Thursday, 8 December 2011

Puppy Party 3

Rodders found some energy to start chasing the mop and swiffer and have a bit of supper before we went to puppy party. I managed to grab something eat too, bad Maty this was the first thing I had eaten all day.

I also managed to pop out and empty the car and Rodders didn't make a peep.

He started to get excited when he saw me put on my coat and didn't whinge about going back in the car. He is getting very cheeky now, as soon as I open the car crate he steps out and puts his front paws on the boot ledge waiting for me to put his lead on. As I was doing that he spotted Appa and started barking, poor Appa seemed frightened to death and didn't want to come out from behind the wheel of their car.

Rodders almost ran in to the vets and was keen to say hello to Marley who was already inside and Appa once he got in the door. Molly the Staffie couldn't come tonight so it was just the three of us. To start with we kept the puppies on their leads and they were all straining to get to each other as Nicci answered any questions and handed out liver treats.

We covered inoculations, teeth cleaning and pet passports today. Nicci showed us how easy it is to clean their teeth with yummy chicken flavoured toothpaste!

Without Molly there the playing, once the puppies were let off their leads, didn't seem to be quite so rough and Rodders was happy to play with Marley. Even when he was pinned on his back he got back up on his feet with his tail up and went back for more. He now seems to understand what noises he needs to make to say enough.

Appa didn't seem to do quite so well tonight and spent most of the time on the edges but did eventually come out of himself and make it clear when he did and didn't want to play.

All the puppies got weighed tonight and Rodders is now 4.8 kilos. Nicci says that he is possibly getting a little on the heavier side so maybe we need to stop trying to get him to eat more and just let him eat his fill and not to be worried if he eats less one day and more the next.

Once the toys were out Rodders was happy to play with the tuggy and the tooth cleaning kong but gave in very easily if Marley wanted something he was playing with!

We headed home just before 9pm.

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