Rodders has been in and out of the garden playing since we came downstairs which has enabled me to put the drill on charge for OH and grab something to eat and drink.

I scraped out the dip pot and then let him have a lick of what was left. He wasn't sure about it and kept barking at it!

I need to go to Tesco but will leave that until he is about ready for another nap.

Getting dressed

When he came in we went upstairs so that I could get washed and dressed. When I worked this used to take me 15 minutes tops, 40 minutes if I had to have a shower and do my hair. Well with Rodders helping (!) it takes me about 30 minutes to wash, clean my teeth and dress. It doesn't seem to matter what is in his Kong, today was puppy treats, I am far more interesting and he wants to take off with my clothes in his mouth or chew my jeans as I am trying to put them on.

I got to see it all!

I kept very quiet and still on the sofa and managed to see the whole Grand Prix :-) By the end of it I was starving and thirsty but Rodders has to come first.

He didn't want to wake up but he had been asleep for almost 3 hours! I took him out in to the garden where he promptly lay down and looked like he was going back to sleep! I left him there and gradually he started to move around and chase leaves and eventually had a piddle.

Hungry & thirsty

I am both hungry and thirsty but dare not move off the sofa in case I disturb Rodders who is sleeping on the snuggle fleece at my feet. It would be a shame to miss the last 9 laps of the Grand Prix!

Mr Bumble

Mr Bumble is back buzzing around the conservatory, doesn't seem to be disturbing Rodders at all but is driving me mad!

Rodders fell asleep on the snuggle fleece at my feet by the dining table and then came through to the lounge when I moved to watch the Grand Prix. He came upstairs with me when I went to the bathroom then went and got himself a drink from his bowl before settling back down.

We are half way through the Grand Prix now, don't think I will get to see al of it :-(

Not a peep

Forgot to say that Rodders didn't make a peep last night when I put him to bed and left him to go upstairs myself.

I pottered about up there for a while hanging up the washing and we know that there is nothing wrong with his hearing so hat was a huge achievement.

People are reading!

I know that OH reads my blog religiously but I now know that others are too. I have spent the last 3 days going back through correcting spelling mistakes and adding in tags. It has been an interesting exercise to see that something that works one day may not work another and to see all the changes Rodders has made as he has got used to living here, with different people coming in and out, different routines and new experiences.

My puppy has come such a long way and it is a huge learning curve for both of us. I wouldn't be without him and I look forward to training him to be a happy confident dog who is a pleasure to have around.

And rest

Rodders has been very active since he got up, apart from the time he was in my arms watching and talking to Bob next door.

He has just come running in from the garden and has flopped at my feet on snuggle fleece so it looks as though I may get to see some of the Grand Prix :-) If I can keep my eyes open that is!

What is he barking at

There was some serious barking going on outside so I went to investigate.

It would seem that Rodders has not been in the garden when the washing machine was on before and he was stood on the patio barking at the water going down the drain!

He doesn't do it when the tap is running so it must be the volume of water from the washing machine!

Garden time

We let him Bob go off fishing and came back inside and Rodders went straight in the garden and has been playing out there for ages. He has managed to get the label of a plant pot - it has taken him obout 3 days so he is very happy with himself.

With a bit of luck he will be ready for a nap as the Grand Prix starts :-)

Who else is about?

Rodders has been playing happily in the conservatory but it is very quiet today and he was very interested in some noises out the front. I picked him up and we opened the blinds so he could see what was going on. Bob next door was out there, with all his fishing gear, waiting for his lift. We stood and watched for a while with Rodders being very quiet and not wriggling at all.

Bib then moved his gear closer to the road and we went and stood at the front door watching. He spotted us and came over to give Rodders a fuss. Apparently he tried to call Rodders over yesterday when he was sat on the patio but got ignored!

An early start

Nobody told the puppy that the clocks have changed and Rodders woke at his usual 6.30 which is now 5.30.

A snooze together on the sofa will probably be required later!

As expected, he did have a piddle in his crate on the puppy pad but he did wait until I came down and let him in the garden before he did anything else.

He has eaten half of his breakfast and was very interested in me changing the puppy pad. He has been out in the garden a further twice and is up to the usual morning mischief!

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Hmm, chew sticks

Although Rodders seems to love his chew I have taken it off him. I was concerned about the amount he was drinking and he just seemed a bit odd.

I have had him up on my lap and have got him to settle.

I have put a water bowl back in his crate as he doesn't seem to get the drinking bottle yet and the last thing I want is him being thirsty overnight. We will probably have a wet puppy pad in the morning but hey ho!

We hate fireworks!

Rodders and I both jumped as a very loud firework went off fairly close by just now.

It stopped him eating his chew for a split second.

Very strange evening

Rodders came in from his last garden trip and just hasn't settled.

Usually in the evenings he is fast asleep on snuggle fleece, doesn't drink anything, and needs to be carried out for a piddle which he grudgingly does.

Tonight he is awake after snoozing for 3 hours, but a bit dopey, and is now sat on the floor with his chew. I have been down on the floor with him on my knee for a while but he wasn't' really bothered about being with me and was happy to go on the floor and play with his chew.

I am sure he is OK but this is just so unusual.

Drinking lots

Rodders has got up for another drink from his bowl and has been out to the garden. This is very unusual behaviour in the evening.

I really did expect him to be dead to the world this evening as he hardly napped at all today.


So almost 3 weeks ago I was worried that Rodders was not drinking enough, now I am worried that he is drinking too much. He has been through a whole bowl since about 5pm and I have just had to fill it up for him.

And I made him go out in the cold and dark for a piddle, mean Mummy! He did make me carry him out and back in though. And all the time he was making those cute puppy noises in my ear, love it!!!!


Well we have loud fireworks going off around us again and we may just have had a reaction from Rodders.

He got up at a particularly loud bang, walked to his crate, came back and flopped back on his snuggle fleece.

He has just got up again and walked to sniff his food bowl and then has gone to his water bowl for a long drink. He has come straight back and settled on his snuggle fleece so maybe he was just thirsty and confused about the bowl situation.

OH, if you are reading, think you will have to do water bottle training on Monday!

Didn't mention dinner

While I cooked dinner I took Rodders, a snuggle fleece, his chew and a couple of toys in to the kitchen with us. He was quite happy chewing in his chew while I cooked and pottered about.

I gave him his dinner at the same time as I sat down and he wolfed down almost all of it before asking to go out. Once he came back in he was happy to play in the conservatory while I finished mine.

I then tipped the crumbs from a bag of treats in to his bowl and that helped him to finish the rest of it.

No nap?

I don't think Rodders has had a proper nap this afternoon although he has sat on the patio in the sun, no wonder he has fallen asleep already this evening. He did need to come up on my knee to settle him down but he is now on the floor on snuggle fleece.

He has played outside mostly, chasing leaves and generally having a good time.

He has now turned in to an escape artist and when we go upstairs to the bathroom he runs the second I out him on the floor, straight in to our bedroom.

He isn't sure about doing laundry at all and seems to think bringing it on or taking it out of the washing machine is purely for his entertainment and doesn't understand why he can't join in. I have a load that needs to go on the radiators but that can wait until I go upstairs again - I daren't put them on the downstairs ones!

He has done his sit and wait exercises for his liver treats and we have played tug and fetch (with limited success) in the conservatory. He doesn't like it when I pile his toys up and soon has them spread all over the floor again.

He likes to drag his snuggle fleeces around the floor and hates me putting one in his crate, it comes straight out again.

He has had a few sharp NO's when he has a been chewing things he shouldn't and he has now found the curtains :-(

But overall, we have had a good day :-)

Hmmm, maybe not complete successes

So the water bottle. Don't think he really knows what to make of it. He keeps going in to his crate, looking for his water bowl, gnawing at the metal spout and coming out and using his other bowl!

