Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Gadebridge Park Walk

I managed to get Rodders out of the house in record time, even if he did run off with my shoe as I was putting on my wellies!

We drove down to the only free carpark and then set off from there. Rodders is very nosy and wanted to have a good look at the Skate and BMX Park and is interested in what all passers by are doing.

He generally walks very well and comes back when called, unless there is something more interesting to be doing. But I am still not let him off the lead though!

He did allow a young girl, maybe 4, to give him a fuss, which was really good but he got a bit spooked by a bouncy Beagle.

We managed to walk all the way round two thirds of the park but he had started to slow down towards the end. He did also have his first encounter with water as we were walking alongside the River Gade, at one point I thought he might try to go in and test it out but he changed his mind.

Once home he was happy to settle down for a nap, I think I need one too but there is washing to bring in and I am in need of a cuppa!

Rodders getting dopey

After playing in the conservatory and in the garden Rodders asked to come up on my knee and seemed to be settling down for a snooze so sat him on the floor and explained that I needed to go out and he had to stay here in his bed and he would get puppy treats.

Yes, I am aware that I sound nuts but he really does seem to understand.

Anyway, I put on my coat and asked him to get in his bed. He jus sat there looking at me so I gave in and lifted him in to his bed, gave him his treats and locked the crate. There was silence as I walked out the door.

I nipped to the tip to drop off what I forgot yesterday and then went to Tesco. As I got back home and got out of the car I could hear him barking. He went quiet as I unlocked the door and then started squeaking once he saw me. I have no idea why he was barking but after a quick fuss we went in to the garden and he piddled fairly quickly so maybe it was that.

While I was out I missed a delivery from the postman so need to go to the sorting office tomorrow.

Once Rodders had been in the garden we came in and I started to put away the shopping. We had a bit of a battle as Rodders wanted to bite the shopping bags and then me for stopping him. I didn't resort to the lead but he did get a couple of checks using the choke chain.

OH mentioned yesterday that Rodders will soon be able to get on the sofa by himself. If he wants up he stands with his front feet up on the cushion and is trying to push off with his back legs. When he can't get up there he barks and then looks at me. I think a trip to Dunelm to buy a throw may be needed before he can get up there on his own.

He has also taken to barking at anything he wants and can't get to, be it a toy stuck under a chair or the oven gloves hanging just out of reach. He does come away when told no though which is good.

He has just taken his new bed pad for a drag around the lounge. I think this bundle of energy needs a run in Gadebridge Park!

A late breakfast

All Rodders wanted to do this morning was sleep, up on the sofa with me, on his new bed pad, on the landing, on the bathmat, on my bed, on my knee.

He has had a couple of short bursts of play but it has really been sleep, sleep and more sleep.

At 9.45 I thought this was madness so I woke him up, popped his lead on, grabbed my coat and put on my wellies. This seemed to motivate him and we got out the door. He walked nicely to the Nicky Line but does bark at everyone he see's even if he does keep walking! We headed towards the rugby field and I swapped leads so that he could have a run about. He has a new game, dancing right in front of me! He was also on the hunt for treasure and found a McDonalds coffee cup that was huge and pranced about with that for a while, he also wanted to go and chase crows and to go and play with a greyhound. I wonder where he would be off to if he wasn't at the end of a lead! Generally he does come when called and will wait if asked, but with other distractions I am not so sure!

He sat and waited as I swapped leads as we came off the rugby field and had to be checked a couple of times to remind him that he still needs to walk to heel.

Back home he had a quick play before eating more than half of his breakfast and then asked to go in to the garden.

He wasn't ever so happy when I interrupted his play out there to hang out some washing but has come back inside to play with his yoghurt pots and to beat up teddy.

A better night

I took Rodders out in to the garden for a piddle at 11pm and once back in he had to be encouraged in to his bed but did get there by himself. I locked up, switched out lights, gave him his treats and closed the crate.

I didn't hear anything until 5.45am. When I let him out of his crate he wanted a quick fuss before darting to the door to go out for a piddle. He came back in for another fuss and then asked to go out again for a poo.

When he came back in he went straight to the rolled up carpet in the lounge and had a quick play with his new toy and then, when I curled up on the sofa, he asked to come too so I put a snuggle fleece down between my head and knees and popped him on it. He wanted to lick me to death for 5 minutes and then settled down. The pair of us slept there until 7.30 when I needed to go upstairs to use the bathroom.

Rodders followed me up but then stretched himself out on the landing and didn't move when I came back downstairs. I went and made a cuppa and got his breakfast ready before he started to squeak. When I went to check he had got himself halfway down the stairs and was sat on a step squeaking at me. I encouraged him down the rest of the way and he came in to the lounge and curled up on his new bed pad.

Not ready for breakfast yet then!

Tuesday, 29 November 2011


Rodders played until about 8.30 and then curled up at my feet on his new bed pad.

He has been fidgeting a fair bit and has just fallen off the bed pad and got woken up with a start, all I could do was laugh!

Once he had shaken himself down he climbed back up on to the bed pad and is snoozing again.

Can't be hungry now!

Rodders slept until about 6.30 and we then had a play before supper.

He ate most of it in one go, then went out for a piddle and came back in to have another go. He has left a tiny bit of his kibble in the bowl but it has mainly gone, he can't possibly be hungry now!

Since he finished his supper he has been playing with his toys and is now beating up teddy!

Plans go to pot

The plan was to go to Pets at Home and then to Gadebridge Park for a walk.

I put my coat on and Rodders lead, grabbed the bed and off we went to the car. Once we got to Pets at Home Rodders started barking as soon as he got out the car, I think he knows this place too well.

We had a wander about and picked up some dog treats (for Rodders & Finnans Christmas present) and the pet food holder and talked to people that we met including an 8 week old Jack Russell puppy called Mia (very tiny, very gorgeous!) and a toddler who was very excited to see Rodders bbefore we bumped in to Kirsty who works there, she loves Mini Schnauzers and wants one of her own and is keeping her eye out for a rescue dog. She has met Rodders before and couldn't believe how much he had grown. She was very patient and waited for Rodders to approach her before she fussed him, her patience paid off and she got a snuggle too. He also made friends with what looked like a small white samoyed and a couple of GSD's - size really doesn't matter to Rodders!

By the time we came out of there the weather had turned, the wind was up, it was spitting with rain and almost dark, Gadebridge Park is off the menu then!

I decided to go back to the Pet Supermarket at St Albans to see if we could find another bed bad, similar to what we got on Sunday but oblong. Rodders barked his way around most of the store until we got to the toys. The cheeky monkey found himself a toy! Luckily it was only £2.49, one of those old fashioned rubber dumbbells with a bell in it. He happily chased it around the store while I looked at the beds and other things. Several people stopped to talk to him but there were no dogs in today. We didn't buy a bed, all the right shaped ones seemed to have hard covers and I wanted something fleecy and snuggly. I suppose it would have been OK with his snuggle fleece on top.

Once we got home Rodders was happy to run about playing with his new toy and his yoghurt pots and had a mad 5 minutes while he was flying about. He then asked to go out in the garden for a piddle and a play and came back in soaking.

We then had a game of tug before he asked to go back out. Once he was back in he was happy to settle down on snuggle fleece, his first nap since about 1pm. We have moved through to the lounge and he is now on his new bed pad. I will give him an hour before giving him his supper.

Lunch and play

We have both had a bit of lunch and Rodders is happy to play, the yoghurt pots have been seen to, the cow has been given a good shake and he has been skipping about carrying things up and down the lounge.

We have played fetch with his ball and he has dragged his new bed pad around the room, he is now beating up Teddy.

This is so much different to how he has been for the last couple of days.

Playing in the wind

Once Rodders was ready to go out it had got really windy. He was mid piddle when a huge blast blew all the leaves up and it nearly stopped him in his tracks.

Once he had finished he had a great time chasing the leaves blowing about.

A trip out

Once Rodders came in from the garden he wanted up on my knee and very quickly settled down for a snooze. I decided that it was time I went out so told him that I was going out and he needed to go in his bed.

I put him down on the floor while I got my coat on and sorted out his treats, he just sat on snuggle fleece and watched me. Once I was ready to go I popped him in his bed with his treats and closed the crate. Not a sound as I left him.

I got to the tip, the petrol station and then down the town for a bit of shopping and Rodders was on his own for almost two hours.

There was silence as I let myself in the front door and through to the lounge. I think he was asleep as he didn't squeak until I was at the kitchen door and when he got out of the crate for a fuss his tummy was all toasty warm.

Once he had been up on my knee for a fuss he was happy to go and play with his toys in the conservatory. Funny little thing never wants to go out when you first come in.

We won't mention that his bed pad was out of his bed and he was sleeping on snuggle fleece in it!

