Saturday, 31 December 2011

Hmmm, that was odd

Rodders only got three meals today as he didn't wake up for his supper.

Just before 11pm Rodders woke up and asked to go in to the garden for a piddle so I decided it was bed time.  While he was out there he could hear people up the road making a noise and so he was barking at them.

When he came in he didn't want to go in to his bed and had to be encouraged in to the crate. No sooner was I upstairs and half undressed than he started barking. I was just about to come downstairs when he stopped so I carried on getting undressed and in to bed. Five minutes later he started again and wasn't showing any signs of stopping. Concerned in case his tummy was playing him up still I came down and let him in to the garden. He stood out there and barked and barked so I made him come in and put him back in his bed.

He was then quiet until about 7.30am. I came down and let him out in to the garden and then prepared his breakfast and my cuppa. I knew that OH would already be on the road so I gave him a call to see how he was doing.

I suddenly realised that the bin men were outside and I hadn't put my bin out. I left Rodders in the lounge and went and moved it to make sure it was emptied. Rodders wasn't happy and made a lot of noise about being left on his own.

Friday, 30 December 2011

A bit of play, a bit of rest and a comb through

Rodders has been in and out of the garden playing for most of the afternoon. As it has been raining a fair bit this has also meant that he has had to be towelled off each time. Luckily he doesn't seem to mind.

He has also played quietly with his nylabone lying on the mat by the back door or he has laid on the snuggle fleece by the front radiator. He has also chased up and down after his ball, played with his yoghurt pot and beaten up his teddy so it hasn't all been quiet play.

He did come up on the sofa once I had put the new fleece blanket on it and he seems to approve as he was fast asleep for a while. When he woke up he wanted his tea and then went out in to the garden for a little while.

Once he was back in and dried off I popped him on the grooming table and combed him through and sorted out his gunky eye. He is such a fantastic puppy, he doesn't complain at all when I mess about with him like that. I really am so lucky!

It is obviously hard work being groomed as after a short play he is actually snoring on his bed pad at my feet!

A bit of walking and a bit of shopping

The postie came and delivered the new choke chain I ordered yesterday, what great service that is. It is quite fine but it will do for now and I know that he can't get his leg trapped in it like he did with the bigger one. I can always use the longer, more robust one for puppy school.

Rodders and I headed up the rugby field reasonably early as rain is forecast for later. As usual he walked nicely up there and sat while I swapped leads. He was very happy running around sniffing and wanted to play with a greyhound that completely ignored his pleas! Unfortunately it would now seem that he has a bit of a squitty botty so I need to keep an eye on that.

I spoke to OH about it and I am not going to up the ratio of kibble to id diet for now to see if it settles down. It may just be that the kibble is a bit rich for his delicate tummy right now.

Once we were back from the field we went out in to the garden and had a play with his new ball launcher. He seems to like chasing his ball and picking it up but he isn't very good at giving it back so we need to work on that. Once he got the ball he was happy to run about with it in his mouth and it was even more fun if I was chasing him! This could be a better idea for play at lunchtime rather than me trying to find the time to walk him in my 45 minute break.

Once I had worn him out a bit I needed to put him in his crate and go out shopping, he wasn't very happy about it but he did go in without making a noise once I put his front paws in. Rodders is spending much more time up on the sofa with me and so I want a blanket or throw to cover it with as it is too difficult to keep him on his snuggle fleece. I headed to Dunelm as they have a sale on and I got a wine coloured fleece blanket that matches the sofa which had 30% off, a cover for the bed that I can use in the summer instead of the duvet with 50% off and a non slip bathmat for when Rodders goes in there with 15% off. I do like a bargain!

I then went to Sainsbury's to fill up with fuel before heading in to town. I had a look at the M&S and Next sales without buying anything and then wandered in to Accessorise to see if there was anything to spend my Christmas vouchers on. I found a silly hat with matching glove/mittens to keep me warm on cold windy days and another hat to match the glove/mittens I got bought for Christmas for when it isn't so windy. Both will also hide bad hair days very nicely. All with 50% off! More bargains :-) So that is half of my vouchers spent. I also picked up a small present to put away for a February birthday.

I thought I had better head home before I got too carried away. Rodders was very happy to hear me put the key in the lock and started to squeak straight away. It wasn't because he wanted out either as he wouldn't go out until after he had eaten his lunch.

Late evening/early morning

Rodders didn't settle until very late last night, he was running about playing and up to mischief until 10.30pm when he flopped on his bed pad. I had to wake him to go out in to the garden for a piddle at 11.45pm and he didn't really want to go in to his crate. When he does this I lift his front paws in and then he usually walks the rest of the way in by himself and curls up. With his new black bed cover and a black fleece in there it is sometimes difficult to see him in there!

He started to grizzle just after 5.15am and I left him to see if he would settle. By 5.30am he was barking quite loudly so I got up and came down. He wanted a quick fuss but he was desperate to get out in to the garden for a piddle and a poo. When he came back in he was starving so I gave him his breakfast (50g id diet, 25g kibble) which he wolfed down. The two bowl trick is working, what I clever OH to come up with that!

Rodders also drank out of his new travel bowl which is great, he had been giving it a wide birth. Just need him to start drinking out of the water bowl in his crate and I will be very happy! I hate the fact that he had no water in his crate but there was no room for it with the new bed pad and, when he did have one, he spent more time upending it than drinking from it. We have bought him a small bowl that hangs from the side of the crate, it only holds about a mug full but is better than nothing. If he gets on OK with it I can try to find a bigger one.

After breakfast he was happy to play for an hour (oh whoopee!) before asking to come up on the sofa. He took a while to settle but once he did he slept for over 2 hours. Not sure he would have woken then but he heard me upstairs getting washed and dressed and came to investigate and run off with my slippers. He doesn't seem to run too far, he can normally be found on the landing with them.

He has been back out in to the garden and was barking at Bob next door. Once Bob stopped to talk to him he stopped barking, this is huge progress! Rodders is now lying on a snuggle fleece chewing his dental kong, once his tummy is all better and he is back on treats this should keep him quiet for ages as we can put liver treats in it and squidge toothpaste down the outside.