And his chew kept him quiet for about 20 minutes before he got bored. He has been back to it a few times so we will see.

Rodders likes his chews

I gave Rodders a chew about 10 minutes ago and he has sat quietly gnawing on it so it looks as though they have his seal of approval!

I love the way he clasps it between his paws :-)

He is now throwing it about, chasing it and then having another chew. Wonder how long it will last. The lady on the stall says it takes her GSD's 20 minutes to get through it.

Flippin Fireworks

Just heard a firework go off, in the middle of the day, what is wrong with people?

And some were going off late last night after we went to bed.

I am proud to say that Rodders didn't react to any of them. The Clix Sounds CD is obviously working :-)

Time for a snooze

While I was eating my lunch at the Dining Table Rodders came and sat at my feet on Snuggle Fleece. I have since got up and moved to the sofa, he raised an eye but was happy to stay where he is.

I called my friend Jill to check up on her recovery and she is doing fine, frustrated at the slow progress and swelling, but OK. Rodders wasn't bothered about me being on the phone and just carried on snoozing.

The back gate

I left Rodders in the garden and came in to make my lunch.

While I was stood there I glanced out of the window and spotted that the back gate was wide open.  I called Rodders as I couldn't see him (Yes, I was panicking!) and shot out the kitchen. He was playing in the conservatory and looked at me as if to say whats your problem!

I shut him in whine I went out to close the gate and lock it. He wasn't happy and barked a fair bit.

What if.......

........ he had got out
.........he got lost
.........nobody knew he was mine (no chip & no ID tag yet)

It doesn't even bear thinking about :-(

The ID tag is on its way, I ordered it last night, it is very nice and has a Saltire on it :-)

Putting out the washing

While Rodders was happy playing I went in and sorted out his lunch. He came running in and sat nicely as I put it down, he then started tucking in.

I gently closed the baby gate and started to unload the washing machine. He was quite happy eating until he realised that the gate was closed. Although he could hear and see me he started barking and whining. I carried on doing what I was doing and when he was quiet I dropped kibble on the floor for him. He liked that, so barked some more! When ever he went quiet I dropped more. He went back to his bowl when he had run out of what I dropped.

Once he had finished eating and the washing machine was empty I went to put the washing on the line. He wasn't sure about that and kept his distance on the patio. I gave him a peg to sniff at and he took it on to the grass for a bit of a chew. I took it back later and swapped it for one of his toys.

Off to market

Rodders and I went down the town, to the market, in the car. He was very good in his car crate and didn't make a sound, must be getting used to it or is it the puppy treats! I left him in the car while I pad for the Car Park Ticket and he was still quiet.

Before I got him out the crate I clipped his lead on and then we were off walking (well, he was in my arms), past the Canada Geese and over the little bridge. He seemed quite happy. We got stopped by a lady with 2 daughters and a grandchild in a pushchair and he got fussed by them all which he quite liked. We then went through the old Market where there is a fair, he wasn't sure about the noise as it was a bit loud. We then turn right to go along the shops and in to the market, lots of buses, taxi's and people about and he wasn't phased at all. We got stopped several times by people that wanted to talk to him and give him a fuss and we checked out all the stalls. I managed to buys stocking filler and got Rodders some dog chews (for the bargain price of 20p for 5) to see how he does with them. Getting conflicting advice though, the puppy school man says leave him with chews, the lady on the market says don't leave him with them as he could choke.

We made our way back to the car and he was a little interested in the pigeons and ducks but didn't make a sound. He was happy to go in his car crate and even happier to get a puppy treat. I unclipped his lead before he got in the car and put it back on as soon as we got home. I carried him in from the car and then let him walk to the garden. He was OK to start with but wanted to chew it by the time we got out there.

He ran around and had a piddle and I left him out there.

Water bottle

OH ordered a water bottle for Rodders, the type you attach to the crate with a valve that he has to learn to suck from. While he was out playing in the garden I attached it to the crate and called him in.

First I smeared dip (it was the first thing to hand) on my finger and he seemed to like it, I then smeared it around the valve and put him in there to lick it. Then we did it again and again. Not sure he has got the hang of it, but he likes dip!

Another sunny day

Rodders is so happy that he can run in and out the garden on this lovely day. Half the time he doesn't even come to check on me when he comes in!

Getting dressed and sorting washing

After Rodders had had a quick run around the garden and a piddle we went upstairs for me to get washed and dressed. His Kong with some puppy treats in kept him quiet for a little while but OH rang again and Rodders managed to finish it while I was on the phone so it was anything but peaceful after that!

Once washed we went and got my clothiers and Rodders managed to help himself to two things out the washing pile. That is going to have to be moved in to a laundry bin! I got dressed with some help (!) and then went to sort the washing. Instead of sorting it on the floor like I used to it is now all over my bed. I managed to carry Rodders and the first pile of washing downstairs. The washing got put in the machine with a little help (!).

Delivery men

Well another delivery man disturbed Rodders snooze so I let him out in the garden.

My big sister rang to let me know how my other sister's move went yesterday and how emotional she was to be back in the village we grew up in. Rodders and I have sent flowers to her today via Interflora. He was a monkey while I was on the phone so I ended up picking him up and walking about.

Just as I finished with her OH rang, he has suggested putting speaker phone on so that Rodders realises I am talking to someone else!


However fast asleep Rodders is he always wants to come to the bathroom with me, especially now he likes to try the Andrex Puppy Game! A loud NO stopped that though.

When we came back down he went to snuggle fleece but still wanted to come up. I put my hand down and gave him a stroke and after a minor winge he settled himself back down for a snooze.

And rest

After being very active for almost two and a half hours Rodders settled down on his snuggle fleece by the dining table.

I moved what I needed through to the lounge so I could sit more comfortably on the sofa and he followed me through. He wanted to come up so I settled him on my knee. He wanted a quick chew of me but a couple of loud NO's put paid to that. I rolled him on to his back and rubbed his tummy and he went off to sleep in my arms.

Him and snuggle fleece have been moved to the floor and he is sound asleep.

The Lounge Door

Rodders has been playing inside and out and he loves to run full length of the lounge. Most of the time he is happy to run back to the conservatory if I tap the floor. He loves hairing about like a lunatic. But I have a concern about him at the lounge door, he has piddled there a couple of times and he now likes to chew the bottom of the sofa and I need to stop it. So if he won't come back straight away I have been down there to check out why and give a loud NO if required. So far today he has stopped what he was doing, once he barked back. Twice he was sniffing around and I asked if he wanted to go in the garden and he came with me to the patio door.

And then one sniff and he starts to piddle. I shouted NO, grabbed him and put him straight in the garden (dressing gown needs to go back in the wash) and pulled the door to so that I could go and clear up. He barked twice, disgruntled at being shut out, and then went off to play. So I have cleared up and liberally sprayed with stain and odour removal. Not sure how to stop this once a day delight but it has to stop. There is no need for it, the patio door was wide open.

I have really tried hard to be more interactive with him this morning, fussing him, playing with his toys, in the hope that we would not have this today but it hasn't worked.

It isn't just a small scenting piddle, it is as though he has held on for hours.

A lie in and a new game

Rodders didn't whine or cry at all at bedtime last night and he didn't start until just before 6.30 this morning so I came down fairly quickly so he didn't get too vocal.

We went straight in the garden for a piddle and a poo before coming in to make a cuppa and get his breakfast. The other morning, when OH got Rodders up, he dropped some Kibble on the floor and Rodders loved hoovering it up. So todays trick is to take the kibble out of your bowl, drop it, and then eat it from the floor! He did sit nicely for his breakfast though and he has eaten almost all of it so far.

