Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Out for dinner

Once OH brought in our luggage and Rodders crate we had a cuppa while we got settled in and then changed for dinner. I did give Rodders his supper but he didn't eat too much of it.

Rodders was a bit more interested in the people around and we were hoping that a friend would join us for a drink so we chose to eat in the bar again. The waiting staff had actually set us up at our usual table in the restaurant so had to move everything for us.

Rodders did stay under the table but spent a lot of his time with his nose peaking out from behind my legs! He did eventually curl up on snuggle fleece and go to sleep. OH had a steak and saved a tiny bit for Rodders along with some vegetables. OH came and sat with him while I nipped out to find out where our friend was. She was on her way but would still be a while so we decided to finish our drinks and let her join us back in our hotel room.


  1. Hi there, good news Rodders brother Seamus lives in Southampton so when you are in the area it would be good to meet up. I saw your posts on the miniture schnauzer forum and realised that you had the same breeder so found your blog by chance, I have enjoyed reading your blog. If you want to meet up maybe I could email you?

    Take care Caroline

  2. Hi Caroline

    Glad you have enjoyed reading and it would be great to meet up the next time I am down in Southampton to compare notes and see if there are any similarities between Rodders and Seamus!

    If you are on the forum you could use the pm facility to contact me.



  3. Joined the forum now will contact you soon. There are pics of Seamus


  4. its under 'new puppy seamus' in the new post username 'sharonejames'