I made contact with a local dog walking service today to see if they can fit Rodders in for a couple of walks a week. They are going to give me a call back later to talk in more details but it looks good so far. They also provide home from home boarding so, if Rodders gets on OK with her, this could be an option for when OH and I go away in July.

Thursday, 29 December 2011

Afternoon & early evening

Once OH had gone I nipped upstairs to put my hair up and then put on my dog walking gear ready to go out. Rodders was very excited as I put on his collar and lead and couldn't wait to get out.

We headed up towards the rugby field and Rodders walked very nicely all the way. As soon as we got there I made him sit while I swapped leads and then let him run around investigating and sniffing. He was having a lovely time barking at birds, other dog walkers in the distance and the wind. We came across an elderly man walking back from the rugby club and Rodders barked at him too. He stood stock still and waited for Rodders to approach him which took a while, we were both feeling the effects of the cold by the time that happened so after a quick fuss we were on our way again.

Rodders carried on sniffing and running around until we got back to the edge of the field and then sat while I swapped leads back. He walks so nicely on his lead (most of the time) and usually only needs to be told once to sit at kerbs and at the door.

Once we came back in I made a cuppa and checked how OH was doing on his journey home and then Rodders and I settled down to watch David Copperfield on television. Well, I watched and he slept through most of it.

Once Rodders woke up he wanted in to the garden and I got his tea ready. When he came in and saw what I was doing he started barking and could hardly wait for me to put his bowls down. He cleared both of them fairly quickly and then wanted in to the garden again.

When he came back in he wanted to play so we got his ball and were playing fetch for a while. He then went off to chew his new nylabone. Then he seemed to have the devil in him, first the curtains went for a walk between his teeth and then he came out of the kitchen with the oven gloves. I started playing again in the hope that he could be distracted, it almost worked!

I then spotted that all his toys were out of the toy box so I started to pick them up and put them back. Half an hour later half of them are back out and Rodders is back in the garden.

Such a happy puppy (& Maty)

OH rang to see how we were doing today and I was part way through updating him when he said "you had better out the kettle on". I asked where he was as I walked in to the kitchen and spotted him pulling up outside the back gate. I have told him during the week that Rodders was missing him and would go nuts when he saw him next and I wasn't wrong.

Rodders had followed me through to the kitchen and was sniffing about my feet when the back door went. He barked twice as he dashed towards the door and then his tone changed to squeaks of delight and he wanted up for a snuggle where he stayed for ages. Rodders looked so happy to see OH, it showed in every little bit of him.

Eventually OH managed to put him down and I got a hug hello, Rodders wasn't sure about that at all and gave the odd strangled bark. OH told him not to be so stupid.

From then on Rodders followed OH everywhere he went as he pottered about doing things and didn't want to leave his side. I had a really heavy box in the car and OH went to get it for me and I thought Rodders was going to actually cry. You would have thought that OH had been away for hours rather than a few minutes by the greeting he got when he came back in the door.

I took the opportunity to go upstairs and have a bath and get dressed in peace. When I came back downstairs they were both cuddled up on the sofa. I left them to it and went outside to poop scoop so that I could check they looked OK before calling the vets with an update. Rodders didn't like me being outside without him and wanted down. He greeted me at the door squeaking.

I rang the vet and explained what I have been doing and how Rodders is. They will pass the message on to Roger and give me a call back if they need to. Him eating from two bowls is fine, as long as it works.

OH needed some help with his year end accounts which we sorted out and then I made us some lunch and then gave Rodders his in two bowls. So far, everything he has had today has stayed put which is great. We then all sat, cuddled up on the sofa, watching television for a while until it was time for OH to go. Rodders went to the gate with him and then came back when called.

Both of us are so much happier for our surprise visit!

Hmmm, wish I knew what was going on

Rodders wasn't sick again and he spent most of the afternoon and early evening playing both inside and out and really was quite lively, but he is barking a lot. I talked to OH about him and he wonders if giving him two bowls, one with kibble and one with the id diet will make a difference. I shall try this tomorrow rather than risk him being sick in the night. I did spot a mark on his fleece in his bed and wonder if he was sick in there in the night but ate it, would dogs do that? Anyway it had been washed and is hanging on the radiator to dry.

He barked for his tea and his supper and I just gave him the id diet, without any kibble. He wolfed it down as normal.

From about 8.30pm he slept on his bed pad until midnight when I woke him up to go out in the garden for a piddle.

I heard him give one bark about 3am and then he started barking for a piddle about 6.50am so I got up and came downstairs to let him out. He was very pleased to see me and wanted a fuss before being let in to the garden. The wind has got up overnight and it is blowing a gale out there and feels pretty cold.

When he came back in he was happy to come up on the sofa beside me but he wouldn't settle. His tummy seems very noisy again which isn't good. After about half an hour he wanted his breakfast so I weighed out 55g of id diet and 20g of kibble and put them in separate bowls. He wolfed down the id diet and had a little kibble before asking to go in the garden. When he came back in he ate the rest of the kibble.

He has been back in to the garden twice more and is now playing with his toys.

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

A lively puppy but

Once we were back downstairs Rodders sat with me on the sofa for a little while before I went in to the kitchen to potter about and make some lunch. He wanted to go in the garden and was out there playing for a while.

When he came back in he stood at the kitchen door and threw up. The poor thing looked at me as if to say "what happened". He watched me clear up and spray stain and odour remover about and was then quite happy to go and play with his toys.

After chasing his toys for about half an hour he wanted to come up on the sofa with me and he slept for over an hour before standing up and retching. I grabbed him and put him back on the floor and he threw up again. Again he seemed confused by what had happened and wanted to stay close to me while I cleared up and sprayed with stain and odour remover.

As soon as I had cleared up he was off playing and wanted in the garden. Once back in he went straight in to the kitchen and barked for his lunch. I have given him a small amount of the id diet without kibble and will see how we do with that. If he is sick again I may call the vets a day early.

A peaceful night

Rodders didn't make a sound until after 7am this morning. When I came down he was happy to have a fuss and then go out in to the garden for a piddle and a poo before coming in for his breakfast.

He got 75% ID Diet and 25% kibble this morning, lets hope he is OK as he wolfed it down. He was obviously hungry as he was barking like mad as I was weighing it out for him.

After another run about he was happy to come and sit up on the sofa with me and slept for another couple of hours.