A more active morning

I let Rodders sleep for about an hour and then made him come upstairs with me while I got washed and dressed. He settled on the bathmat while I washed and the bed as I got dressed. We said our usual good morning to Pentland before coming downstairs.

Rodders was happy to play in the conservatory for a little while and then wanted in to the garden for a piddle and a run about. Once back inside he wanted to play so we have played fetch with the ball and a bit of tug. After another play on his own he has gone back out in to the garden and is digging in the stones at the end of the patio.

Rodders & OH

There is no doubt that OH loves Rodders, who else would give up so much sleep for him? I know that he does it as he loves me too and knows what a grouch I am if I don't get my sleep, but he also does it because he loves Rodders. Luckily it is a mutual appreciation society!

Rodders adores him and, when I put him on the bed when I am here on my own with him, the first thing he does is goes to OH's side of the bed and has a good sniff, to breathe him in.

When OH is here Rodders is very happy to be in his company. Like this morning, once I got up and came downstairs Rodders is happy to stay upstairs with him. I could hear OH go in the shower and call him and then I could hear thump, thump, thump. When I went to investigate Rodders was on the landing playing with his slipper. Mean Mummy would have had him shut in the bathroom with her!

When OH got out of the shower Rodders went to lap up the water from the shower tray and then off of OH's legs and feet. He did also try to get the towel but was quite good when he was told no.

OH picked up his slipper on route to the bedroom and as he was getting dressed Rodders dragged his spare shoes, in their carry bag, all the way from the other side of the bed to the landing.

Once OH was dressed he came downstairs but Rodders didn't seem to want to come too, until he said bye bye - he shot down the stairs then.

As OH went out the back door Rodders went too, I could hear OH struggling to get out the gate so I called him and he came running which gave OH time to get out and shut the gate. Rodders then went back to sniff the gate and bark as he listened to OH getting in the car and driving away. Once he was sure he had gone he was happy to come back in and settle down for a rest on his new bed pad.

Lessons learnt

So what have we learnt from last night?

1. Rodders must not sleep so much during the day.
This is my fault, as he seemed out of sorts during the previous 24 hours I thought it would do him good. All it seems to have done is mucked up his routine.

2. If we want to try and change his bed we need to try it during the day.
I may go and buy another identical bed pad and put it in his bed during the day so he can get used to it being there. He seems to sleep so much better on it so I know it is the right thing to do, it is just that bed time is not the right time to make a big change for a little puppy.

3. Rodders needs to eat more during the day, even if he is tired.
With hind sight OH thinks that Rodders was hungry when he was up with him in the night. Looking back OH thinks the signs were there but he didn't read them right. Rodders was trying to get to me and I am usually the one that feeds him, he was licking the yoghurt pot and sniffing his bowl.

I really must try harder to get this right for Rodders (& OH!)

Ooops, got it very wrong

Rodders was happily snoozing on his new bed pad and I thought it would be a good opportunity to see if I can comb him through while he is dopey. I did try earlier but there were bits I couldn't get to. He was very good and I managed to get to most bits of him without too much trouble.

As he seemed so comfy and happy on his new bed pad I thought we should swap it for his plastic bed and bed pad in the crate so, while I took him out to the garden for a final piddle, OH swapped them over. When we came back in Rodders seemed confused and wouldn't go in to his crate. We both tried to encourage him in but it wasn't working. OH lifted him in and we locked the crate and said goodnight.

As soon as we were upstairs Rodders started to whimper and carried on for ages. OH thinks that we have confused him too much by trying to change his bed at night so he went back downstairs and swapped them back and put Rodders back to bed with some more treats.

About midnight Rodders started to bark and OH got up with him. They went in to the garden and Rodders was still barking, OH was trying to keep him quiet so they didn't wake the neighbours. Once inside Rodders wanted upstairs to me but OH wouldn't let him, he then wanted to play and lick his yoghurt pot. Eventually OH managed to get him to settle down on his chest and got him off to sleep, two hours later he came back to bed after putting Rodders back in his crate.

Rodders heard OH's alarm go off this morning and started to bark so he got up and came downstairs fairly quickly. Rodders was happy to see him but went straight to his bowl, it would appear he is hungry.

OH let him out in to the garden for a piddle and then filled his bowl up with Kibble. When Rodders came in he wolfed down half of it straight away before going back to the garden for a poo. After a bit of a play and a snuggle they came up to wake me.

OH was exhausted and lay back down on the bed while Rodders jumped all over me and then him. He also has a knack of finding tissues, I took two off him before I even got out of bed.

Oh what joy

Rodders was playing in the garden just before OH arrived home so when I saw the car at the back I opened the patio door. He could hear something and started to bark and ran towards the gate.

As soon as OH spoke the barking changed to squeaks of joy and Rodders could hardly wait for him to come through there gate. He was dancing around his feet as they came up the path and in to the house and couldn't what to get up for a snuggle.

OH had been working for a friend today and their black lab puppy Cookie was there, Rodders didn't even seem to notice the smell or wasn't bothered by it.

OH and Rodders then went upstairs to get slippers and use the bathroom and then came down for a play while I sorted out dinner. OH tells me that Rodders is getting very good at stopping play when he gets too excited or rough and calms down quite quickly but Rodders wasn't really ready to stop playing when dinner was ready and kept jumping up OH at the dinner table, bad boy. He did eventually settle on his snuggle fleece.

Once we had eaten and I had cleared away I left Rodders with OH while I loaded the car up ready to go to the tip. It is so much quicker to do it on my own. Rodders didn't seem bothered by me putting on my coat and going out the kitchen door without him, I am so pleased that he is happy to be with OH.

After looking at some eBay items on OH's lappie and searching on mine I think another trip to Pets at Home is on order to buy a bin to keep Rodders kibble in. It will be far easier to keep it in there and the Curver ones at Pets at Home seem far better than anything else I can find.

Monday, 28 November 2011


Rodders has just asked for his supper and is wolfing it down!

It is a little earlier than normal but he hardly ate any breakfast or lunch and he can always have a little more later. I think all he has had today is a kong full and a couple of mouthfuls, not good for a growing puppy.

Need to get him moving

Rodders has been very lazy today, not much playing and a lot of sleeping, so I put my wellies and coat on and we headed out for a walk.

As we got to the end of Pentland Sophie was just being dropped home from school and he started to bark at her. I made him sit and she came over to say hello and give Rodders a quick fuss, he didn't back away for once.

We made our way towards the Nicky Line and there were lots of people and traffic about as it was school chucking out time. He hasn't been very good around children so far but seemed better today and just carried on walking to heel, needing the odd check when he tried to pull.

As we got to the Nicky Line we met a lady with an Airedale and a Cavalier, the Airedale ignored us but the Cavvy said hello. We let them walk in front of us but the Cavvy kept coming back so we overtook and headed to the rugby field. To get out of their way we went on the rugby field at the first opportunity and I made Rodders sit so I could swap leads.

He loves the freedom of the extendable lead and will lag behind and then run past me. He will usually wait when told for me to catch him up if he is in front. This doesn't work too well if there are other dogs about though so we need to practice more but it does allow us the freedom to try without him being able to run off.

We did the whole field and Rodders was happy sniffing about and finding treasure to be dropped and left if he found something more exciting. Once he had something in his mouth he was prancing about and leaping off all fours like a spring lamb, very pleased with himself.

As we came off the field I made him sit so we could swap leads. He does seem to realise the difference and very quickly walks to heel again.

We walked back past Kev and Jane's and home with Rodders sitting and waiting at kerbs and doors.

Another long snooze

Once we were back from our walk and we had been upstairs for me to use the bathroom and get a load of washing to out on Rodders wanted to come up. Once he was up on my knee he curled up and went back to sleep for another hour or so - I did move him on to his new bed pad though.

When he woke I was lying on the sofa and he wanted up with me. I did let him for 15 minutes, on snuggle fleece of course!

First walk of the day

For our first walk of the day we went up to the local shops to use the Post Box.

This isn't very far and is all on pavements so I used it as an opportunity to get Rodders to walk nicely to heel. He was brilliant until we needed to walk past a bus stop with a lady in it when he just sat down and refused to move! We did eventually get past that and we got stopped by another lady asking where we sent him to be groomed, she was amazed when I said I did it myself :-)

Rodders sat and waited before we crossed roads and sat and waited at the door as we went in and out, a successful walk!

A very sleepy puppy

We said goodbye to OH at 7am and Rodders went straight in to the garden for a piddle and a poo (still a bit loose) and came back inside almost straight away.

He didn't need any encouragement to settle down on his new bed pad at my feet and there he stayed until 10.45. He then asked to come up on my knee and he went straight to sleep for another 30 minutes. I eventually gave up and woke him as we need to get moving.

