Friday, 2 March 2012

Friday morning

OH got up with Rodders at some ungodly hour and let me stay in bed for a while. I mislaid my phone last night and he and Rodders found it when the alarm went off!

Once OH was ready to get ready for work he sent Rodders upstairs to wake me. There is nothing like a beardy nose poking in to your face to wake you with a smile. In fact it is so good that Rodders usually has to get sent upstairs to do it again before I actually get up! When he goes down stairs in between he usually takes one of my dirty socks with him that OH has to rescue from his mouth.

Rodders has been really cuddly all week and this morning was no exception. He came up on to my knee for a while and, when OH was ready to go, he had to stop and give Rodders a last cuddle.

As always Rodders went out to the gate to say goodbye to OH. Usually he comes back to me as soon as OH opens the gate but this morning he didn't want to. OH told him to sit and stay and Rodders sat there and watched him as he packed the car, he didn't move a muscle!

He was happy to stay out in the garden once OH shut the gate and only came in when I wanted to go upstairs.

When it was time for me to go to work he was lying on his bed pad by the sofa. He usually comes and climbs in to his crate without being asked, not this morning though. I went over to talk to him and he just rolled on to his back so that I could rub his tummy. I then picked him up and gave him a cuddle before putting him down on the floor. He was then happy to walk in to his crate.

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