We then went upstairs so that I could get washed and dressed and he found another tissue to shred.

A quiet evening, other than the barking

Rodders and I stayed home this evening.

He pottered about while I cooked myself a nice dinner and while I ate it he was being very quiet so I got up to see why. He was very happily shredding a tissue on the kitchen floor.

After dinner he was happy to come and lie down on his bed pad until it was time for his supper. He has been so hungry today that he wolfed down his tea an hour early and then supper had to be early too. Luckily he was happy to settle down for the evening after a trip to the garden and didn't want anything else to eat. He did bark intermittently through the evening though.

At 11.30pm I woke him up to go out for a piddle and then had to encourage him in to his crate for the night. Tomorrow he is allowed some kibble mixed in to his dinner, I wonder how that will go.

The barking puppy

Rodders just seems to want to bark today.

When he is hungry he stands and barks at his dish, when he gets a toy stuck he barks until I rescue it for him, he stands in the garden and barks at nothing, if he see's someone out in their garden he barks, if he hears a noise out the back he barks, he sits on his bed pad and barks, he sits on my knee and barks, he stands at the door and barks even if he doesn't want to go out.

I am not sure what this is all about but I do hope it isn't disturbing the neighbours.

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Where has the day gone?

After Rodders had eaten his lunch and had been out in the garden again I told him that I was going shopping and he was going to have to stay here and go in his bed. He wasn't happy and tried to escape but I grabbed him and popped him in there. As I walked out of the door he gave one bark but no more.

I treated myself to shopping in Waitrose for once and came home with lots of reduced goodies including stuffed pork, stuffed chicken, pork & stilton sausages, cauliflower, broccoli, tomatoes, coleslaw, potato salad, choccie biccies, baby sweetcorn, red cabbage, Mange Tout and mushrooms. I had to pay full price for some bread, apples, pate and ham though. So I shall eat well for the next few days.

When I got home Rodders started to bark as my key went in the door and didn't stop when we went in to the garden to poop scoop so I swapped coats and took him straight up to the rugby field to burn off some energy.

On the way out of Pentland we met Sue from No 1 and Rodders barked at her and pretended to be fierce until she tried to come near him when he ran behind me. She nipped back inside to get Sophie as she had brought Rodders a Christmas present. Rodders barked at Sophie too until I picked him up and stopped him. Sue and Sophie were then able to give him a fuss. We said thank you for his present and carried on our way. Rodders walked nicely to the field where I swapped leads and then let him run and run. He was having a great time and kindly stopped to poo near one of the bins. Than we had a bit of a surprise as a trial bike rode on to the field at one side, went halfway up, and then off towards the road on the other side. Rodders wasn't happy and stood to watch it. We got almost to the top of the field and it came back in from the road, all the way up towards the fence around the pitch and then back again. Rodders really wasn't sure what to make of this bike on his field and I was very glad that he was close to me when it was about. We carried on around the field and back to where we started. As I was swapping back to his normal lead I spotted a police car at the end of the road, I wonder if he is after the trials bike?

We got home and I put the shopping away while Rodders opened his present from No 1. When he got through the paper I stopped to have a look to see what he had got and found a special cracker. I pulled it for him and found a ball inside which he was very happy to play with.

It is getting dark already and I don't know where the day has gone.

Happy to be home

At 8.30am I heard from OH which woke up both Rodders and I! Although it is lovely to be away with family and loved ones there is nothing quite like your own bed.

I came down and, after a quick fuss, Rodders wanted in to the garden. He was out there ages and seemed to be digging up near the tree. I went to investigate once my tea was made and I had got his breakfast ready. He had his nose in a hole that was now cup sized. I lifted his head out and at the bottom was a huge piece of bacon rind that he was happily licking. Mean Mum that I am I had to take it off him and throw it away. He followed me back in and was happy to have his breakfast as a substitute.

He then wanted in to the garden again for a poo but didn't stay out there too long. When he came in he had a quick play with his new duck and then barked to go upstairs, when I wouldn't let him he sat chewing my slippers. After a little while he wanted up on the sofa so I put a snuggle fleece beside me and he was happy sleeping there until I went up for a shower.

He went straight up the stairs and in to the bedroom to see if OH was hiding there and then happy followed me in to the bathroom. He lay on the bath mat while I showered and then wanted out in the garden as soon as we came back downstairs.

I was watching him from the kitchen window as I made a cuppa, he just sat on the patio surveying his garden. He stayed out there for about 10 minutes and has come back in for a play with his toys.

More excitement and we are going home

Rodders was happy snoozing on his bed pad in the study but when we went through to the kitchen for lunch he followed us through and fell asleep on snuggle fleece. Once we were finished lunch it was time for his. I think he ate it because it was there, rather than because he was hungry.

We then went out in to the garden and he had a piddle and a run around before running around chasing sticks and twigs that he found.

Once we were back inside he was happy to play fetch with his toys for a little while before snoozing on his bed pad until Pete & Ailie got home. He was so fast asleep he didn't even hear the door go and they were inside before he noticed. From then on he wouldn't rest at all and was chasing about playing or following people to see what they were up to.

I left him to it and started to pack the car ready to come home. There seems to be so much with presents, clothes and puppy stuff that I did it in three stages.

We were out in to the garden for ages while I was chatting on the phone to my bestest friend. She called yesterday but didn't think I sounded very happy so rang again today to find out what was up. While we talked Rodders was running about like a lunatic, pouncing on my feet and then running away again or playing with sticks and twigs.

After he had his tea I packed the last few bits in to the car and then it was time to say goodbye to everyone and pop Rodders in to his car crate. He didn't make a sound all the way home and seemed to know where he was the minute I let him out, even though we parked at the opposite end to normal.

He wanted straight out in to the garden for a run about and a piddle and then cried to be let upstairs so that he could see if OH was hiding up there. Once he settled I left him in the lounge while I started to empty the car but he was barking so I have only done one large load.

As soon as I made a cuppa and settled on the sofa he was happy to snooze on his bed pad and I woke him when I went to make another cuppa. As he was awake I gave him his supper. As soon as he had finished his supper he was asleep again and that is where he stayed until bedtime. I fell asleep on the sofa too so It was 11.30pm before we went to bed. Rodders went out in to the garden for a piddle quite happily but then seemed to be a bit confused about where to go to bed. He stood at the end of the dresser and just looked at me when I said "in your bed" so I picked him up and put his front feet in his crate. He was happy to climb in and curl up once he realised. Maybe he is muddled up as he has spent the last three nights in his car crate.