He was most unimpressed as I opened the door and put him in the garden and decided to stand there and bark at the guy two doors down who was out working in his garden. Little horror didn't move off the patio at all so I gave up and called him in so that I could go and have a shower. I took a Kong stuffed with kibble with me but he really wasn't interested, he hasn't really eaten since 6pm last night.

Once back downstairs he went to play with his toys in the conservatory and then asked to go in the garden for a piddle and a play. He was out there for about 15 minutes and has come back in much more lively.

Time to dry my hair and get dressed properly, then we can go for a walk.


Rodders poo seemed a little loose last night when he went out to the garden after a half eaten supper and he had quietened down a little by the time OH arrived although he was very happy to see him and wanted to snuggle and play a bit.

Once we sat down to watch television he settled on snuggle fleece for a while but once he woke up he didn't know whose knee he wanted to be on and was a real fidget, moving position every few minutes. His tummy seemed huge and it was gurgling quite a lot. He hasn't eaten anything he shouldn't as far as I know.

OH and I were both worried about him and thought he may have a tummy ache, if only they could talk! Rather than risk him messing up his new bed pad I put his old bed back in the crate for the night, just to be safe. We thought that we may end up with a disturbed night.

He did ask to go out in the garden during the evening so at bed time he wasn't interested in having a piddle and came straight back in. OH was in the kitchen so Rodders went straight in there to say goodnight but he climbed in to his bed when asked. I gave him some kibble rather than puppy treats just to be on the safe side.

Rodders is such a good boy, there wasn't a peep out of him all night and when OH got up at 6am he didn't really seem ready to get up. This is our first frosty morning and he wasn't too sure about this strange crunchy stuff under his feet when he went in the garden for a piddle but was very happy to snuggle with OH and go back to sleep as soon as he came in.

When OH came up for a shower Rodders came to find me in bed. I let him up for a quick snuggle before I got up. He was torn when I went downstairs as he didn't know of he wanted to be with me or OH. OH and the slippers won!

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Various sleeping positions!

Some of these just don't look comfortable to me!


Rodders loves to escape from the bedroom with OH's slippers and can usually be found trying to get them down the stair.

Hours of fun from a yoghurt pot!

The devil woke up

So, after a very nice snooze on his new bed bed, the puppy that woke up appears to be a different one to the one that fell asleep!

Instead of the lovely, well behaved puppy that I started with I seem to have a little devil! But the little devil can be quite funny too!

He woke up and sneakily started to bite his new bed pad and when I stopped him from doing that he tried to bite me :-( His lead has been put back on for a while to see if we can stop that. I have put the bed pad back in the crate for now.

He then saw his yoghurt pot and went bouncing off after it and played for a while with that. Next he tried to get the bed pad out of the crate, luckily he can't do that as it is quite a good fit. But we do have to stop him biting it.

We have played fetch with his ball until he got bored, he has tried to bite me and been checked a few times, he has tried to eat cables and been given a firm no and he is still bouncing off the walls. I do hope he is still like this when OH gets here!

So it would appear that sleeping on snuggle fleece or on my lap does not give him a proper rest and this new bed pad is very much needed. Maybe even his bed itself is now too small, honestly I haven't seen him this lively in a couple of weeks.

A success!

I came through to the lounge to watch the Grand Prix and Rodders wanted up on my knee. Once he was asleep I put him and snuggle fleece on the floor at my feet.

He woke up when I went to make a cuppa so I got the new bed pad out and put it back by the sofa. He climbed up on to it, had a sniff and settled down for a snooze!

As I typed that bit he rolled over and fell of it on to the floor without waking!

Oops, me taking a photo woke him up, but he did climb back on the bed pad and settle straight back down. It looks like the bed pad is more comfy than my knee or the sofa!

Muddy puppy

When Rodders came back in from the garden it looked as though he had been making mud pies with his chin and his beard was covered! I have taken a photo and must try to remember to come back and add it later.

The muddy puppy also wanted up for a fuss. While he was in my arms I started to comb through his legs and face but couldn't get under his chin. I put him on the floor on a snuggle fleece and managed to get through the worst of it, he wasn't too happy though as I had to tug a bit in places.

ETA Not a great photo, but you get the idea!

Back home with a new bed pad

Once we were back in the house I put the new bed pad down by the sofa and put a snuggle fleece on it to try and make it more familiar. Rodders wasn't impressed and, as I went to make a cuppa, he dragged it all the way to the conservatory!

I left him to pull it around but, when he asked to go in the garden, I put it in his crate. When he came back in he wanted up for a snuggle. After a little while I popped him in the crate on top of the new bed pad, he came straight out. I then got some small treats and dropped them all over the bed pad and he went back in to the crate to hoover them up.

We both had lunch, he only ate half of his (not surprised after all those treats) and then he asked to go back in the garden.


Rodders and I went off to the pet shop at St Albans to see if we could find him a bean bag but they don't sell them. We did come home with a nice squishy bed pad that just fits in his crate though :-) Lets see if he likes it!

While we were there we met several dogs and Rodders was happy to say hello.

First it was a lady and her daughter with a small black and white Lhasa Apso, they were a bit surprised that it was so friendly towards another dog.

Then a family with a year old Westie (Bailey) and a Mini Schnauzer (Harley) that is two weeks older than Rodders and about a third bigger! Apparently he was the biggest puppy in the litter, he is huge compared to Rodders and already taller than the Westie. We talked for a while about our grooming experience as she thought Rodders looked beautiful and wanted to take pictures to show her groomer how she would like Harley to look! She takes them both to a groomer in Bushey apparently.The Westie looked OK, but not a patch on Finnan, so I wonder what she will do to a Schnauzer! The good news here was that Rodders was happy for them and their children to fuss him and did not back off or try to hide behind me.

Rodders then found a loose biscuit on the floor and was desperate to get to it. Once he picked it up he was very proud to walk around with it in his mouth for a while before stopping to eat it up.

The final dog was a Springer Spaniel who was in for a coat fitting. Rodders had a good sniff at him but didn't seem too impressed with the coat!

We paid for our purchase and made our way back to the car to drop it off. We then had a walk about to see what else was in this small shopping area and let Rodders get a bit more used to people.

Then it was back in the car and home via the hole in the wall for some cash. He is very good in the car but he doesn't like me getting out and back in. Think I am going to have to remember this and go to the crate and talk to him before I get in and drive off - he is probably angling for another treat!

Playing in the garden

Rodders wasn't sure what to make of the wind as it was lifting the cover off the patio table. A couple of times he asked to go out and, once the door was open, just stood there looking. It was flipping freezing and a battle to keep the door held open while he made his mind up.

He has been in and out of the garden all morning though, he seems to be spending quite a lot of time on the patio near the gate and I can almost see him through the tree now that the wind has made the leaves drop.

When he hasn't been outside he has been playing with his toys and yoghurt pot and there has been no chewing or biting which is fantastic!

I was in the kitchen for a while sorting out a casserole for the slow cooker. He came through to collect a carrot top which got taken to the rolled up carpet and last about 5 minutes! He happily trotted back through for another.

Breakfast and getting dressed

Rodders has started to go in to the kitchen and bark when he is hungry! I fed him his breakfast and he ate it in two go's with a short play in the middle.

He came upstairs with me while I got washed and dressed and had a little of the kibble from yesterday's Kong but wasn't really too interested.

I trapped him in the bedroom with me so that I didn't have to retrieve slippers from the stairs. He now rounds up both mine and OH's slippers to play with (and have a bit of a chew) if they are lying about.

When I came downstairs he stayed on the landing. I just carried on and left him there and went to make a cuppa. After a few minutes I called him and he came to find me wagging his tail.

Saturday night/Sunday Morning

Rodders slept on my knee for a lot of yesterday evening, each time I put him & snuggle fleece down on the floor he woke up and squeaked until I gave in and let him back up.

I had to carry him out in to the garden for a piddle at bedtime. Neither of us wanted to be out there as it was blowing a gale so as soon as he had done what he had to do he ran back in to the house.

Because of a battle over the bed pad the crate door was pushed too so he couldn't out himself to bed. Must remember to open it on the way out if that happens again.

He sat on snuggle fleece as I locked up and switched off the lights and had to be lifted in to his bed as I gave him his treats, said goodnight and locked the crate.

Not a peep from him until 6.50 this morning, very surprising as it was really windy overnight.

I came down and let him in to the garden and he had a piddle and came straight back in for a snuggle before asking to go back out for a poo. He also started to bark at Bob next door who was off fishing so I went out to say hello and quieten Rodders down. It was spitting with rain so I told Bob he was brave to be going out in this and to make sure he was anchored down.

We came back in and Rodders was happy to come up on my knee for a while.

Internet issues

We have had internet issues today so it has taken us a while to be able to update :-(

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Rodders and the sofa

Rodders seems to like being up on the sofa with me and I am trying to discourage him but I know how cold my floors are. Yes, I know he has a furry coat and a snuggle fleece but even I feel a draft around my ankles if I sit with my feet down.