He has been happily playing in the conservatory and has already asked to go in the garden again where, I think, he ate a slug eeeeuughhhhh  :-(

Friday, 28 October 2011

OH drops in

OH dropped in on his way home this evening. Rodders was fast asleep and raised his head as he came in the back door and lay there for a minute or two thinking about it. Then he got up and came towards him with his tail wagging, he knew who it was and was very pleased to see him. He wanted up for a snuggle and to give OH a quick wash!

We all then ended up in the garden so that Rodders could have a piddle and then back in the warm for a cuppa and some Choccies :-)

Rodders wanted up with OH straight away and sat nicely being fussed, no biting or chewing him -  well maybe a sneaky one but he got a short sharp no and stopped straight away.

Just before OH left he nipped up to use the bathroom and Rodders wanted to come back up with me. Of course he started to bite me straight away and wasn't taking my NO at all. OH came back down and said it and he stopped straight away. It looks as though I need to change my tone of voice!

We saw OH off out the back door and Rodders curled up on his towel at the back door - not sure if he wanted to wait for him to come back but it will be a long wait as he isn't here again until Monday! He did come through to join me and has curled up at my feet on snuggle fleece.

Moving home

Today is the day that my sister moves back to the village that we grew up in, a long held dream, and I have been thinking of her all day and hoping that everything was going well.

Under normal circumstances I would have been there to offer help but as Rodders isn't allowed out or with other dogs (she has a Westie) I couldn't do that. She is just over an hour away so I couldn't even have left Rodders for the length of time that would have made a difference really.

I hope she understands!

I did pop out and post her a card and a small gift so she should have that very soon.

How did I forget

One other thing that Rodders did today was to actually go and play under the weeping tree in the garden. Up until today he has given it a wide birth as to is still in leaf and as it reaches to the ground you can't see under it. He has walked around it and he has played tug with the branches but he has never been under it.

I was watching him from the conservatory and he decided to brave it. He was under there for ages and then shot out, with the wind in his tail, and in to the conservatory. He was soaking wet and filthy!

I dried him off a bit and then put him on the patio tabs with a load of puppy treats to work his way through and gave him a quick groom. He was chewing the puppy brush too while I used the slicker. There only seemed to be one knotty bit!

Getting tired

Once Rodders gets tired there is very little you can do with him, he just will not do as he is told and will not give in and go to sleep. I try everything, letting him up on my knee, standing at the window, sit exercises, nothing works until I can get him to stop.

Tonight when he was on my knee and getting bitey I put myself in the kitchen behind the baby gate and he just barked and barked and barked even though he was not getting any reaction from me at all. Eventually he walked away..... and went and piddled in the lounge by the door. As soon as I came out of the kitchen and spotted it he got out in the kitchen while I cleared up. He wasn't happy about that at all and barked and whined even though I was talking to him and, at times, he could see me sitting at the dining table or letting myself in to the kitchen to use the bin. Once I had cleared up I sat at the dining table and when he was quiet I gave him a puppy treat, it took ages.

After that we tried standing at the window and when he seemed quieter, and his heart rate had slowed, we tried to sit on the sofa but he went back in to bitty mode.

I gave up! I just put him on the floor and walked off in to the kitchen to decide what to have for dinner. He wandered through, had a look at what I was doing and settled on the floor. Once dinner was ready and I moved to the table he followed me. When dinner was finished I prepared his supper but he didn't eat much of it.

When I came through and sat down on the sofa he wanted up and soon settled down and then got transferred to the floor where he is snoozing happily.

Lesson for the day, ignore him and go and do something else!

Having fun

Rodders played quite happily both inside and out. He now likes to take his toys outside to the garden but always seems to bring them back.

Eventually he got bored and went to bark at the front door so I got my coat and made him sit while I put his lead on. yes, I know he can't walk outside yet but we can practice to and from the door and he can get used to the extra weight on his collar.

We got stopped at the door by a delivery driver and then we were on our way. We walked up to the Rugby Field (where he will soon be getting lots of walks) down to the main road, along and back through the estate.

We met a little girl with a big Husky. He was interested in Rodders but he paid no attention which earnt Rodders a fuss from her.

He is much more interested in the traffic now and turns his head to watch rather than trying to bury it in my arms.

Back home and in to the garden where he tried to chew his lead, he had walked from the front door with it in his mouth, so I made him sit while I took it off.

We had a run about playing chase which he loves, he barks to ask me to run about again.

I then spotted a half eaten strawberry so grabbed the camera to take a picture as evidence.

He is now playing happily outside and comes running back in for a fuss before chasing off out again.

What happened to my crate?

Rodders woke up and went and looked in his crate and seemed a bit confused by the state of it and there was no water in the bowl - I wonder why! I got up and came and sorted his crate out and as I took the bowl out he had another go at drinking from it! He watched what I was doing and as I took his bed out he went and had a sit in it. The bed pad is wet so has gone on the radiator, luckily we have another one. Once the new puppy pad was down and the water bowl in situ he went and had a drink.

Don't know why it had to be this bowl as he has 2!

He was happy enough for me to out his bed back in the crate and wandered off to play.

Leaving Rodders

I had to nip out to the shop and post office and Rodders isn't allowed in to either of them so he had to be left at home in his crate.

I made sure that he had piddled and pooped and it was close to his usual nap time before I went and then out him in his crate with some treats. He was crying by the time I reached the door and I could still hear him as I made my way to the car. I had covered the crate so it wasn't that.

When I got back 40 minutes later all was quiet and I was talking to him as I put the shopping down and then I lifted the cover on the crate. The puppy pad is wrecked and the water bowl is empty but he is sat in his bed looking OK. I really wish I knew how to stop this.

We went straight in to the garden but he wasn't interested in doing anything, he just wanted to be by me. We came back in and he followed me as I put the shopping away and made a cuppa. I then gathered everything I needed and went and sat on the sofa. Rodders fell asleep in my arms almost instantly so he can't have rested much while I was out. I have transferred him and snuggle fleece to the floor and he is asleep with his head on my foot.


I put Rodders lunch bowl down, he sat and waited until I told him it was OK s all the training with treats is getting me somewhere.

It was mostly dry kibble and he wolfed it down in almost one sitting.

Ages getting dressed

Rodders came up with me whine I got dressed and was happy plodding after me while I gathered my clothes. The little horror stole a pair of knickers from my washing pile and had them taken off him though. And then I forgot something and had to go back to the bedroom and he got another pair. Rodders was reasonably happy playing in the bathroom but was trying to escape at any opportunity - why? To get another pair of knickers obviously!

All in all it took half an hour before we were ready to come down stairs and I was exhausted!

We went straight in to the garden and Rodders was happy to play.

Another lovely day

It is another lovely day and so the patio door is open so that Rodders can go in and out as he wants, he loves that.

I made myself something to eat and he was in and out playing. Then he could hear noises from next door, just Bob and Pat talking in their garden, and he wasn't sure about it so came running in and sat beside me. I took him back outside and we talked about what he could hear and what it was. Does he understand me? Who knows, but it seems to keep him happier.

I gradually moved from the patio to the path, talking as I went. Bob then spotted us and stopped to talk to Rodders, who ignored him and sat by me. Bob was just going to get his car out so I stayed and explained to Rodders that he would hear the garage door, then the car start up and move, then the car door and then the garage door again. He seemed quite happy and stayed beside me. Once I came in he followed me but he has been back out on his own.

Shower time

I filled the Kong with Dairylea and some treats while Rodders was playing in the garden and then called him in. As soon as he saw the Kong he was happy to come upstairs with me.