Monday, 26 December 2011

The peace didn't last long

Rodders slept for less than an hour and then wanted in to the garden. He did have a quick piddle but he was more interested in running about playing. I eventually got him to come in but less than half an hour later he wanted out again for some more running about.

Back in again I tried to occupy him with his toys but he just kept barking intermittently. Then we moved through to the Dining Room for Dinner. Although he settled on his bed pad to start with he was soon barking again and, as soon as I had eaten, I excused myself and took him in to the garden. He was desperate for a piddle. We came back in and he still wouldn't settle until he had been given his supper. Although he is happier of 75g four times a day he seems to need the last meal earlier than I want to feed him. I would rather wait until 9pm so that he is only going 9 hours between feeds but he seems to want ti between 7.30 and 8.30pm, and the earlier the better.

Rodders then crashed out on his bed pad, only getting up to bark when my nieces boyfriend arrived. We then all moved through to the lounge so that he could open his presents. Rodders was showing some interest in the presents so I let him have one of his to open, he got most of the paper off one end before getting bored and leaving it.

We moved back in to the Dining Room to play games and Rodders stayed on his bed pad for the rest of the evening, only stirring when we started to clear away for the night.

I took Rodders in to the garden for a final piddle and we waited for everyone to finish tidying and start heading to bed before popping him in his crate for the night. Except he wouldn't settle as there were a lot of people wandering between the bedrooms and bathroom making a noise and so he started barking. I came down and managed to quieten him down after a few minutes. I had only just got in to bed when I heard another loud bark and I shot to the top of the stairs to meet Nick coming up them, he had been in to the kitchen for a glass. I stood there for a moments to see if Rodders was going to settle and there was no more noise so I went off to bed again.

I hadn't remembered to switch off my alarm and it went off at 6.30am. I thought I had got away with it but 10 minutes later Rodders was barking so I got up with him.

We went straight in to the garden and he had a piddle and a run about. Back inside Rodders had his breakfast and I made a cuppa and we played a bit of fetch before he wanted out in the garden again. He was then happy to have a bit of a snooze on his snuggle fleece until people started to get up for the day.

We had a another trip in to the garden and he just wanted to run about and play, I think he is missing the freedom of his own garden. I left him downstairs with everyone else while I got washed and dressed.

After I had eaten my breakfast I took Rodders out for a walk to see the local hunt off. He wasn't phased by the horses and seemed quite happy when the hounds were sniffing around him. There were lots of other dogs and puppy's up there for him to meet and seemed to have a great time. The only time Rodders was a bit concerned was when the hunt actually set off and the horses were trotting past us from both directions.

By the time we ambled back all of my nieces had gone out and the house was a bit quieter. It was easy to get Rodders to settle on his bed pad for a snooze. There have been so many people about for the last few days, and so much activity, he just seems to be exhausted.

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Christmas Day

Rodders woke up at 6.15am and we went straight in to the garden so he could have a piddle and then he had breakfast. We played with his ball for a while and then he settled on snuggle fleece and had a doze until everyone else got up.

We sneaked in to the lounge to check if Santa had been and there were lots of presents under the tree, I hope some of them are for us!

Once Ailie was up and dressed I left Rodders with her while I went to get myself washed and dressed in my new dress, special for Christmas Day.

As everyone started breakfast Rodders and I went in to the garden for a run around. As they were almost finished Rodders and I joined them as the bubbly was being served. It was then the to get everyone in to the lounge and hand out the Christmas presents. As family tradition dictates, we then each open a present in turn until they are all open. This takes hours as we have to stop for comfort breaks, drinks refresh and to let Rodders out for a piddle.  Eventually all presents were open and we had all been very spoilt.

Rodders opened a couple of his own presents, paying more attention to the wrapping paper than the actual present, but had to have them taken off him as they are treats and he isn't allowed them at the moment, but he did get a couple of things that he is allowed - a duck from OH that he isn't sure of and he got a ball and thrower to play in the garden or park with.

Rodders and I had a nap, curled up on the sofa together, until it was time for his lunch and then we went out for a walk so that he could have a run around and use up some of his excess energy. This was a big fail, once we came back he just wanted to run around and play so we have been in and out of the garden for long periods of time so that he can play with sticks and chase about.

He still wouldn't settle and wanted to be in the kitchen to see wheat was going on in the hope that something scrummy would be dropped. When I tried to keep him in the lounge he barked and barked at the door to be let out.

Eventually, just after 5pm I have in and gave him his tea. It would appear that he is starving as, once that was eaten, he was happy to settle on snuggle fleece and go to sleep.

I am a little sad that he won't get to eat any christmas dinner but it is better that his tummy is OK. He has now finished the anti sickness and antibiotic tablets so fingers are firmly crossed that he is OK over the next day or so.

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas Eve 2011

We all went to bed just before 1am and Rodders didn't settle. I took a lesson from OH and came down and lay by his crate stroking him through the bars saying shhhhh for a little while and he quietened down so I slipped away to bed.

I didn't hear anything until 7.10am but apparently Ailie needed the bathroom in the night and could hear Rodders moving about in his crate but he didn't make a sound. He is such a good puppy. Rodders and I went straight in to the garden so he could have a piddle. the garden here isn't secure so I am keeping him on the extendable lead. When we came back in he wanted breakfast and then we played fetch until people started to come downstairs.

I spoke to my sister this morning to check that she would be in so that I could drop off her Christmas presents on the way to Newmarket to visit friends and then got washed and dressed while Ailie kept an eye on Rodders. We headed off to Newmarket via Houghton and Rodders was making a bit of a racket to start with but eventually quietened down. Once I got to Houghton I found out why, I had forgotten to do up his crate :-(

Anyway, here we are in Houghton and my sister isn't here. I gave her a call and we seem to have a miscommunication but if I hang on for a little while she will come home. Rodders got an extra walk around the garden while we waited. We swapped presents, I admired the christmas decorations and it was time for Rodders and I to be on our way. We didn't get far before we got a call to tell us we have forgotten something and we had to turn around a go back. It is times like this that I think I am turning in to my Mum.