He has been up here a few times today and I have moved him to the floor (most times) once he is asleep. When he wants up he stand with his paws on the sofa cushion and squeaks at me, if I say no he squeaks louder!

Just now, when he was told he wasn't coming up he tried to eat the power cable to the laptop! He got a loud no and it got moved out of reach fairly quickly. He has now gone off to sleep with his head on my feet.

I nipped up to the bathroom a little while ago and he was fast asleep. You should have heard him when he came upstairs to find me, lots of squeaky noises!

I must download some photo's and add them in to the blog. Some of them show the funny positions he gets in to when sleeping.

He has played for a further hour this evening so I think we are up to about 6 hours activity today. I hope that is enough to get him through to a reasonable hour tomorrow.

Not very active

Rodders hasn't been too active today, he did some running about for a couple of hours this morning and then almost three hours this afternoon and evening but he has now collapsed in a heap at my feet on snuggle fleece. So is five hours activity in a day enough? Will he have me up at the crack of dawn tomorrow?

That said, when he has been active he has been very active (and very vocal today). He has run about the rugby field and the garden, played with the stones on the patio, chased toys up and down the house, run up and down stairs several times and jumped up me many times. He has barked, woofed and squeaked all day. Sometimes I know what he is saying, other times I haven't a clue.

We had a bit of a battle earlier over him chewing the carpet but generally he has been very good.

Barking in the garden

Rodders asked to go out in the garden after he finished eating, he hadn't been out long when he started to bark.

I can usually tell what his bark means but this was a strange one and I went to investigate. There are some old plastic sack out on the back patio that used to contain stones for the other patio and they have blown about in the wind.

I let myself out to go and move them and he came running towards me barking as I crossed the patio. I am not sure who was more surprised as I tripped over on the stones that he has left lying about, luckily I didn't actually fall. Note to self, look where you are going.

Anyway, I rescued the sacks and moved some other things to stop them blowing about.

Rodders came back in with me but didn't stay in  long. The wind does seem to make him a bit hyper though!

Oh dear, poor starved puppy

Rodders ate half his breakfast and he slept through lunchtime. About 4pm he went and sat in the kitchen, close to where his food is, and barked and barked. When I walked in there to see what the matter was he jumped up me when I asked if he was a hungry puppy.

He obviously was as he ate half a bowl full without stopping and then went to play. He has been back to polish of the rest of it!

This is really unusual as it can take him an hour to eat a meal normally.

Cold and windy

It really is quite cold outside and the wind is now much worse than it was earlier.

Rodders asked to go out to play, walked across the patio and decided he didn't like it and came straight back in. Could be an interesting evening if he won't go out!

He has had a long nap today (part of it curled up on the sofa with me) but is now playing. I gave him a rawhide bone to see what he would do with it and he has thrown it about, chewed it a bit and then abandoned it in favour of his normal toys.

He has asked to go back in the garden and he had a piddle before starting to play. It seems he isn't that bothered by the wind now he has had a think about it.

The leaves are starting to come off the tree in the garden, hardly surprising in this wind. It is a small tree, just over 6 feet tall, and the branches reach all the way down to the ground. In the spring it has little bottle brush type things on it. No idea what it is but it makes it difficult for me to see what Rodders is up to on the back patio but it is now becoming easier.

He has come back in and is a bit over excited, jumping up and trying to bite so the lead has had to go on. He has gone back to the rawhide bone and is throwing it around the laminate floor. He does seem to like things that make a noise as he is also playing with a yoghurt pot.

A windy walk

Rodders came in from one of his many trips to the garden full of energy, a game of tug and fetch with his ball was having no impact on this so I thought it was time for a walk.

I slipped his lead on, he doesn't get too excited about this anymore as we have been using it inside all week to stop him biting, but when I went for my coat he was literally doing summersaults. Luckily he let me put on my wellies without too many problems (he decided to put his nose in the shoes I was taking off for amusement) and it didn't take us too long to get out the door.

He walked (almost) to heel to the Nicky Line and then I let him have a little more freedom to sniff about. We walked up towards the rugby field but he kept sitting as leaves got caught in his legs and he didn't seem to like it much. I did stop and make him sit as a jogger came past and when he was pulling a bit too much we stopped and practiced sit and down. Once we got to the rugby field I swapped leads and he was happy to run about with much more freedom. He is still testing to see what he can and can't do on the extendable lead which is quite funny. He will sit and wait for me to walk away without being asked and then come running up and past me and then sit again until I overtake him, the game then starts again.

He soon got bored of that and was off sniffing about. He did bark as he saw people through the trees on the Nicky Line and he did want to go and play with a Jack Russell he spotted but he came back to me when called. We walked all the way around the rugby field and Rodders was very interested in a young lad sat by the trees on the far side. He went to investigate (roofers ran most of it) but when the lad got up he did he usual and ran back behind me.

As we came off the field Rodders sat and waited while I swapped leads and then we walked back home. Once indoors Rodders checked all his toys were where they should be and collapsed on snuggle fleece.

I am very glad I though to tie my hair up as it is very blowy out there, cold too. My ears are freezing! May have to resort to a hat before too much longer.


Rodders slept for almost two hours this morning and I think the only reason he woke then was because I was on the phone to my sister. He wandered through to the conservatory as I was talking for a bit of a play.

Once I hung up it was time to go upstairs to get washed and dressed and I filled the Kong with what was left of his breakfast kibble. Rodders was not interested and wandered off to the bedroom to get OH's slipper which he started to carry down the stairs. When that one was half way down he went back for the other one! Cheeky monkey, looks like OH may need new slippers for Christmas!

Once I went in to the bedroom he followed me in and walked off with one of my slippers. He was happy playing and he doesn't actually seem to be chewing them (too much) but he does like to carry them about. He does love to help you put on socks but the rest of the time he now seems happy to let me get dressed in peace, this is a huge improvement from trying to chew everything as you valiantly tried to out it on while he was trying to tug it off.

Every morning as I throw back the curtains Rodders comes running. I lift him up so that he can see out of the window and say good morning to Pentland! Just a silly part of our morning routine!

I retrieved the slippers from the stair and threw them back in the bedroom shutting the door behind me. I came down stairs and expected Rodders to follow me. He stayed at the top of the stair for a while but eventually followed me down.

He talks much more now, little squeaks, huffs and woofs. Sometimes I know what he is trying to say and sometimes I don't. He does always like to have the last word so if you say no to him he now comes away but has a bit of a huff. Or he will stand at the lounge door and bark, this usually means he wants to go upstairs to check if OH is there. He has a different bark for going out and coming in the door to the garden to that of there is someone about that you need to know about. More lessons in dog speak required!

Since he came downstairs he has been out in to the garden twice. It is a bit windy out so I am not sure how he will feel out for a walk but the garden does shelter him a bit.

For now, he is happy chasing yoghurt pots around the conservatory.

Playful puppy

Rodders was taken in to the garden at 11pm last night but declined the opportunity for a piddle and came back in and took himself off to bed.

I locked up, put the lights off and sorted out his treats and said goodnight. Not a peep.

At 7am this morning there was one bark and I lay in bed listening to see if there would be any more. Nothing until 10 minutes later when I walked across to the bathroom when the puppy squeaking started. I came down and let him out the crate, he rolled over for a tummy rub before dashing to the door to go out in to the garden for a piddle.

He came back in and found his chew from last night and started playing, then the yoghurt pots came in to play and were being thrown around and chewed. Rodders was having a great time. All of a sudden he changed from playing to sniffing and ran to the back door to ask to go out for a poo and a sniff around the garden.

Once back in he was happy playing but came to me for a quick snuggle and then went to bark at the door, I think he wants to go and check if OH is upstairs! Another play, and less than an hour after he got up he was ready for a snooze. He came up on the sofa with me for a while and then he and snuggle fleece got moved to the floor at my feet.

Friday, 25 November 2011

Sleep, play, sleep

After OH left Rodders settled down on snuggle fleece for a while at my feet. He has got up a few times to go in the garden for a piddle or to have a quick play but within 15 minutes he has come back to snuggle fleece.

He didn't even ask to come up on the sofa until after 9pm and he wasn't up for long as I needed a cuppa.

He went and found half a chew that he left from earlier and had a play with his yoghurt pot for a while and then asked to go in the garden for a piddle. Back in for another play and then he asked to go out again for a poo. While he was out I put the chew in the yoghurt pot, it didn't take him long to get it back out of there.

As a special treat I have let him up on the sofa beside me on snuggle fleece. He seems to like it and has settled very quickly!

Such a good boy!