Once in the bathroom I made him sit for his Kong and when he was happy licking and chewing I turned the shower on. As soon as the door clanged he was by my side, I talked to him for a minute and then got him interested in the Kong again before I got in the shower. He then started barking, scratching at the door and trying to lick the water underneath the door. It was quite funny to see this little pink tongue coming through! I washed me, my hair and then conditioned as quickly as I could and he did calm down as I talked to him.

When I came out he was just about to try the Andrex Puppy trick but I stopped him and re-engaged him with the Kong, after he had licked my legs of course!

Forgot this from this morning

While we were playing in the conservatory I put the Clix Sounds CD on at the same volume as yesterday but it seemed to unsettle Rodders and he just wanted to be on me. I turned it down a notch (we were at 2 so now back at 1) and he was soon his usual self and playing happily on his own.

He really wasn't sure about the firework noises today.

OH called

OH called and unsettled Rodders so he asked to go in the garden. He had a mooch about for ten minutes seeing what he could eat and having a good look at the new bits on the back patio.

When he came in he was happy to sit for some liver treats, these are brilliant and he loves them so we will be making some more.

He wanted to come up with me so I had him on my knee on snuggle fleece for a while and I was getting gentle licks followed by a sneaky nibble. He did stop biting when asked, it doesn't even need a firm no, just a gentle no biting.

I then moved him beside me and e soon dropped off to sleep and he, and snuggle fleece, have been moved to the floor.

The hungry puppy

Maybe Rodders is like me and can't eat when he first gets up as he has just been back and has polished off the rest of his breakfast.

He then wanted a big fuss and a scratch of his ear and has now settled on snuggle fleece at my feet, I suspect it won't be for long!

OH's advice

So after yesterdays early start OH advised keeping Rodders up until about 11 last night to help re-set his body clock. Being the good girl that I am I did as I was told. Just after 11 I took Rodders out for his last Piddle. He wasn't impressed at being woken for that and tried to sleep on my foot on the path. He did eventually perform though.

He was put in his crate with a treat and off I went upstairs. Three very minor whinges later we both settled down for the night.

At 5.15 this morning Rodders started to stir and I rolled over. He carried on grumbling quietly until just after 6 when he got quite vocal. I got up and came downstairs, he was very pleased to see me and didn't know if we wanted a fuss or to go in to the garden so we sort of did both. We were in the garden for ages and through the dark I think he did at least 3 piddles, couldn't see if he had poo'd though. Eventually we came back in so that I could out the kettle on for a cuppa. He came in to the kitchen with me and seconds later I turned around to see that he had assumed the position :-( Grabbed him quick and put him out the patio door, he didn't make it off the patio so that had to be cleaned up very quickly.

Once that little drama was over I made my cuppa and his breakfast. He ate quite a lot at the first sitting and then wandered off for a play in the conservatory. He has been back to it but has not finished it.

He has been a bundle of energy and mischief this morning. Oh, and by the way, the crate was dry this morning but he had chewed the puppy pad - should have got up when I first heard him shouldn't I!

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Sleep, piddle, sleep

Rodders woke up and asked to go out in the garden, came back in and went off to sleep again on snuggle fleece. He did stir when OH FaceTimed to say goodnight. Wonder why he needs to go to bed so early? Oh I remember, he was awake from 4.30 this morning listening for Rodders!

OH knows that I love him but I don't think he really understands how much, it is little things like letting me stay in bed that makes me realise that he loves me too!

With hugs from me & licks from Rodders (with the odd little nip thrown in for good measure), sleep tight my darling!

I got a comment!!!!!

I started this blog to document my time with Rodders and so that my OH would be able to keep up with Rodders while he is away on his travels.  I never expected anyone else to read it although I have shared the url with a few people.

I have kept track of my blog stats and so I know that people have been reading it from all across the world which I have found very exciting.

But even more exciting, today I have received my first comments (Thanks Little Bear!!!!!!), now I need to find out how to reply! For the minute I will do it here. Thank you for saying you love it, it has been a labour of love and I have enjoyed doing it. I have never had a diary before and haven't done any creative writing since I left school far too many years ago.

I have dotted photo's through the blog, but probably not enough. I will try to improve!

And breathe

Spoke to OH briefly via FaceTime to make sure that he had gone for dinner and not fallen asleep, he also spoke to Rodders. Don't know if that is what did it but he asked to come up again and promptly fell asleep. He is now at my feet on snuggle fleece.

Strange dog!

Rodders is definitely strange! While I was making dinner I cut some of the stalk of a bit of broccoli and I offered him a little bit. He played with it for a little while and then wolfed it down and came back for more. I gave him the bigger bit and he spent about 10 minutes eating it in the kitchen.

While I ate my dinner he played in the conservatory quite happily. Once I cleared up we went out to the car to bring in his bed as this dozy mare forgot it when I brought him in earlier. As we walked towards the car he gave a slight whimper :-(

Once back in I put his bed in the crate and out his snuggle fleece back in there too. He wasn't happy about that and soon got hold of it and dragged it out to the left, round and then right towards the conservatory. Determined little horror.

He has the devil in him this evening, I think he is missing his play mate! He asked to come up with me but after letting him wriggle and mouth me for 10 minutes he has been put down. He has wriggled on the floor beating hell out of snuggle fleece, he has been for a drink out the bowl in the crate and had a chew at the crate, he has tried to get up on the other sofa, tugged at the fleece covering his crate and is now beating up the monkey.

Oh yes, and we have both been out in the rain as he asked to go out and wouldn't go on his own. All he wanted to do out there was play!

Should I be happy or sad?

Roddders was asleep at my feet by the Dining Table on his snuggle fleece for a while but I was getting back ache so moved to the sofa. He hasn't followed me and I have now put the TV on at which point he did lift his head, look, and shift position.

Should I be happy that he is now confident enough to sleep on his own, or should I be sad that he no longer needs to be joined to me at the hip?

With a bit of a lump in my throat, I think I am happy about it :-)

Three more things

Rodders keeps going to the bottom of the stairs and barking today. Maybe he thinks OH is up there hiding or maybe he wants to get to his Kong!

I dropped a crisp in the floor when I was eating lunch and left it there for Rodders to find when he woke up. He seems to like Walkers Cheese and Onion, but they will be a rare treat!

He has had his collar on nearly all day today, same as yesterday, and he doesn't seem to be too bothered about it. Must remember to get him a dog tag before he is allowed out next week though.

The Water Bowl

Rodders was happily drinking from his water bowl, he then out his feet in it and danced about. He then tried to bat it about with his front paws and was making it move. Do you know how far half a bowl of water can go? I do!

So I stopped him and mopped up and then refilled the water bowl and put it in a corner. He had a drink out of it straight away and then tried to move it. When he couldn't he stood and barked at it!

Another play, taking everything from the conservatory in to the kitchen and then he scratched at the back door to go out. He doesn't care that it is damp and dismal, he is quite happy playing out there!

Unhappy at the door being shut

We came in and went straight in to the garden. Rodders had a piddle and I grabbed the poop bags. As soon as I had cleared the garden he obliged by filling it up again! He has now found the border against Bob and Pat's fence, which is where the only plants poisonous to dogs are so I think we may need a fence here sooner rather than later, OH are you listening?

I went to the front bin and Rodders stayed at the lounge door without making a sound, he is getting good at that.

We were just playing in the conservatory when the front door went and it was our Wickes delivery. I directed them around the back and they have out our puppy proofing for Peter and Ann's fence and the sleepers to tidy up the end of the patio against the back fence ready for OH to work his magic on Monday. Rodders got a fuss from the delivery driver who wanted to take him home for his wife, I don't think so!