We set off again and made it to Newmarket. It is lovely to spend time with friends and their children,who are growing fast. They have also gained a dog this year, from a rescue centre, and it is the first time Buster and Rodders have met and it was interesting! Buster spent most of the day trying to mount Rodders and it was interesting to see Rodders reaction to this. To start with he just lay there and accepted it, as the day wore on he was fed up being pinned down and started to retaliate, by the end of the day he was saying sod off and was back on his feet quickly.

We took Buster and Rodders for a tramp across the fields which was fun, if muddy. Rodders kept stopping and I realised that he was covered in burrs. I got off as many as I could but it could be a long job to clear them all off, he is also mud up to his tummy. My God daughter told me that Rodders was the best and much better behaved than Buster! I did the right thing and told her that she should always think her dog was the best, she eventually agreed that they were equal then.

Back at theirs we chatted, ate lunch and I caught up with two of the children, the eldest was queuing for the Carol Service at Kings College with her Grandmother which is far more important than a visit from me. One of these days I am going to get found out as a bad influence on the children around me but for now I will enjoy giving them the wisdom of my life experiences and try to point them in the right direction. Today's conversations earned me a hug or two from a really lovely teenager who doesn't care that it isn't cool to be seen hugging!

The children are excited about Christmas which is lovely and wanted to know what goodies were in  my bag, shame they have to wait until tomorrow to find out but so funny watching them trying to peak without being caught. And then they were, and the big ogre (their Dad) took the bag off to be hidden.

All to soon it was time to wish them all a Merry Christmas and for Rodders and I to get back on the road.    Traffic wise, this was probably the busiest I have seen the roads on Christmas Eve. Not helped by a Double Decker on fire near Bar Hill. Flames leaping in the air and bits flying off like fireworks and landing across the other carriageways, smoke billowing and not a police car or fire engine in site yet. Bit concerned about the people stood on the verge watching it, I think I would have wanted to be a hell of a lot further away.

We got back to Oakham and after Rodders had said hello to everyone and had his tea we sat on the floor picking burrs off him. At one point I thought I was going to have to take scissors to him but, after a couple of hours of work (with some play time thrown in so he didn't get fed up with me) they all seem to be off.

We had a lovely dinner this evening, a few drinks, and are now all sat around watching a film, except for Rodders who has crashed out!

Santa will soon be here.

Friday, 23 December 2011

It's all go

We got back from the vets and I started to get everything ready to go away later in the day.

At 9.30am I popped Rodders back in to the car to nip to Puppy School to see Sam to explain that we can't do today's class as Rodders is poorly and, now I am working, we can't do the Friday class anymore so we will be back to the Saturday class in January. I also wanted to get Rodders a new choke chain. Sam checked and the only choke chain they had was a bit big for Rodders but we heeled around the room to make sure that he couldn't escape from it when it went slack. We had a chat about how he was doing and she can see how much more confident he is.

Back home I swapped jackets and put Rodders in his crate so that I could nip to Tesco as I needed some final bits to make dip - I would be sent home if I turned up at Christmas without it!

Rodders was a bit fed up of all the time I was spending in the kitchen making dip and he took himself off to his bed for a while. He was happier when I had finished and he came upstairs with me while I finished packing my bag. I started to bring down the bags of Christmas presents while he sat on the landing chewing my slipper.

He then wanted to go in the garden which meant that I could pack most of the car without worrying about him. Once he came in I took him for a quick walk around the neighbourhood while I delivered the last of the Christmas cards and then put him back in the lounge while I finished loading the car.

We managed to leave home just before 2pm and stopped at the pet shop at St Albans for some bits I had forgotten and then headed up the A1 towards Oakham. The weather was getting awful, what started as a cold morning had gone through drizzle and was now chucking it down with rain. At one point we were down  to 50mph as the spray was so bad. Then we found out that there was a problem on the A1 and we may need to divert off. Then the traffic news said the road was open and then, when we were almost beyond the point of no return, they changed their mind. Grrrr.

We found our way off the A1 and on to the A47 and got stuck behind someone that thought it was good to drive at between 35-45mph. By the time we got to Uppingham there was quite a daisy chain of frustrated drivers behind him. Luckily for me he turned left as I turned right. Three hours after setting off we eventually got to my big sisters!

While in the car I managed to talk to both my sisters and OH. Rodders wasn't bothered by that or the fact that he had been in the car for ages and he didn't make a sound all the way.

After we had said hello to my brother in law and Ailie I took Rodders in to the garden for a piddle while they emptied my car. Ailie had great fun putting all the presents under the tree and Rodders hasn't really paid them any attention at all. My sister was away having her hair done and got back about half an hour later.

I gave Rodders his tea about 5.30pm and then took him up the road for a walk and let him have a runabout on  his extendable lead. He kept getting bits of tree stuck in his legs and when this happens he just sits down until I remove it, bit difficult in the dark but we managed!

About 7.30pm my other two nieces arrived with a husband and a boyfriend. It was good to see them all together, I can't remember when that last happened. It was quite noisy and Rodders took a moment before he decided that he was happy with all these people around and then threw himself in to things and was getting lots of fuss. I made sure that everyone is aware that they cannot feed him anything because of his poorly tummy.

I tried to keep Rodders out of the kitchen while dinner preparation were afoot as he was trying to scavenge. We all sat down for dinner and Rodders was (mostly) on his snuggle fleece beside me. He did escape under the table a couple of times, I hope he didn't find anything to eat.

Once dinner was over I gave him his supper. He seems much happier of 75g and is taking a little longer to eat it.

There are so many people moving about that he found it hard to settle and probably didn't fall asleep on his bed pad until gone 10.30pm this evening. I will take him out in to the garden before bed, just not sure when that will be!

Back to the vets

OH was up with Rodders at 6am and I came down at 6.30am. Rodders hadn't had his breakfast yet so I sorted that out and then made OH some toast.

Rodders went upstairs with OH when he went for a shower and then came down with the bath mat to go in the washing machine, well he got it to the bottom of the stairs but needed help to get it any further. This is the third load of washing in 12 hours as we have done his towels and fleeces so they are clean for going away.