Rodders was so good today, although OH was here he was busy working on the house but Rodders didn't seem too bothered that he couldn't stop to play. He would go over to him every now and again to say hello and get a quick fuss and would then go off and amuse himself, either in the conservatory or the garden.

While he was quiet and calm I took the opportunity to give Rodders a comb through. He was a little knotty but was very patient and only got bored when I was on the final leg.

Once OH had finished wiring up the lights and cleared everything away he started to clear out the dreaded under stair cupboard. This has needed doing for a long time and he is good at making this particular hoarder agree to throw things away. I now have to do a trip to the tip this weekend. While we were doing this Rodders stayed as close as he could and, at one point, curled up for a nap in the smallest space you can imagine.

Once OH was finished he made time to play with Rodders and give him lots of fuss and took him upstairs with him when he went for a shower. Rodders repaid him by stealing his slippers are bringing them downstairs!

When it was time for OH to go home he needed some help to get everything back in the car. I slipped Rodders lead on and helped to carry his bags out. Once we said goodbye and shut the gate I let Rodders off for a run around in his new, illuminated, garden.

Tired puppy, lively puppy

Once we got home from School Rodders said hello to OH and then went for a nap on snuggle fleece for a while and I cooked lunch.

OH had fallen over while we were away and has hurt his knee, hope he is OK.

Once Rodders woke up he went to play in the conservatory and then asked to go out in to the garden. He had a piddle and then was happy sniffing about, playing with the stones at the end of the patio. It is amazing how determined he is to dig to the bottom and I went out and kicked the stones back in a couple of times much to his disgust. He also barked at Pat next door as she took in her washing so I went out to say hello. She says that he ignored her when she was out earlier as he was too busy chewing a twig.

Rodders has only eaten about half of his lunch, I thought he would be hungrier after a busy morning.

Week four of puppy school

Rodders and I left OH to the DIY and we went off for our weekly trip to puppy school. As soon as I pulled up in the car park he was barking to be let out but he had to wait while I put my hair up out the way.

Once out of the car he was happy sniffing around until Tarka the Lab joined us. They had a good sniff at each other before Tinker the Spaniel arrived. The class before us were not very sociable and put their dogs in the cars and disappeared fairly quickly.

Sam called us all in  to the hall, asking us to get our puppies to sit and wait at the door, and then get them in to down with us standing over them. Rodders was much better at both of these today. We then did heel and sit around the hall and then playing with tuggies and leave. We didn't do so well with this as Tarka had a squeaky toy which was a bit distracting but Rodders did leave when asked.

We then moved out to the Car Park and the puppies sat in a row and then we took in in turns to weave in and out, then we walked in circles around them to heel. Rodders was quite good at this.

We moved on to the field and did sit, wait, come and treats. For the first time I actually let go of the lead and walked about two lead lengths away. The first time Rodders came just before I called him, the second time he was much better.

And then on to the agility course. Rodders did the A Frame twice and then went over the low jumps. He hated this last week but was better than me this time, I knocked the first two down! Then it was time for the tunnel, Rodders loves this as does Tarka. Poor Tinker hates it and her owner was almost in the tunnel trying to encourage her. In the end they got her to go in and out the same end a few times to get her used to it rather than through it.

While we were waiting for Tinker, Tarka's owner said how much Rodders had grown in confidence in the last week. I was really pleased to hear her say that, it made me very proud and shows that the work I am doing is paying off.

We did down and stay before walking to heel back to the hall for a progress report. Sam thought all puppies had done really well this week, more proud grinning from me!

Six weeks to go!

OH working on the house

OH is busy putting an outside light up for Rodders so that he can see (and be seen) in the garden in the dark. It is one of those clever ones that comes on by itself if something moves within a certain area. This also involves rewiring the passage lights as we needed to move the switch.

Although Rodders adores OH he has been quite happy to have a look at what he is doing and then leave him to it.

OH needed more bits from the DIY store and so I was despatched to get them. I put Rodders in his bed with some treats but did not shut the crate. I was gone for about half an hour, the radio was on and OH was pottering about in the passage but Rodders didn't seem to realise until 5 minutes before I got back that he could get out by himself. He was very happy to be able to greet me at the lounge door though.

The rest of the time he has kept well out of OH's way and has slept on his snuggle fleece or played with his toys in the conservatory. I had visions of him trying to climb the ladder and under his feet all day so I am pleasantly surprised.

Rodders has asked to go out in the garden for a piddle and a play and OH tried to get him to come back in through the back door rather than the patio door where he usually comes in. Rodders didn't understand that at all so I let him in the usual way.

A bit of a battle & then some fun

Rodders and I were having a bit of a battle over the bed pad when OH got home and Rodders was concentrating so hard on not letting go that he didn't even hear the back gate go. So hearing the back door open was a bit of a shock and he swung round barking until he saw who it was.

As always, Rodders was delighted at seeing OH and wanted up for a snuggle straight away. Once up he was happy to nibble his beard and ears while making squeaky puppy noises.

He eventually let OH go upstairs to get changed but he had to go too. The next thing I know is Rodders is trying to come down the stairs with OH's slipper in his mouth. Me? I had my heart in my mouth as he could so easily have tripped. Having got the first one he then went back for the second one!

OH came back downstairs and retrieved his slippers and went and sat in the papsan chair in the conservatory. You should have seen Rodders move, he ran from the lounge and launched himself at OH. Apparently this is where they snuggle up together in the mornings. Rodders got lifted up and was happy to snuggle on OH's chest, gradually getting further up so that he could nibble his neck, beard and ears.

I pottered about sorting out dinner while they carried on playing. OH moved to the floor with his head on the rolled up carpet. Rodders thinks this is a great game as he can jump all over OH's head, messing with his hair and has better access to his ears.

We had a slight issue over dinner as OH fed Rodders from the table which I don't think is acceptable.

After dinner they played some more, with OH lying on the floor moving around one of Rodders' toys for him to chase, while I cleared up and loaded the dishwasher.

We then went and watched a bit of TV and Rodders went up on to OH's lap for a while but didn't really settle. It was a re-run of a DIY SOS programme that I was involved in, by the time it got to my speaking part Rodders was asleep on the floor.

After that I left them to it and went for a shower. Once I was back downstairs Rodders didn't settle, he didn't know if he wanted to be with me or OH but he didn't want to be on the floor on snuggle fleece. I am wondering if he is finding the laminate floor too cold, even with snuggle fleece, as he would rather be up with one of us for the last few days. OH & I talked about it and we may go and see if we can find him a bean bag or something tomorrow.

Rodders asked to go out in the garden for a piddle a couple of times during the evening.

As the 10pm news came on we moved to the conservatory for more snuggling and playing. OH has got Rodders to understand when to stop playing, if things are getting too rough or over excited, and gets Rodders to sit. They also play tug with the toy in each of their mouths - not sure this is something I will be doing!

At bedtime I took Rodders out in to the garden but he just came straight back in without doing anything. He always does if he has been out in the last hour or two. He didn't go straight in to his bed as usual but sat in the kitchen doorway. I locked up, switched off lights and got treats ready and OH lifted him in to his bed. I gave him his treats and locked the crate and we went upstairs to bed.

Not a peep from Rodders then or when OH got up at 7.15am. Again, we have a tired puppy who seems to be a bit like me when he is tired!

Thursday, 24 November 2011

An afternoon in the garden

Rodders has spent a lot of time in the garden this afternoon and I have been out to join him a couple of times to poop scoop and to collect up the stones and put them back where they belong at the end of the patio. He was barking quite a lot as people were out in their gardens or behind us in the garages, I hope it doesn't get too much for the neighbours!

Rodders ate most of his lunch and then, when we went upstairs to the bathroom, he ate the rest of his breakfast (or was that last nights supper!) so I am not sure if he will eat his supper tonight especially as he also got three extra treats while I was filling up the treat pot from the cupboard.

Rodders decided that he was staying upstairs so I left him there for a little while and then enticed him down with one of his toys. I do need to check the back bedroom just in case he was up to any mischief in there while he was up there on his own.

He has also played with his toys and was running up and down the full length of the house while I was trying to do some figure work for OH. Rodders then decided it was time for a snooze and went and stood with his front legs on the sofa barking at me. I took the hint and came and sat down on the sofa. Once he was asleep I transferred him and snuggle fleece to the floor where he is now.

OH has called to say he is on his way home so I need to go and start dinner shortly.

Left him again!

I needed to slip out to collect things from the dressmaker and get the bits I forgot yesterday from Tesco. Rodders was busy playing in the conservatory so I called him over and made him sit. Once I had his attention I told him that I needed to go out and he had to stay here and go in his bed with some puppy treats. He made a squeaky noise and then went and sat on the rolled up carpet while I put on my boots and coat and sorted out his treats.

He wasn't going to walk in to his bed so I lifted him in and gave him his treats then locked the crate. He didn't make a sound as I walked out and locked the door.

