Friday, 2 March 2012

Thursday night

OH was going to be home at a reasonable time tonight so he suggested that we went to the pub for dinner. We like going there as Rodders is allowed to come too.

I gave him his supper before we went but he didn't eat too much of it. Good job really as I had a pocket full of treats with me incase they were needed and then the pub staff gave him three huge dog biscuits - we only let him munch his way through 2 of them they were that big!

OH was in charge of Rodders tonight and made sure that he sat and waited at the door on the way out. The only thing he forgot is that Rodders gets a treat each time he goes in his crate.

When we got to the pub it was really busy, and we were there just after 6.30pm, luckily we found a small table. There wasn't much space for Rodders but he found a spot at OH's feet where he could see what was going on.

He was so good, he didn't try to wander too far and he did sit or lie down for most of the time. We had a great meal, as always, and were well looked after by the staff. As we went to leave a couple were asking us about Rodders and commented about how well he was behaved for a youngster. OH reminded me that I wanted a dog that I can take anywhere and I have succeeded. I keep reading about dogs getting to 7 months and then being really naughty or wilful, I really hope that we don't have to go through that with Rodders. He really is such a good little boy and I am very lucky.

When we got back home I told OH to drop his lead and let him walk to the house on his own. Well Rodders decided that he wasn't coming straight in like normal, there was lots of PMail to pick up at the street sign and then some lovely grass to sniff and wee on. The journey from the car to the house usually takes seconds took about 5 minutes. OH was all for going and bringing him in but I just kept calling him and he did come eventually.

By the time we got home we were all exhausted and after a cuppa and a bit of television it was time for bed. Rodders has started being a monkey at bed time and, even if he does go out in to the garden, he usually doesn't bother having a piddle. Luckily his bladder seems to be quite strong and this hasn't been a problem. So far.......

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