After they left I let Rodders down to have a sniff about them, he was a bit wary at first but soon got over it.

We came in and he had a play in the conservatory but keeps taking his toys from there in to the kitchen, I then have to retrieve them all and put them back which he thinks is a great game.

I don't think he can understand why the back door is closed - it's flipping freezing and damp today, that's why. But you have a woolly coat to keep you warm!

Rodders has been told off a couple of times for chewing the rolled up rug and has then gone on to the lounge and chewed the sofa. A few short, sharp NO's have been in order. He is getting back to normal then!

Booking in at Dog School

We got in the car and Rodders had a very small whinge. I drove to the small Tesco and left Rodders in the car while I got cash out,  he was OK and didn't make a sound until I got back in and drove off. Maybe I should have got him out or gone and talked to him before I got back in the car?

Anyway, after 5 minutes he settled down and was quiet and we went to find Rossway Dog Training School. I missed the turning the first time so had to turn around and try again. It is down a one track road but quite easy to find, despite the fact that I missed the actual gateway and had to reverse!

It is set in 3 acres, right by the canal and there is a mooring for Barges (out of bounds to the dog school), a wooden building where the offices, loo's and classes are and a separate field with agility stuff.  There are 2 vehicles in the car park all logo's up, OH would be happy with one as it is a Land Rover SWB Defender. I got Rodders out of the car and we went in. Pete (the chap I spoke to last night) was there with a family of three and their dog doing a one to one class and there was a Spinoni (I think) in a crate watching (he looked gorgeous).

We had a quick word and Pete gave Rodders a fuss and handed me a load of paperwork to read so I know what is expected. He will be in touch to let us know which class we will be attending. We walked back out and Rodders went back in his car crate without a murmur.

We drove back a different way and found a beautiful, huge, house at the end of the lane and we ended up in Long Chaulden so back on familiar territory. We then went to the old town and got a Housewarming Card and a small gift for my sister Kirsty as she and Finnan move house tomorrow. We had a wander about and spotted Sue and Sophie from No 1 too. Rodders and I both jumped as we were walking passed a big lorry and there was a crash from the back. He got a bit of a fuss from a lady outside one of the shops.

We then got back in the car and came home. As I opened the boot Rodders looked so comfy and wasn't very happy that I was taking him out again. But at least he had been given a puppy treat each time we stopped!


While Rodders slept I made myself something to eat and he didn't move off snuggle fleece. He is so much better than yesterday but still not right.

I eventually woke him to make him go in to the garden. He wasn't impressed and sat on the patio ignoring me cavorting around the garden, yawning every now and again. He did eventually come and have a piddle and then came back in while I sorted out his lunch. He didn't each much of it :-(

We then had another trip around the garden and a bit of play in the conservatory before we got ready to go out.

Bathroom - new toy?

So I stuffed the Kong with Dairylea and a bit of Kibble. As I carried Rodders in one hand and the Kong in the other up the stair Rodders was very excited, and couldn't wait to get his paws on it. He played happily while I got washed and came with me as I gathered my clothes.

By this time he had licked all the Dairlyea out but hadn't got the kibble. He couldn't seem to get the hang of that at all so went off to investigate something else. And he found the door stop. It is fitted to the skirting at the bottom of the bath and is a metal spiral with a plastic tip. So he had a chew and as he let it go it rebounded and made an interesting noise. He shot off and then, head down & bum in air, barked at it. He really wasn't sure what to make of it! Not sure if he will play with that again but the bathmats are looking interesting :-( As does the toilet roll, I only just stopped him from doing the Andrex Puppy Trip.

Washed and dressed we came down to the garden for a bit of a run around and to make sure he had a piddle. It was raining so we didn't stay out to long. After a very brief play in the conservatory he is curled up on snuggle fleece at my feet.

Double Grrrr

Rodders was woken by the postman delivering a parcel. We then went straight to the back door and I let him out in the garden. He sat on the back step for a few minutes and then came back in and went straight back to snuggle fleece.

I nipped to the bathroom after asking if he wanted to come with me. No, he is staying on snuggle fleece. I went upstairs and could hear him come to the stairs and have a whinge, he then barked a bit with me talking to him.

I came back down and he had piddled on the floor at the bottom of the stair :-( He wanted to go back on snuggle fleece but I put him in the kitchen while I cleaned up, much to his disgust! He barked and whined a bit but settled (this is a first). Who knows, I may be able to put him in there with toys when I want to do things around the house one day.

He is now up to mischief so has woken up properly. Time to get washed and dressed!

And then there was peace

After another run around Rodders has come and settled at my feet on snuggle fleece and is now snoozing. He has been up for almost three hours and has been very active for all that time so I suppose he needs it!

Should also mention that his crate was dry again this morning and that he has only eaten about half of his breakfast. Is this because OH gave it to him wet and he is getting used to it dry, or because he really isn't hungry or maybe there are too many other exciting things to do in the morning? Who knows!


Rodders was happy playing in the conservatory on his own after OH went and then was running up and down like a lunatic for a while.

He then started barking at the lounge door and I opened it, he was desperate to go up the stairs, does he think OH is hiding up there? I carried he up and put him on the landing and he went straight in to the bathroom for a play with his toilet roll inner, barking and chasing it. He was then happy to come back downstairs.

He went out again for a piddle and then had he is feet wiped and another play. He kept going to the lounge door and sniffing around so I asked if he wanted out again. Nope. He kept going back there and then I spotted that he had piddled by the door :-( Second day running, same spot.

I picked him up and put him in the kitchen while I cleared up. He wasn't happy and was quite vocal. I kept talking so that he could hear me but he still wouldn't quieten. I went in to the kitchen to use the bin and then came out again without talking to him and sat at the Dining Table talking to him. As soon as he was quiet I gave him a puppy treat. He would then whinge again and would not get another treat until he was quiet.

I then went and mopped up the stain and odour remover that had been sprayed quite liberally in the area of the piddle and went to use the bin again. The little horror escaped from the kitchen and got brought swiftly back. I stayed in the kitchen with him for a little while before letting him out.

An adventure to the bedroom

Once OH was out of the shower I went up to use the bathroom and took Rodders with me. He was happy to play while I did what had to be done.

I then opened the bathroom door and he shot across the landing to our bedroom. Who was this strange half dressed person with no glasses and his hair all over the place? This deserves a bark or two (with tail and ears up, I'm not frightened of you!), I really hope the neighbours are either already up or deaf!

We helped OH down the stairs with all his stuff and after a quick goodbye he was off to work. Rodders stood at the door with me as he went and then ventured to the patio. I shouted dog loose so that OH would know to shut the gate quick but Rodders just sat on the patio listening until after his car had gone. A sniff about, a drink of water from the puddles and he came back in, and got his feet wiped again. I can see this being a theme of the day!

An early start for some

We went to bed just after 10 last night as everyone was exhausted. Rodders went in to his bed with a puppy treat happily but whinged a little once we were upstairs, he was OK after a few minutes.

Apparently Rodders started to whinge quietly about 4.30 this morning, hardly surprising after his dopey day and early to bed last night. OH then dozed for an hour until Rodders was getting quite vocal and he came down to get him out of his crate.

As he let Rodders out of his crate he didn't know if he wanted a fuss or to go out in the garden, going out won! It was raining quite hard so he had to have his feet dried and a play with the towel. After a fuss he needed out again and his feet dried again, this is such a good game! OH tried to see if Rodders would settle down for a snuggle on the sofa and each time he dozed off Rodders would lick his face to wake him (maybe I should try that!) so he gave up and went in to the conservatory to play.

