Sunday, 11 March 2012

Sorry Pet Supermarket

Yesterday we went to Pet Supermanrket at St Albans to get Rodders new collar and lead. The little horror piddled his way around the shop and they had to get the mop and bucket out a couple of times to clear up after him.

He got to say hello to a few dogs, including a poodle crossed with an Old English and a Staffie Cross that had only been rescued from a Dogs Home that morning, she was very sweet and quiet.

We were in their ages and came out with some treats for Rodders (Some Rawhides, Bulls Pizzle, Fish4Dogs Little Stars), a couple of tins of dog food to add to his kibble as well as the collar and lead.

The staff in here are really good and always ask before they approach your dog. The young girl on the till came out to say hello to Rodders and he was a little shy with her, even when she was trying to give him a treat but he did sit nicely when asked.

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