When I came back an hour and a half later he didn't make a sound as I came in the front door but I could see him sitting up and looking in my direction as I came in the lounge. He let me put the shopping down before letting him out the crate and he wanted to come straight up for a snuggle. He makes really sweet squeaky noises that seem to say I thought you were never coming back but I am very glad to see you.

After about five minutes he is happy to go down and play with his toys so that I can go and make a cuppa and out the shopping away.

He never wants to go out in the garden straight away, it is always about half an hour after I get back. I suppose if I left him for longer than a couple of hours it may be different.

Took a while

It really did take a while for Rodders to wake up this morning. Even when we went upstairs for me to get washed and dressed he wasn't interested in his Kong for ages and wanted to curl up on the bath mat. Eventually he ate the easy stiff, the kibble that had fallen out of the Kong. This is what was left from his supper last night and the first thing he has eaten, apart from treats, sine 6pm last night.

It did seem to perk him up and by the time we moved in to the bedroom to get dressed he was getting livelier. Getting dressed was interesting as he was trying to catch my clothes.

We came downstairs and he had a quick play in the conservatory before asking to go out in the garden for a poo. Once he was back in we got ready to go for a walk. As soon as my coat went on he started jumping up and getting excited but did contain himself so that I could get my wellies on without him knocking them over.

Once outside he spotted Adam and started to bark, he seemed quite keen to get to him but once we got close he hid behind me until he felt a bit braver and came out for a sniff. He so wants to greet people and he is getting braver, but there is a little bit of him that wants to  hide still. No doubt he will get there.

We were joined by another neighbour, who got barked at as well, and she and I walked with Rodders to the mini roundabout before parting company. Rodders did bark at another lady as she passed us, she thought it was funny, I thought it deserved a check.

We got to the Nicky Line and turned right towards the rugby field. Rodders walked to heel a lot of the time, stopping to sniff but coming when called, even when he could hear lorries and air brakes. This is huge progress!

We walked the length of the rugby field and just as we were about to move on to the field itself OH called so I stood still while I talked to him and let Rodders have a sniff about. When I hung up we walked to the field and swapped leads.

I spoke to Nicci at Puppy Party last night and explained that I wasn't happy to let him off lead yet. A) Because I am not sure of his recall and B) If he didn't come back he isn't micro chipped yet. But he is desperate for some freedom and wants to run about. We talked about using the extendable lead and she talked about the pro's and cons and suggested that he is walked to a park or field on a normal lead and we then swap to let him have some freedom. We can also practice recall that way.

So today was his first time on the rugby field with his extendable lead and he loved it. To start with he didn't realise that he could get further away from me than normal and it was a bit of a shock when he realised I wasn't beside him. For a little while he would just stop behind me and wait to see how far I would go. I would then call him and he came running for a fuss and he would then try it again. Sometimes he wouldn't come straight away to see what I would do, he didn't take his eyes off me.

Once he got the hang of it he was happy to run about sniffing things and then running to catch up and get past me. As we came down the third side of the field he spotted a man on a bike on the path and started to run towards him barking. I locked the lead and called him, as he turned and came back towards me I let the lead recoil and we carried on down the field and did the fourth side before swapping back to his normal lead and heading for home.

He had a quick play while I grabbed something to eat but has now curled up on snuggle fleece at my feet.


At 10.30pm last night Rodders was out for the count so I lifted him up and took him in to the garden for a piddle. He wasn't interested and came straight back in and curled up on snuggle fleece by the dining table, he couldn't even be arsed to climb in to bed.

I locked up, switched out lights, got his treats and popped him in to bed and shut the crate door. Not a peep, he really is tired.

I woke up at 5.30am, 6.30am and 7.30am and there still wasn't a sound from Rodders but I thought I had better get up and use the bathroom. Usually Rodders starts to bark as soon as he hears someone moving about but there wasn't a squeak and I was getting worried.

As I walked in to the lounge he started to squeak and was happy to come out of his crate for a fuss but he almost had to be forced to go outside for a piddle. Once out there he did bark at someone in the garages but wasn't out there for long.

As I made a cuppa he came back in and went straight to the rolled up carpet in the lounge. As soon as I sat down he asked to come up. It took a while but he and snuggle fleece are on the floor but that is another hours sleep he has needed.

OH has called and thinks that I should get washed and dressed and take him out for some fresh air.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Puppy Party number one

Rodders was a bit concerned when I put my boots back on but was a bit happier when I put on my dog walking coat as he knows he gets to come too then. I grabbed his bed and slipped his lead on and walked him to the car.

He barked a couple of times in the car but settled very quickly on the short journey to the vets for Puppy Party.

There were four puppy's including Rodders, seven owners and three staff. The staff introduced themselves and then it was our turn. Appa the Westies owner went first, then Molly the staff, then Rodders and finally Marley the Staffie/Husky cross.

Nicci, the head nurse, asked if we were having any problems and we all mentioned any concerns. Biting and chewing seemed to be the main problems initially but as we all talked other issues came out such a car sickness, separation anxiety, training, crate training and toilet training. Nicci was brilliant at explaining why dogs do what they do and how we should react. Not sure I want to do what she suggested when he is chewing my carpets - apparently I should ignore it! Praise positive behaviour and ignore the bad is all very well most of the time but damaging something he shouldn't or chewing something dangerous like a cable cannot be ignored. Maybe I should just clarify that next week.

Nicci asked if we were happy to let our puppy's off the lead to see if they would play together. I didn't have a problem, I have been longing for Rodders to have someone to play with! He wasn't bothered about walking away from me, especially as Nicci was throwing toys around and he spotted a Kong - shame it didn't have kibble in it! Once the puppy's started playing together Rodders was straight in there and was holding his own until Molly and Marley got a bit rough and he was in the middle. Nicci got him out of there very quickly and kept him with her. She was making sure that I knew how to deal with it and that I didn't praise him until he settled back down. Seeing how boisterous Molly and Marley were she suggested that we keep Rodders and Appa out of it and then let them play together later.

Molly and Marley were really playing roughly and throwing each other over but you could see it was play and not aggression. They were quite loud though! Once they sorted each other out they started to play better together and Rodders was desperate to go back down but I kept him on my knee.

Once Molly and Marley had been given their turn we put Rodders and Appa down on the floor. Appa was so funny, he was happy trotting around the edges of the room behind the chairs and only ventured in to the middle after he had been down for a while. He did go and climb up on one of the nurses knee though! Rodders was happy following him about and then he went to play tug with Nicci while she explained how important it is to let them use their teeth in this way but that they should never win the game.

We were there for an hour and a half and Rodders was quite happy to come away. Back home he had a piddle on the front lawn and followed me upstairs when I used the bathroom. He sat at the top of the stair making squeaky noises until he realised the bedroom door was open and rushed in there. I called him and he came back with OH's slipper in his mouth looking very pleased with himself! I took it off him and shut the bedroom door. For the first time today he followed me back down the stair.

I grabbed something to eat while he went and curled up on snuggle fleece. I think we have a tired puppy!


Skevi, our lady that does, turned up about 4.30pm and Rodders was already awake and was letting me comb him through. He barked as she came in the front door but went running to the back door, wonder if he thought it was OH coming home. He let me carry on and finish combing him but he wasn't happy about the slicker so I did two legs and stopped.

Rodders quite enjoys following Skevi around as she cleans, she is used to a toddler and just treats him the same, talking to him and explaining what she is doing. He does like to chase the mop and swiffer so she shut him out of the kitchen while she mopped and while the floor dried, he just sat at the baby gate and barked anyway. But it was a please let me play bark, totally non aggressive!

He ate most of his supper while she was working upstairs and then asked to go in the garden.

Once Skevi left he wanted up on my knee for a snuggle and snooze. I let him have a short rest as we need to go out in about an hour for puppy party.

Quite a walk

Rodders did his usual somersaults when I put my coat on and it was tricky getting my wellies on when he was jumping up and knocking them over but we were ready for our walk after about 5 minutes.

It took 3 attempts to get him to sit and wait at the door but we got there and could get on our way. We headed to the Nicky Line and then headed right to run parallel with the Rugby field. We walked right to the top and then on to the field itself. Rodders was very happy and so we walked two sides of it before coming back via the road. He sat down twice and lay down once on the Nicky Line but walked all the time in the field.

I have been trying to get him to walk to heel on the roads but giving him a little more freedom on paths and fields. Coming back today he was getting spooked by the traffic and I had to keep stopping him and making him sit as he was almost strangling himself trying to run ahead. He did eventually get the hang of it and I only needed to do gentle checks. He did sit and wait as we crossed the roads so we are getting somewhere.

Once home we had the same problem getting him to sit and wait at the door, 3 attempts. He then came in and ran around like a nutter for 5 minutes, behind chairs over carpets and back. He then collapsed at my feet on snuggle blanket and has been there for almost two hours.