Any signs of his dopeyness from yesterday had evaporated and he just wanted to play, with anything and everything. Rodders wanted out again, yet another feet wipe!

About 6.30 they gave me a shout and told me it was time to get up. OH had already had his breakfast (Rodders like Yoghurt apparently) and Rodders breakfast was on the floor, not that he was paying much attention. I came down and got as far as the kitchen door before I was spotted and got my usual effusive greeting.

Thank you for letting me have an extra hour! You know how bad I am without my sleep :-)

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Flat out

Once Kev and Jane left I rang for a takeaway and pottered about. Rodders had had enough really and flaked out with OH.

Once dinner arrived Rodders didn't want to be on snuggle fleece and found his way between the crate and my feet and flaked out again. He stayed there all the time we were eating and while I cleared up the table. Once I moved in to the kitchen he came through to the lounge to be with OH.

Being the Mummy's boy he is, he soon moved to be with me when I came through and after being settled on my knee he is down on the floor at my feet, flat out again.

Tomorrow will be a better day - it had better be or we will be calling the vet!

More visitors

Just before OH got home Kev called to check Rodders and I were home so that he could bring Jane to meet Rodders and have a cuppa and a catch up.

Rodders was still asleep when OH came in the back door but he did lift an eye brow to check who it was. OH picked him up and gave him a fuss and then went to get changed but not before he had shown me his latest party trick - trousers off without undoing his belt! Not sure if he has lost weight again or if he is just changing shape but this is his new suit and it had to be purchased because of the same issue with an old one! Hope he doesn't do it at work or he may be arrested.

As he went up the stairs I put the kettle on and just as it boiled Jane and Kev arrived. Rodders was his usual shy self but soon came out of hits shell when OH came down for a play. I made sure that everyone had a cuppa and caught up with Jane. Gradually Rodders was brave enough to come over and have a sniff of the visitors and I gave them each a treat to give him which helped things along. Jane ended up down on the conservatory floor with Rodders and OH!

The Dog Trainer

Before OH got home we had fireworks going off all around us and Rodders was not stirring at all. Today is Dawali apparently.

I gave the Dog Trainer a call and I think he is going to be quite strict, good, but strict. He has been training dogs for over 42 years and certainly knows his stuff. He also breeds Cocker Spaniels and Spinoni's and will only let people buy them if they promise not to leave them in the first two weeks! That would have been me out then!

He currently runs puppy classes on Saturday and Sunday mornings but may also do a class in the week. I explained that I am currently unemployed so Rodders and I can go anytime.

We talked about Rodders being upset when left and he gave me a few pointers - no toys, leave food type stuff to chew and keep him occupied including frozen kongs stuffed with sausage meat and dog chews.

It looks as though we can start on the weekend after next which I think will be good as Rodders is ready. But we can't get that confirmed until we have delivered the registration form to them with the fee.

We were on the phone for almost half an hour!

Well that didn't last long!

Ten minutes of playing and Rodders has fallen asleep at my feet on snuggle fleece again and is oblivious to the fireworks going off around us.

OH will be home soon and we will see if he livens up then. Takeaway me thinks!

At last!

Rodders really hasn't been himself all day and has been quite dopey and sleepy. I am sure that it is the after effects of his jab yesterday.

He hasn't been bothered at all by Skevi pottering about being our lady that does and has been happy to sit on snuggle fleece at my feet. He has asked to go out a couple of times but has done what he needs to and has come straight back in.

OH and I were going to go out for something to eat tonight but we are not sure it is a good idea. We will make a decision once he gets home.

And then, all of a sudden, it was like someone flicked a switch, and he wanted to play! Do I have my little boy back to normal?

Saying Hi over the garden fence

Rodders and I were out in the garden as Bob and Pat came home from their holidays, they stopped to say hello and fuss Rodders. They think he has grown a lot in the week they were away.

Rodders just doesn't know what to do with himself today. He doesn't really want to play, has little interest in the garden and just wants to stay close.

He started to bark at the lounge door so I put my coat on and we went off for a wander around the neighbourhood. Lots of people stopped to talk to him today and as we got closer to home it seemed that all the neighbours were out to say hello and give him a fuss too. Young Christopher has got himself a seasonal job at TK Maxx and starts his induction on Saturday, well done him!

Skevi joined us and we came in to the house together, Rodders hasn't barked at her so far this week. Glad about that, we don't want to scare her off!

Rodders has had a bit of a play in the conservatory but has flopped at my feet again. Did manage a quick photo session with him sat nicely for liver treats!


Just gave Rodders the end of his breakfast and added in some dry kibble to see how he does. He sat nicely before I put it down and seems to be eating it quite happily. My boy is growing up!

He is even stopping to pick up the bits he drops outside his bowl, what a clean boy!

Dozy dawg

Rodders has been a bit dozy today, not sure if it is the after effects of his jab yesterday or what. He seems to want a little play and then a snooze followed by another little snooze. He is now snoozing on snuggle fleece in the sunlight of the conservatory and getting up to give his toys the odd lick or chew but is nowhere near as lively as normal.

At least I am able to catch up on last nights TV!

Mr Bumble has decided to vacate the ciggie packet!

OH called to ask me to measure something in the garden (don't know why, I am useless with a tape measure!) so I hot footed it out with the measure and Rodders trotted behind me. He wasn't too happy with the metal tape measure and left me to it.

Just been out to measure something else and Rodders ran back in to the house crying. I went and got him and let him sniff the measure on the ground but as soon as I moved it he was back on the patio, at least he hadn't gone back in the house. Ah, maybe he has! As soon as I moved the tape closer to him he did a runner.

Liver Treats

After we had been upstairs to the bathroom for me to get washed and dressed Rodders went out for a piddle and play in the garden. I called him back in and he came running so I made him sit and gave him one of the liver treats. He loved them so much that he stayed sitting so he got another one. Then he got a bit over excited and was jumping up for one so I just kept asking him to sit and he got another one when he was sitting. After a few I was able to make him wait for the treat, I am so proud of my little boy even if he is desperately sniffing around the conservatory to find another one!

The Clix Noises and Sounds CD has arrived and they recommend playing it at a fairly audible to human ears a few times before increasing the volume. Well so far it has not stopped Rodders from playing at all! We have been once through the "Bangs" and are now going through "Transport"

He has his collar on this morning but is being a bit scratchy with it at the mo. Will just ignore that and see how we do for a while.

The garden has been poop scooped and Rodders waited patiently behind the lounge door while I went to the bin outside. The greeting I got was as though I had been away for hours rather than seconds!

Rodders has woken

After being dead to the world for quite some time Rodders woke up when I was using the printer and copier. He moved to the rolled up carpet with his dopey face on.

I enticed him out for a piddle and it was such an effort, he managed but was only just on the grass! He has decided to stay out and have a mooch about.

I have checked Mr Bumble and he is still in my ciggie packet so I have moved it on to the window sill.

Mr Bumble

I was sat here playing on the lappie with Rodders at my feet on snuggle fleece and minding my own business. We have had a bumble bee buzzing about the conservatory for a while and he came and landed on my ciggie packet! I went to get a glass to capture him with and put him out, by which time he had moved inside the packet. I gently closed it and put the whole lot outside on the patio and then re-opened it. I have looked a couple of times but he seems quite cozy in there and isn't showing any signs of moving!

Rodders didn't even stir when this was going on!

He did lift an eye when I went to the bathroom and plodded slowly to the bottom of the stair to wait for me with a little whimper but was happy to go back on snuggle fleece.

He hardly stirred while I made myself something to eat either.

See, I knew he was tired!

Rodders IS tired

We seem to be having a bit of a battle this morning and I am sure that Rodders is tired.