Once OH was ready for work we had a cuddle and said goodbye, for once Rodders seemed to be jealous and was barking at us. OH gave him a fuss too. Rodders went out to the gate with OH and came back to the patio when I called him. The little monkey then thought better of it and was heading back to the gate, luckily OH spotted him and shut the gate very quickly.

Rodders and I had a snuggle before we went upstairs so that I could get washed and dressed as we needed to head off to the vet for Rodders check up.

I am so lucky that Rodders likes going to the vets and he trots in there quite happily, barking as he goes so that everyone knows that he is there. He was very happy to see that Nicci was there but not so happy that she didn't give him any liver treats. We sat in the waiting room for a little while and then Roger called us in.

We talked through how Rodders has been over the last few days and the fact that he seems to be starving. Roger admitted that we have given him the absolute minimum to eat so he wasn't surprised by this. We weighed Rodders and he is back to 4.6k so he has lost weight over the last few days and is back where he was when we weighed him last week. Roger checked him over and seems happy with him but, because it is Christmas and we are going away, he wants to keep him on the i.d. diet until next Wednesday before re-introducing kibble slowly (75/25% on Wednesday, 50/50 Thursday and 25/75 on Friday) but if there are any signs that it is upsetting him we need to go straight back to the i.d. diet. We can also increase him to 75g per meal. And no treats at all for at least 2 weeks but, once he is back on kibble, I can use some of this to use as treats. I also need to call on Thursday to let them know how he is doing.

I mentioned his choke chain and Roger says that he would have been able to cut it off if necessary but he is obviously a growing boy and we need to get a bigger one. It iOS difficult to say how much bigger his head will get.

We left the consulting room and Rodders got lots of fuss from the girls while I was paying the bill and collecting his food. I also picked up a different slicker brush that looks like it will be gentler on him. Once we were back in the car we called OH to let him know how we got on.

A Christmas Evening with OH

On the way home from work I stopped at the little Tesco so that I could make OH one of his favourite dinners so I was a little later home than normal. OH rang as I pulled up outside the house so we had a very quick chat before I came in to see how my beautiful boy was.

Rodders was very pleased to see me, and barking as I came in the door, but desperate to go out for a piddle. He then came back in for a fuss, a play and his tea.

OH called again, he is having a great journey home so far so I started chopping things for dinner. Usually when I am chopping Rodders gets a carrot top or something but as he is on his special diet I couldn't do this. He just sat beside me barking and no amount of being told no was cutting it.

He was so busy barking he didn't even hear OH arriving home until he was actually in the back door! They had a snuggle and then went upstairs for OH to get changed. Good job as I had just had a calgon tablet crumble all over the kitchen floor and I needed to clear up before Rodders was allowed back in there!

When they came down they both went straight out in to the garden and I couldn't see what they were doing but they were up to something!

Once they were back in today's dinner of Fajita's was out on the table, OH already knew what he was getting as I had forgotten the wraps and had to send him to Tesco for them on his way home so the surprise was spoilt.

Once we had dinner we swapped Christmas cards. I got a special one from Rodders to a No1 Mum, signed with a muddy paw print, and a lovely one from OH. He always finds cards with lovely words and always manages to bring a tear to my eye, this year was no exception.

As we don't spend Christmas together we always swap presents before Christmas and tonight was the night. I was a very spoilt girl as I got Red Hunter Wellies, a grooming table for Rodders and I to use and a cool pad for my bed. Rodders also bought me a yummy box of chocolates :-) All things that I need and I am one happy girl, well maybe chocolates aren't needed but they were very much appreciated! Rodders wasn't left out and he opened a new fleece and some special dog bubbles which he and OH played with straight away, Rodders seemed to like them! He also has some more presents to open on Christmas day.

Once all the presents had been unwrapped OH set up the grooming table in the passage for me while I sorted out the wrapping paper and cleared up the rubbish.

Rodders then got put up on the grooming table so that  could comb him through before giving him his first bath  at home as we want him clean and lovely for Santa. I also trimmed his bottom to make him a bit more hygienic. It is important that he has all tangles removed before he is wet as this makes them impossible to remove.

OH and I took him up to the bathroom and I made sure that we had everything we needed to hand before getting the temperature right on the shower head. OH tried to take off Rodders choke chain but it would appear it is now too small to come over his head so we had a bit of a panic, worst case scenario we would have to ask the vets to cut it off in the morning.

We put Rodders in the bath and I soaked all his body before shampooing him and rinsing him off. I then moved on to his head and he really didn't like this bit and was trying to escape from the bath. OH was doing a sterling job of keeping him in there and calm. He also managed to get the choke chain off, yippee!

Once all the soap was out OH picked Rodders up in a towel and brought him downstairs to dry him off a bit whilst playing. I followed them down with the hair drier and Rodders got put back on the grooming table to get him dry and make sure he looks smart. He wasn't so sure about this bit and OH had to keep hold of him while I dried. We then swapped over and OH was using the slicker to fluff up Rodders legs as we dried. He really does dry quite quickly. The last bit was to try and cut the hair between his pads. I managed to get his front feet done but he was a bit fed up by the time I got to his back feet so we gave up for the night, it is not worth upsetting him if we don't have to and they can wait for another day.

We found Rodders puppy collar and OH extended it so I can use that until I get to training school to buy a bigger chile chain.

After a busy evening it was time to sit down, relax and watch a bit of TV before bed. Rodders came up on the sofa with me until I got too warm and moved him to the bed pad.

Another day at work

Rodders and I were up at 6.30am and, he was soon barking for his breakfast, after he had been out for a piddle.

He was quite cuddly so I was late going for a shower which meant that he only got a quick walk around the block. When it was time for me to go to work he went in to his crate without too much trouble, this really is amazing when he isn't getting any treats.

I spent the morning going through the last bits of my handover with Debbie and then came home for lunch. Rodders was very pleased to see me and was barking by the time I came through the lounge door. He wasn't in any rush to go out in to the garden but did have a piddle eventually. I gave him his lunch and opened the post while I ate it. We then had a play of fetch and a snuggle before it was time for me to go back to work. He wasn't happy about going back in the crate and needed encouraging in. He sat with his back to me as I locked it and gave two barks and a whine as I walked away from the house, I couldn't hear him by the time I got to the car.

