Sunday, 11 March 2012

Time for a change

I have been really unsettled at Dog School since the woman with the Doberman and the Electric Collar and so I have been investigating other options.

I have decided to go with a company called The Family Dog in Redbourn after reading their website and visiting their class (without Rodders) last Wednesday evening. It is a completely different way of training, they use clickers, and it seems much gentler and geared towards a family pet who can have fun but behave  with the emphasis on rewarding good behaviour rather than the regimented sort of training we are used to where bad behaviour is checked. I am hoping that Rodders will take to it.

We start the 7 week intermediate classes on Wednesday evening at 7.30.and we have started clicker training today. I have also had to buy Rodders a new collar (& lead as it had to match!) as they will not accept choke chains.

My last task after class on Saturday was to have a quick chat with Sam to let her know. She was brilliant and said that there were no hard feelings and the door is always open for us to come back. I would probably had said a bit more about our reasons for leaving but Pete had done the class and was still about. If our classes were always with Sam I probably wouldn't even have considered changing to be fair but she only does every other saturday and we can't do the Friday class.

Anyway, time will tell if we are making the right choice.

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