While I was talking to OH on the phone, he made it it work in an hour and a half, Rodders had a piddle by the lounge door :-( He got put in the garden while I cleared up and then started digging in the planter and when he got stopped from doing that stood on the patio chewing at the plants in next doors garden.

He then came in, no treats this time, and had a run about and then settled down to chew the rolled up carpet. He got told off and left it but went back. He got his nose tapped and still went back to it. So a very firm no and another nose tap. He then went and sat on his towel and had a think.

Then a sniff about while he found his way to snuggle fleece at my feet where he has, at last, curled up for a rest.

Forgot to say, from instructions on the Schnauzer Forum I have had a go at making home made liver treats and they were ready this morning. 12p of liver with a shake of garlic powder has probably made enough treats to last the day or even longer. I let OH feed him the first one and Rodders seemed to like it. You can make them out of chicken too so we may have another go with that if these go down well.

Please can I have a sleep now?

Rodders was happy to carry on playing after OH left. Sometimes on his own and sometimes asking for me to join in. He asked to go out and had a play in the garden and came back in a little damp. He had a run up and down from the lounge, through the conservatory and back again skidding around the corners.

And then he went to the sofa and had a little whine. Come on Mum, I have been playing for almost 2 hours and I am tired now. I grabbed what I needed and brought him up on my knee on snuggle fleece and then moved him to the floor. He has asked to come back up again but I managed to settle him on the floor. He is having a bit of a scratch and hasn't gone back off to sleep yet, but it won't be long.

Or maybe not! Rodders asked to come back up and he has wriggled and squirmed and tried to bite and will not take no for an answer so he has been put back down. I went and switched the lights out and he ambled in to the kitchen for a chew at his carrot and then in to his crate for a drink (he has two water bowls and he doesn't generally use this one!), finally he settled himself on a snuggle fleece near the kitchen door. A few minutes later he wandered down to the one at my feet and looks to be settling.

Or maybe not! I think he just needed a rest rather than a snooze. He has been to collect his kitchen roll inner, with a quick stop for some more breakfast and another drink, and is happily playing with that at my feet

Boys will be boys

We went to bed and Rodders went in his crate very easily. As we were finishing off upstairs he had a bit of a whinge but nothing serious.

I heard OH get up this morning and he made it to the bathroom and out before Rodders heard him. I could hear them greeting each other as I rolled over for a bit of a doze. When I did come down they were playing happily in the kitchen and didn't even hear me. It was lovely to catch a sneaky peek around the kitchen door and I stood there for a little while smiling before Rodders spotted me and came for a fuss.

Apparently he had been out for a piddle and then came back in and nearly got caught short but was spotted and put outside to do what he had to do. They had been having a great time playing and breakfast had been prepared as Rodders seemed hungry. He sat nicely as it was put down for him but was easily distracted by two people to play with and didn't eat too much to start with. He has been quite vocal this morning, almost saying come play with me. He has also taken the toy he has at bedtime out of his crate and snuggle fleece has been dragged out and taken for a walk through the kitchen, out, and in to the conservatory.

He has stopped for a bit more breakfast and a drink and then gone off to play again. OH went up to shower and dress and let me nip to the bathroom before he left. We saw him off at the door and Rodders was happy to stand and watch his playmate go.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Cream crackered

Rodders stayed in the kitchen with me most of the time I was cooking dinner but he was desperate to go and get comfy in the lounge. Just as I had a spare 5 minutes to settle him down I called OH to see where he was - back gate, send the dogs out!

So Rodders and I went to the back door to wait. Much as I love OH, he takes an age to get himself out of the car and I was struggling to keep Rodders interest. And then the back gate opened and OH spoke to him, the tail came straight up and started wagging, good job I wasn't looking for a guard dog. As OH came in the back door Rodders went all stupid and backed off. OH & I had a quick cuddle and Rodders ventured closer. Once we had finished OH picked him up for a quick talking to before going off to change for dinner (No, not the DJ, from suit in to casual!) and then came back and kept an eye on Rodders while I finished dinner and sorted the table out. He agrees that Rodders is a fidget arse, is there any wonder he has fallen off the sofa twice, he is far safer on the floor!

As I put everything on the table I moved a Snuggle Fleece to the floor by the Dining Table. As we started to eat Rodders settled down, then he decided to take himself off to bed in the crate - this is a first, he usually only goes as far as the door of his own accord! Or at least he started in his bed and ended up on the puppy pad. This may have given us an insight in to how he upends the water bowl, he pushes his feet against it.

After dinner I tidied away a bit and Rodders was soon up checking what I was doing so I came through to settle him down and put my feet up. Once he was on the floor I went to make a cuppa and he didn't even stir. Having been upset while I was at Tesco I suspect he didn't sleep much, he then played with Sophie and then out to the vets so he hasn't had a lot of sleep during the day today.

Pudding this evening was some lovely Thornton's Chocolates :-)


Been checking on the Schnauzer Forum and they say that puppies should be moving to dried kibble (not soaked in water) from about 10 weeks and Rodders is 11 weeks tomorrow.

I have just given him his supper with a very small amount of water and not let is soak for any length of time. I have never seen a meal disappear so quickly so he obviously loved it! Hope I have given him enough, I might just try another handful later.

More people!

I wasn't thinking and came home the usual way only to find the road was still closed. We dived round the back of Queens Square and out the other way. Only took a few minutes longer.

When we got back Lillian was just coming round from the garages and stopped to fuss Rodders and have a natter. She is a lovely lady and always manages to have a giggle with me. Rodders was so patient while we were talking and didn't wriggle at all.

We came in to the house and Rodders went straight in to the garden for a piddle and a play around. Checked my phone and we have 2 messages from OH, one wishing us luck and the other to find out how we got one. Sent him a reply but the impatient so and so couldn't wait and was soon on the phone!

I started dinner and Rodders came to join me in the kitchen so I let him have his carrot. He played with it for a little but he is tired out so I went and got snuggle fleece and we are now both in the kitchen with one of us asleep, wonder who that is!

We have had rain again for some of today and Rodders doesn't seem bothered by it at all, not even when it is hammering down on the conservatory roof!

Final jabs

Rodders and I went off to the vet, he had been a bundle of energy and was still squirming as I carried him out to the car. Once in the car crate I gave him a puppy treat and he seemed OK. He gave the odd whinge but settled very quickly.

By the time I had got to Great Road he was quiet. Then a minor disaster, the police had closed the road ahead and we had to turn around and go back to Queensway, down to Lower Adeyfield Road and on to Midland Road that way. Luckily we were not late.

We walked in and there was a lady with a King Charles, Rodders wasn't interested at all. After we booked in he sat on my knee very happily ignoring it! Well it had snubbed it's nose at him. Waddya mean it will always look like that? Poor thing!

We got called in and it was a different vet to last time. Rodders went down on to the examination table and just sat there as we were talking. She seemed a bit concerned about how nervous he was and was asking questions about the litter. As we were talking and I was fussing him she could see that he was beginning to relax so she got him a treat. He sniffed it for a minute and played with it a bit. She then moved him to the scales and he has put on almost half a kilo. Anyone know what that is in real money? Once he was back with me he hastily ate the treat and then spotted another one and made a dive for that, looking very pleased with himself. He is still too little for his chip though so we will need to come back for that.

I fussed his head and ears as she gave him his injection, he didn't even flinch. What a little star he is :-) Smug? Me? You bet!

We talked about how often he eats and she was fine with him having 3 larger meals to compensate for him not being interested in food after he collapses at night and we talked about how brilliant he is at night but how bad he is during the day if he is left. She did ask if he has to be shut in his crate when I leave during the day, maybe need to think about that. Puppy play pen? Possibly! We also talked about how much he drinks now and that I didn't have to use the powders they gave me. Wetter food worked and now he is drinking I am making it a bit dryer.