We had a slow afternoon and when it was time for me to come home Debbie, the lady I am taking over from, told me that she would be happy to puppy sit whenever I need her to. She lost her Cocker Spaniel, Eric, earlier this year and already looks after a couple of dogs for her friends. Is this the home from home I have been looking for?

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

A better day

OH got up with Rodders this morning so I got a bit of a lie in. He sent Rodders up to wake me just before 6.30am and I came down for my cuppa and to give Rodders his breakfast. I then threw on my dog walking clothes just before OH left for work. Rodders didn't go out to the gate to say goodbye to OH this morning, he stood and watched from the patio until he heard the car go.

It is wet and miserable this morning so our walk was mainly on the roads on the estate with a short time on the very muddy and soggy rugby field.

I then had to wash and change for work. Rodders is such a good puppy but he doesn't understand why I am not giving him any treats and so he wouldn't walk in to his crate as normal and I had to lift him in. He still didn't make a sound.

At lunchtime I managed to get home, give Rodders a fuss, get him outside in the garden for a piddle, give him his lunch, make a cuppa and some toast for me, poop scoop the garden, give OH an update, play fetch with Rodders and put him back in his crate to be back at work in 45 minutes!

Tonight when I got home Rodders was more like his usual self and started to bark when he saw me. After a very quick fuss he wanted in to the garden for a long piddle and then went in to the kitchen to bark for his tea! After he had eaten and we had played for a little I went up to change and Rodders was running off with slippers and stealing socks from the laundry. OH called on his way to his hotel for the night and was pleased to hear that Rodders is feeling better and getting in to mischief.

I ate my tea while Rodders played on his own with his toys and then tried to keep him occupied as he kept going in to the kitchen and barking for food. When toys didn't seem to be working and he didn't want to be up on my knee or in the garden I put on my coat and his lead and we went out for a tramp around the streets for a little while.

I gave Rodders his supper at 8.30pm and after a trip to the garden he was happy to settle down next to me on the sofa. He wasn't too fussed when OH face timed us to say goodnight, after a quick listen and a glance he settled back down to sleep! It won't be too long before we go to bed.

Sorry for being missing in action

Yesterday was quite a day and it started early.

OH got up with Rodders and woke me almost straight away to say that he had been sick in his bed. I came down as he was trying to clear it up but it was obvious that the bed pad was going to have to go in the washing machine as it was covered in undigested rice, he had also wet it. Rodders seemed OK, if a little sorry for himself, he still wanted to play and spend time in the garden. I took him for a quick walk up the rugby field and he was happy enough running about.

He was also hungry so, rather than chicken and rice which he A) didn't seem to be enjoying or B) fully digesting I gave him the smallest handful of kibble I could. He wolfed it down.  He also wanted a carrot top while I was peeling vegetables ready to go in the slow cooker later.

When OH went off to work he wanted to go out to the gate as usual and came back when I called him.

I spoke to OH in the car after I had got ready for work and he reassured me that Rodders would be fine. I was concerned about him not having any water so while I was chatting I was googling for a water bowl that we can fit to the crate. I found one on Amazon and ordered it straight away, it should be here in a couple of days.

I was worried about leaving him to go to work but he seemed happy enough to go in to his crate with the other bed pad and some treats. I couldn't wait to get home at lunchtime and he was quiet when I walked in the door until he spotted me when he started squeaking. He had been sick again and had tried not to do it on his bed so it was mainly on the floor outside the crate. I took him in to the garden for a piddle and so I could check his poo from this morning - loose but not too runny. When we came back in I cleaned up the sick and turned the bed pad over as the first one wasn't yet dry and rang OH to let him know. He suggested I called the vets for advice.

I chatted to the vets and they brought his check up forward from tomorrow to tonight which would mean leaving work earlier, not the best thing during my first week but it can't be helped. The vet also suggested that I gave him a very small meal as they don't recommend starving puppies, and to make sure he still had water available.

I came off the phone and made him up a small amount of chicken and rice. The little monkey ate the chicken and left most of the rice. I managed to squeeze his water bowl in to the crate and Rodders drank from it straight away. He still wanted to play and have a fuss.

I also managed to put tonights dinner in the slow cooker but had to forego lunch as I just didn't have time, good job I had a bag of crisps earlier!

I had to leave him and go back to work and, the little star that he is, he went back in to his crate without any problems.

After finishing work at 4.30 I came straight home to find that he had been a little sick again and had managed to get most of it outside his crate. After clearing up and letting him in to the garden for a piddle I threw the bed pad in the washing machine and we went off to the vets. Luckily the bed pad washed earlier was dry so could go in to the car crate.

Rodders was his usual self in the vets and wanted to talk to everyone that was there. When I made him sit and wait he just barked his please let me play bark! After about 5 minutes we got called in to see the vet and he was very thorough and asked lots of questions as he was examining Rodders. He also weighed him and he is now 4.9k, so he has put on weight in the last week. He told me that his tummy was very noisy, so obviously upset about something. Again Rodders had to have the anti sickness injection and we have come away with more in tablet form for the next 4 days, more antibiotics and some special dog food. He isn't allowed anything else, no treats, no carrots, just this and water and he needs to be checked over again on Friday, earlier if I am worried. I am also to wait at least an hour before giving him anything to make sure the anti sickness injection works. We sat in the waiting room while they got the medicine and food ready and then paid the bill. Rodders was playing with one of the members of staff that he knows from puppy party, trying to attack her feet under the desk!

I rang OH, who was on his way home, as soon as we got out the vets to let him know how we got on. We are both so worried about the little fella.

Once home we put the 2nd bed pad on the bathroom radiator to dry and sat and had a snuggle until OH was home. After giving Rodders a fuss we needed to go shopping so that OH could get Rodders some Christmas presents. We had a great time in Pets at Home, Rodders loves it in there and OH hasn't brought him any presents before so he went a little nuts! This really is one spoilt puppy!

We also stopped at the little Tesco to grab some bits for dinner. I left Rodders and OH in the car and came out to find them in the Car Park. OH needed to use the hole in the wall so we walked him around a little before putting him back in the crate.

As Rodders has been poorly on both bed pads he was allowed his new bed early. OH took the labels off and put it in the crate. It is a very posh bed pad with a fleece topper that attaches with press studs and OH also bought a spare topper. It is exactly the right size for the crate and Rodders seems to like it.