I am not too bothered as I think Skevi will be in soon and I need him rested for Puppy Party tonight at the vets.

Happy to see me

When I got back a couple of hours later all was quiet until I opened the door and then Rodders started barking. As I came in I could see that his snuggle fleece was out of his bed but everything else was OK.

I put the shopping down in the kitchen and let him out the crate. He always makes a lot of squeaky noises as if to say how dare you leave me and wants to come up for a fuss. He has no interest in going in to the garden until he has calmed down.

Once he was calmer he played with a toy in the conservatory and then asked to go out in the garden. He was happy sniffing about and playing with the stones on the patio, he also barked to let me know that there was someone in the garages.

I put the shopping away but by the time I had started to unload the washing machine he wanted in. He was really good, he came in to the kitchen with me but did not try to catch things as they were coming out of the machine after the initial no.

He came with me while I hung everything on the radiators upstairs and was happy to come downstairs by himself.

Awake and active

Once Rodders woke properly he was a much better behaved puppy and was happy playing in the conservatory and in the garden until it was time for me to get washed and dressed.

I filled his Kong with the remains of his breakfast and took that upstairs with me. He finished that in record time and was then up to mischief while I was trying to get dressed. At one point he ran off with OH's slipper which is a first when I have been with him.

Once I was dressed I sorted out a couple of loads of washing and the things to go to the dressmaker then carried it all down stairs with Rodders as it is quicker if you want to do anything.

I put the washing in the machine and then we went in to the garden for a game of chase. Once back inside Rodders was still running around and I was hoping he would tire himself out as I needed to go to the dressmaker and Tesco. Sure enough, he wanted up for a snuggle. As I was snuggling him I explained that I had to go out and he needed to stay here, he started to make squeaky noises in protest. Once I had my coat on I put him in his bed, gave him his treats, shut the crate and walked away. He was quiet at this point but then I found that my handbag wasn't on the bottom of the stair so I had to come back in and he started barking. I could hear him crying by the time I got to the car.

OH has a suggestion

Talking to OH this morning and he wonders if Rodders had to get up for a piddle but was not ready to get up and has suggested that when he wakes this early I let him out and then put him back in his bed.

Good idea! Going to try that.

Rodders definitely wasn't ready to get up and was still tired, the fact that he didn't play for long, wasn't interested in his breakfast and started to bite me are all signs.

He settled down to sleep on my knee fairly quickly and he and snuggle fleece got transferred to the floor. I wasn't ready to get up either and I fell asleep on the sofa. I was woken by Rodders asking to come up and the pair of us slept for an hour snuggled up.

I moved him to the floor when I woke and he was happy sleeping there until OH rang.

Late night, early morning

Rodders had to be woken up and carried in to the garden at 11pm last night for a piddle and he came back in and went straight to bed while I locked up, switched out lights and got his treats ready. This is become a regular event, just need him to do it during the day when he has to be left now!

He started to bark at 5.20 this morning and was desperate to go out for a piddle but he had to stop for a quick fuss on route. He came back in for a quick snuggle but went back out very quickly for a poo.

He has been playing quite a lot but got a bit bitey so I had to out his lead on. It would appear that is because he is tired as about an hour after getting up he came up on the sofa with me and promptly fell asleep. He and snuggle fleece have been moved to the floor.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Where has the puppy gone

Rodders asked to go in to the garden but he seemed to have been gone for ages so I went to the patio and called him. He came trotting out from behind the tree looking very pleased with himself. As he came in the door I spotted that he had something in his mouth. It was the plastic strapping from around the planks of wood up by the back fence.

I will need to check up there in daylight to see if he has done any damage.

I let him chew it for a short time but took it away as soon as he left it alone.

Talking to OH

Today has been a weepy day for me, which is a bit unusual. First the TV Programme and then an email from my sister to let me know that she now has broadband and a telephone. Why on earth would this make me cry?

She has managed to get my Mum's old phone number, a number we have had as long as I can remember and all our friends and family will know the significance of it. I miss my Mum every single day, just some things bring it closer to the surface and I burst in to tears.

So what is a girl to do at a moment like that, she gets her OH on FaceTime! Once he had calmed me down he had a chat with Rodders who, at the time, was chewing snuggle fleece. He told him no and Rodders stopped chewing and came to look at the phone. He could see it was OH and he kept walking behind the phone to try and find him! He then got bored and walked off so OH and I carried on talking. When OH hung up Rodders started crying so I called him back. Rodders was going mad, trying to eat the phone!

Playing hard

Rodders played for over an hour, sometimes with me and sometimes on his own.

At one point he was getting quite manic and I tried to get him to calm down by doing some sit, wait training with him using treats but this was an epic fail and he was just jumping all over me to get to the treats, think we need to try this again when he is calmer.

We did manage to lose a limb from his toy monkey while we were playing and he kept going to the far end of the dining table and barking, it took me a while to spot that one of his yoghurt pots was stuck down there.

All of a sudden he just flopped down on snuggle fleece and went to sleep!

Am afternoon snuggle

I was catching up with a bit of TV so Rodders moved down to the snuggle fleece at my feet by the sofa and was quite happy there until I lay down. He then wanted to come up on the sofa with me.

He lay on a snuggle fleece in my arms for almost an hour and was disturbed by me getting up to grab a tissue. A typical man, my tears at something lovely on the TV were treated with scorn! All he wanted to do was chew the tissue (I know typical men don't do this bit!).

Once I had stopped snivelling and the programme finished Rodders got the fidgets so he was happy to come upstairs with me while I used the bathroom. He wasn't quite so happy abut coming downstairs on his own. I came down first but he wasn't showing any signs of following me so after switching on lights and shutting out the grim day I went halfway up the stairs to entice him down. He barked at almost every step and tried to pretend that he doesn't know how to do it but he made it all the way downstairs by himself.

He went straight to snuggle fleece for a moment but has decided that yoghurt pots are now more fun that sleep.

Chewing, biting, walking

Once Rodders came in from the garden he was being a little horror, chewing the rolled up carpet and then trying to bite me when I said a firm no. I put the lead on him to make it easier to check him and he carried on trying to bite my arms or legs. So he kept getting checked.

This doesn't seem to bother him much and he rolled over on to his back to chew the lead!

I decided it was time for a walk to try and calm him down. He was very excited when I put on my coat and wellies and it was difficult to get him to sit and wait at the door but we managed it. We followed yesterdays route to the Nicky Line and back under the bridge. He walked better to heel getting there and I managed to keep him walking past another dog without him barking or wanting to stop and play but once we had got part way down the Nicky Line he was being a little odd and kept giving the odd whimper. He has not done this before and I stopped to check he was OK and had nothing obvious stuck to him.

We didn't seem to be making much progress forward so I turned around and started to head back the way we had come but went under the bridge and followed the path to the Rugby Field. He stopped whimpering and was walking quite nicely. Once we got to the field he wanted to run and I wished that I had the extendable lead with me. It seems a bit mean that he can't have much freedom yet.

We walked towards the main road but turned left before it and headed home past Kev & Jane's. Today as we reached roads we needed to cross I made Rodders stop, sit and wait each time and this was really successful. He was also walking to heel a lot of the time but had his nose down a lot too.

When we got home I made him sit and wait before he came in the door.

Once inside he went for a quick play before having a mad 5 minutes where he was running the full length of the house, round chairs and over the rolled up carpets. He then asked to go out for another run about the garden. By the time he came back in he was exhausted and flopped on to a snuggle fleece.

Getting used to being left

I had to leave Rodders at home this morning to go to the job centre, do a little shopping and drop in to the garage.

Again I explained that I had to go out and he needed to stay here. He sat and watched me put on my boots and coat and sort out his treats but there was no way he was walking in to the crate of his own volition. At least he isn't trying to run away and I don't have to chase him.

I picked him up and put him in his bed and he lay down straight away. I gave him his treats, locked the crate and walked away to silence.

I was out for almost two hours and as the front door opened he started to bark and didn't let up even when I spoke to him. I put the shopping down in the kitchen before letting him out, he did at least stop barking. He was very happy to see me and wanted a great big fuss.

Once he calmed down he was happy to go and play in the conservatory and he didn't ask to go out for another 20 minutes, looks like he is going to be like my sisters dog in that respect.

How much fun

How much fun can you have with two yoghurt pots? Twice as much fun as one it would appear!

OH brought a yoghurt pot home with him last night and he had a new one for breakfast so Rodders now has two on the go. He has been running about with one in his mouth batting the other with his feet. He was loving it, going round the chairs and over the rolled up carpet.

And then he started barking behind one of the chairs and I got up to see what the matter was. The yoghurt pot being batted with his feet had got stuck. I moved the chair to give him better access but he carried on barking. I leant down to see what the matter was and the lip was stuck form under the skirting board and he still couldn't get it. I reached down and got it for him and the game continued.