She then examined him and we still seem to have a missing testicle, so getting him done seems more likely :-( We then went on to discuss flea and worm treatment. She has given me 4 doses for the size he is now but we may need to pop back in for a nurse appointment before the last dose as it will probably not be enough for him. We can also check then if he is big enough for his chip.

When we came out there was an 8 week old Golden Lab puppy in the waiting room, it was bigger than Rodders! And very cute :-) Then from the other examination room came a big Lab Cross with an older lady and gentlemen. Both the lady and the Lab X had been in the wars :-( She got pulled over and cracked a few ribs when he got attacked by a Pit Bull Type dog that was bigger than him a week ago and has some very nasty wounds on his neck. They obviously had to operate as he has shaved patches on his two front legs. I didn't ask if the other dog was put down but it was beaten off by a policeman with a truncheon. This all happened up near the little Tesco's so we won't be walking up there!

And then a man on crutches came in with a child to pick up some dog food, and a lady with 3 cat's in baskets (you get 10% discount for 3 apparently!), and another lady with a single cat. I was trying to juggle Rodders and sort out payment for the Flea & Worm treatment so one of the staff took Rodders before I dropped him!

We beat a hasty retreat and left them to the chaos! I put Rodders back in his car crate with another treat. He didn't make a sound on the way home :-)

Rodders has a new playmate

I left Rodders in his crate while I went to Tesco's I could hear him crying as I walked to the car :-( I was away 40 minutes and he was not crying when I got back but he was sitting in the corner of his crate shaking, he had managed to pull up part of the puppy pad and had moved his water bowl but not upended it. How on earth do we stop this?

As I let him out in the garden for a piddle the front door bell rang and Sophie from No1 had brought him a toy and some treats. I invited her in and Rodders was his usual shy self. I let her give him a treat which seemed to help and he was soon happy to have a sniff and check she was OK. She was very sensible and waited for him to go to her. He then started to play a bit with his new cow toy, it is a real hit. He then wanted to go in the garden so we went out there, he had a piddle and a bit of a run around chasing me. I brought out his monkey and Sophie soon got him playing tug with that so I beat a hasty retreat to put the shopping away. It is so nice to see him playing with someone else!

He was quite comfortable with Sophie so I kept popping in and out to check they were OK and managed to get his crate put back together and locate the paperwork for the vets before Sophie left. I did smile as she was giving me tips on how to look after a dog  (don't give it yoghurt from the pot or it will jump up when it sees you eating it, for one), she is desperate to have a dog of her own and is making do with a tortoise and stick insects. She is very willing to walk Rodders whenever she can, I am sure that she will be very responsible with him and I know I would have been as eager at her age. I did make it clear that she is welcome to visit whenever she likes and she doesn't need to bring a new toy or treats with her!

Since she has gone he has been running around like a lunatic, from the front window to the conservatory and back again, sometimes with a toy, sometimes without. He then stopped for a big long drink, closely followed by moving the water bowl about and splashing water everywhere! He got trapped behind the baby gate while I cleared up and wasn't happy at all that he couldn't help with the kitchen roll activity!

I have now let him out and he has not quietened down at all. I suspect a trip to the vets will sort that out!

A play and then lunch

Rodders and I poop scooped the garden - for a little dog there is always a lot of it! And then we had a run about playing chase, he didn't seem to want to play fetch with his toy though so we gave that up.

I then went to the outside bin to dispose of the poop, Rodders is getting very good at letting me go on my own as long as he can hear me. He sits very nicely behind the glass door from the lounge while I talk to him and then greets me as though I have been away for hours! Funny dog :-)

I then put the kettle on to make me a cuppa and him his lunch. OH called to check up on us, doesn't he read the blog? Rodders heard me putting the kibble in the bowl and came running, it was a bit warm for him so I distracted him with some play while it rolled down. He sat nicely once it was ready and wolfed down most of it in one go. He has gone off for a play in the sun now but I will call him back to see if he wants to finish it shortly.

The collar is still on, he stops for a scratch every now and again but is generally fine with it. A week today and he can go out in to the big wide world on his lead, a big milestone for a little pup!!!! Must get practicing!

I did it, well half of it!

Rodders came in from the garden and had a play around but got brought in by the smell of bacon. He joined me in the kitchen and then at my feet on snuggle fleece while I ate. I then went and emptied the dishwasher and he was looking very dopey. I need him to sleep while I go to Tesco so I went and gave him a fuss to try and wake him up a bit. I then grabbed some damp cotton wool and he was happy to let me de-gunk his left eye but got bored before I had finished the right one and was biting and wriggling too much so I stopped. We will have another go later, or let OH!

We have been upstairs to get dressed and Rodders has been back in to the garden for a play and to sun himself on the patio. Despite the rain last night it is a lovely day again.

Time to poop scoop the garden!

Thank you Mormons!

Rodders was enjoying his snooze when the doorbell went and woke him up. Luckily the two Mormon ladies were more interested in him and they thrust a book in my hand, fussed Rodders and asked some questions about him, fussed a bit more and left once I explained that he wasn't making a noise as they had just woken him up.

We came back in to the lounge and Rodders settled on the sofa for a little while with me to have a little snooze. I woke up a few minutes later having my face washed! He has done that to OH but not me so I was very happy and giggled, so he did it a bit more. He then got a bit fidgety so I put him down on the floor and let him in to the garden for a piddle and a run around while I sorted out the Kong and Dairylea.

We then tried his lead for a minute as he is doing so well with his collar. He sat nicely at the kitchen door while I put it on and walked nicely to the conservatory where he sat down to give it a good chew. I tried to distract him with other toys but the lead obviously tasted much better. I took it off at that point.

He went back out for another quick play and when he came in and we went up for a shower, he sat nicely for his Kong and was fine while I faffed about getting ready. But once I was in the shower he started barking and stayed close to the shower door, alternatively licking it and barking at it. I really do hope Pete next door is deaf! I carried on talking to him and managed to wash me, my hair and then condition before I came out. He was happy to see me and even happier to lick off the water droplets! Why? You have a very good bowl of water downstairs!

We came down and I went to make a cuppa. Rodders had 5 minutes on his snuggle fleece beside me at the Dining Table and then went to play in the conservatory before asking to go in the garden.

Rodders and the collar

Rodders has been playing happily inside and out until OH rang to say good morning, he then thought that I should be paying attention to him and not OH so started to bite my slippers and dressing gown and needed to be diverted with something else.

He then asked to go out and thought it might be fun to play with the two slugs on the patio - Eeeeeuuugggghhh! So I had to dispose of them fairly quickly. He then went and had a sniff about and another poo. He is very brave now and uses the back patio, near the gate. Luckily he won't go on the border along side Bob and Pat's Garden as that is the only place we have plants poisonous to dogs - it will be fenced off at some point.

I have put his collar on this morning, we have been a bit lax with this. He does keep stopping for a bit of a scratch but is generally OK with it. He has just asked to go out again and so is in the garden with it on. Just sneaked out to look, as he is on the back patio and not visible, so the collar isn't stopping him from sniffing about and having a good time.

Couple of strange things. We had a video call with OH last night and Rodders was moving his head from side to side as OH was talking to him which was quite cute. He has started to ask to go out at the lounge door instead of the conservatory door!

Rodders came in and was up and down to the sofa so I asked if he was a tired boy, at which point he tried to get up on the sofa! Grabbed everything I needed to hand and snuggle fleece and brought him up with me. He had a bit if a scratch at his collar but soon settled down and is now asleep at my feet.