I can see that I will be going around the neighbourhood checking the recycling bins on Friday to see if anyone else eats yoghurt! It is OK, I won't be permanently depriving the council go this income stream, once he has wrecked them they get put in recycling anyway.

A quiet morning

OH got ready for work and Rodders and I saw him off at the patio door. Once he had shut the gate I let Rodders out and he stood on the patio listening until OH drove away before going for a sniff about.

He came back in for a bit of a play but he was still quite dopey and soon wanted up on the sofa. I settled him on my knee and then moved him and snuggle fleece to the floor where he slept for over an hour.

Once he woke up he was happy to play in the conservatory for a while before asking to go in to the garden. He was out there for ages playing and gave a couple of barks but was generally quiet until he heard Bob next door, he deserves lots of barks apparently and it was almost as though they were having a conversation over the fence.

Rodders came back in and, because I had left the lounge door open, it wasn't long before he took himself upstairs. I grabbed his Kong and filled it with the rest of his kibble, OH had given him his breakfast but he hadn't eaten much, and followed him upstairs. He was very happy to chase his Kong around the bathroom floor and emptied it in record time so he must have been hungry. I washed and cleaned my teeth and then watched him playing.

We moved in to the bedroom and after a sniff about I let him up on the bed so that I could get dressed in relative peace.

Not ready to get up

Rodders spent his evening moving between OH and I and he asked to go out in the garden twice, so I didn't expect him to want a piddle at bedtime but I took him out anyway.

He brought himself back in but didn't go straight in to his bed, there were too many distractions as OH was in the kitchen getting a drink, but as I was walking around locking up and switching up lights he found his way. I gave him his treats and closed the crate for the night and OH made our way upstairs. There was the odd little whimper but he settled down for the night.

OH's alarm went off at some ungodly hour and Rodders didn't make a sound until OH got out of bed, when he started to bark. OH came down and let him out of his crate but he thinks that Rodders wasn't really ready to get up. He did play a little and he went in to the garden but he was more interested in having a snuggle.

They both came upstairs to wake me and I let Rodders up for a play on the bed while OH went for a shower.


OH and I went to B&Q and then on to Pizza Express for something to eat.

It was a very strange experience for me. Having never been a parent I have never had to leave a baby or child at home for the first time. This all sounds weird and jumbled up in my head as I have left him alone during the day for short periods and with my niece but it felt different to leave him at night.

OH knows me so well and he was brilliant at letting me worry for a bit and then taking my mind of it, but Rodders was our main topic of conversation. OH keeps reminding me of how brilliantly I am doing and how much Rodders and I have learnt over the last few weeks.

We were home just after 9pm so we had been out for a couple of hours. There was silence as we walked from the car and as we walked in the door. Rodders was looking in our direction as we came in the lounge and was very happy to see us. He came out of his crate for a fuss and then I went to make a cuppa and OH went up to get changed. When I turned around Rodders had taken himself back to bed.

OH came back downstairs and we sat on the sofa's. Rodders was watching and listening and then decided that maybe bed wasn't the best place to be. He came out and went straight to OH for a snuggle. He was happy to know that I was there and he kept looking over at me, but he was a very happy puppy to be snuggling with OH.

We go out for the evening

I had changed out of my slippers and in to my boots while OH & Rodders were upstairs and now it was time for us to go out and leave Rodders for the first time at night. It was also the first time that OH and I had left him at the same time, how was he going to react?

I told him that we needed to go out and he had to stay here and go in his bed and I would get him puppy treats. OH tried to encourage him in to his bed but ended up lifting him in. I gave him his treats and locked the crate and we walked out the room, out the front door and away.

There was silence, total silence. No crying, no barking. I really hope that he carries on like this while we are out.

OH gets changed

Rodders was happy to follow OH upstairs to help (!) him get changed. They seemed to be having fun and Rodders hardly even noticed when I slipped upstairs to use the bathroom.

Once OH was changed it was time to come downstairs. Amazingly Rodders came down all by himself, in front of OH! Looks like the little monkey has been having me on.

OH arrives

Sure enough, those sounds at the back gate was someone coming in and Rodders started to bark. His barks soon changed to squeaks of delight once he realised who it was.

As OH came through the door Rodders was desperate to get up for a snuggle and could hardly wait for OH to put down his bags. He was jumping up his leg and making puppy noises of delight. Once OH picked him up he was thrilled and snuggled in to his neck, licking his beard, face, ears, anything he could reach. It is so lovely to see.

Me? Oh I come second nowadays and have to wait for them to say hello and for Rodders to calm down a little before I get a kiss or hug hello! Do I mind? Not really! I am just so happy that they love each other so much :-)

Rodders wanted to sleep

Rodders wanted to sleep and I wanted to keep him awake as OH was on his way. Our plan was to go out to eat this evening and I needed Rodders to be tired.

I managed to get him to play with me in the conservatory for a while. He then spotted another puppy staring at him through the glass of the conservatory, he didn't seem to understand that it was a reflection of himself. He looked away and then at the reflection again and the puppy was still watching him. He went towards the door until he was nose to nose with it and then asked to go out to see it. He tumbled out the door so fast the he fell off the step! He couldn't work out where the puppy had gone but had a sniff about before coming back in.

While I was talking to OH on the phone Rodders piddled on the floor in the lounge and got put straight out in the garden while I cleaned up and sprayed with stain and odour removal. He really wasn't happy and barked and barked to come back in. I ignored him until he quietened down. When he was allowed back in he rushed straight to the spot to make sure I had cleaned up properly, cheeky mutt!

We went upstairs so I could use the bathroom and I tried to get Rodders to come back downstairs by himself. We spent ten minutes with him prancing about at the top of the stairs, he would come down a step and then go back up and bark or cry. I eventually gave up and carried him down.

As OH arrived at the back gate we were back playing tug in the conservatory. He stopped tugging when he heard something and stood still for a second, then carried on until he heard another sound. Was that something outside?


Rodders was asleep at my feet on snuggle fleece by the dining table when I decided to have a bag of crisps.  He wasn't asleep for long as he is partial to an empty crisp packet!

As I got closer to the end of the packet he was sitting very nicely at my side but was making squeaky puppy noises to remind me that he was there.

Once all the crisps had gone I handed him the packet and he had a great time licking it to death. This is a rare treat, something he gets less than once a week, but he seems to have a very good memory!

Monday, 21 November 2011

Back home

Once we came in Rodders had a mad 5 minutes running about all over the place before asking to go in the garden. Isn't it strange how a walk seems to have this effect on him!

He was happy running about the garden and found his strawberry for another chew before spotting Bob and Pat going out. They deserved a bark of course! Bob and Pat are brilliant, if Rodders is in the garden they always stop to speak to him, even when all he does is bark in return. I went out to see what he was barking at all called him to me. As soon as he is by my side he stops barking so that we can pass the time of day and I pick him up to go and get a fuss over the fence.

He was happy to stay out in the garden and play on his own while I came back inside. I was keeping an eye on him, even once I was on the phone talking to yet another recruitment agency about a potential 6 month contract.

I was doing quite a good job at explaining my work experience but had to ask them to hold on a moment while I stopped him chewing the cover on the seat outside and brought him in. Luckily she has 10 week old kittens and knew that they could go from being good to destructive in a second! I managed to carry on talking to them while he was trying to bite me and so I also had to slip his lead on and check him a couple of times. At one point, I was carrying him about as I talked.

Eventually he was happy to go down and has now curled up on snuggle fleece. Time for me to have a look at my cv and forward it on.

A walk down the Nicky Line

Rodders was happy playing in the garden but he hadn't been out on his lead today so I got my wellies and coat on before calling him in.

As soon as he spotted what I was wearing he was bouncing around with excitement but I managed to get him to sit long enough to have his lead put on.

We walked out the house to the right and towards the mini roundabout before going left to the bridge and down the steps top the Nicky Line. We turned left and came back under the bridge. Rodders is walking so much better and most of the time is happy trotting along beside me. He will stop and sniff at things but usually moves on when asked.

We met a lady coming towards us with three dogs and we stopped for a chat. Rodders is the first Mini Schnauzer puppy she has seen and she thought he was gorgeous. She was also pleased to see that I didn't even try to pick him up when her dogs came towards him. I told her that I thought he needed to get used to them and as long as he doesn't seem upset by them I would never pick him up. She gave him a fuss before we turned around and headed back the way we had come.

Rodders started to pull a bit so I made him sit a couple of times and when that didn't work I started to use the choke chain to check him. By the time we got back to Pentland he was walking nicely again.

Doing this route means that he is exposed to traffic a little each way and I hope that this will help to settle him down a bit and get him used to it.