I gave Rodders his antibiotic and measured out the special food. he is to have 50 grammes, 4 times a day. It looks such a little amount in his bowl. He was obviously hungry as it disappeared in seconds.

Oh went upstairs to do his Christmas wrapping as I finished off dinner. Rodders was running between us and seemed to be helping OH with his wrapping from the comments I could hear! I shouted for him to come down as I put dinner on the table. Rodders pottered about as we ate. Once we were finished OH went back up to finish wrapping and I cleared the table.

When we were all done OH played with Rodders for a while before I gave him his 2nd feed and then we settled down to watch some TV before bed.

Rodders had been in and out the garden all evening and went out again with me before bed. It was hard putting him in his crate without any treats but he didn't complain. He is such a good puppy.

Monday, 19 December 2011

Rodders loves OH

When OH got home tonight Rodders had just settled down after running around like a lunatic since I got home from work.

As soon as he heard the back door go he went flying towards it barking, this soon changed to squeaks of delight and he was desperate to get up for a snuggle. OH had been in the car a while and needed the bathroom but Rodders wasn't having any of it, he was getting his snuggle first whatever!

Snuggle and bathroom visit over OH needed to go back out to empty the car but Rodders wanted up again and was snuggled in to OH's chest. After a few minutes I took Rodders from him so that he could get back outside. Rodders stayed in my arms for a whole two minutes and then started to wriggle and made it clear he wanted down. He then ran straight to the back door and wanted to go out and find OH but I couldn't let him until the gate shut. Rodders kept making a strange strangulated bark and was getting more agitated as I said wait. As soon as the gate was shut I let him out and he ran to OH and then danced his way around OH's feet back to the door.

He and OH then went upstairs so that OH could get changed and, if you saw the earlier post, you will see that Rodders brought both of his slippers down at the same time.

While all this was going on I was trying to make dinner, shame I forgot the garlic bread was in the oven as the rest of dinner was fine! Rodders also got a little more chicken and rice as he had wolfed down the last lot.

After dinner OH made a cuppa as I cleared up and then it was time for some boy time. They played fetch for a while and then OH lay down on the floor so Rodders could jump all over him - they seem to love doing this. Eventually Rodders climbed on top of him for a rest.

I think that the feeling is mutual!

Have I mentioned?

Rodders seems to love his toy box, he even out his own toys away! He also loves to sit, lie or stand in it while selecting his next toy!

He is also a little star when it comes to tablets. He eats them straight out of my hand like treats, so much easier than trying to force him to swallow them after I have thrown them down the back of his throat! As he is so good he gets a cube of cheese to follow.

He has always loved our slippers, doesn't matter if they are mine or OH's, he is quite happy to walk around with one in his mouth and will confidently come down stairs with it (and up occasionally!). Tonight OH called me to come quick, and there was Rodders half way down the stairs with both of OH's slippers in his mouth at the same time. By the time I had grabbed the camera he had made it to the conservatory with them.

Afternoon shift

I managed to concentrate on work for the afternoon and IT came up to sort out my computer. I managed to start finding my way around it on my own so it can't be too hard!

Looking at some of the spreadsheets they use I think there will need to be some basic macro's and look up tables done to make life easier.

It was soon 5pm and time to go home. As soon as I walked in the door Rodders started barking and I let him out the crate for a quick fuss and then we both went out in to the garden. To say he was desperate for a piddle is an understatement! I didn't think he was ever going to stop.

Once back inside he just wanted up for a snuggle and wouldn't stop licking me and nestling in to me. He didn't want to play or anything. Eventually he was happy to go down and  started to sniff his bowl so I made his supper. After he had eaten a little he asked to go in the garden and then wanted to play.

Pat next door rang the bell to drop off a delivery and said that they didn't hear him at all today but he did howl when we went out last Thursday.

OH called to say he is on his way home but it could be a while as the traffic is awful and he needs to pick up an ebay purchase on route. I just need to know when he is 30 minutes from home so that I can prepare dinner!

Rodders has been running about playing and getting up to mischief, stopping briefly for a drink and a bit more supper. He did also try to get at one of the Christmas Tree ornaments but did stop when asked. He has also been upstairs with me when I went to get changed and was trying to bite the trousers I took off and the trackie bottoms I out on before running off with a slipper!

He is now in his toy box playing!

What am I like!

So everything went to plan, puppy walked, me showered, hair dry and dressed for work. It was very frosty and we were lucky not to slip over on the paths and patio this morning. Rodders also ate most of his chicken and rice.

When it came to telling Rodders that I needed to go to work and he had to stay here I was in tears :-( Soppy cow that I am! He didn't seem bothered and went straight in his crate for treats - he had been out to the garden for a piddle 5 minutes before.

So off I went for my first day and met with HR for a brief induction before being handed over to my Manager and then the girl I am replacing. By the end of the morning I had two pages of notes and things were starting to make sense. It does seem a bit of a disjointed system with some things being done manually but I am sure I will get to grips with it.

By lunchtime I was getting twitchy about Rodders and couldn't wait to get him, thank goodness it is less than 5 minutes away! I shouldn't have been worried, he was quiet when I came in the door and didn't make a sound until I spoke. He then started squeaking and was desperate to get out of the crate for a fuss. As soon as he had been given a fuss I took him in to the garden for a piddle before making a cuppa and heating and eating my lunch. While waiting for things to cool down we were playing fetch with the ball. Lunch eaten (Rodders finished this mornings Chicken and Rice), I popped Rodders lead on and we went out in to the rain to deliver the Christmas Cards around Pentland. Rodders then had another run around in the garden before it was time to pop him back in his crate for the afternoon. This time I gave him a big chew along with his normal treats.

Sunday night/Monday morning

Rodders played throughout most of the evening which is unusual but did settle on his bed pad eventually. At one point he asked to go out in to the garden three times in less than half an hour!

At bed time he didn't want to go out and tried to go straight in to his bed so I carried him out and put him on the grass. After a stretch he did go and have a piddle before almost running back in to go to his bed and wait for his treats while I locked up and switched out lights.

There wasn't a peep out of him until 5am this morning when he could hear the ADT van. It is a really frosty morning and it would seem that the guy had just left it running to defrost and Rodders wasn't happy with that so was barking. He was still a tired puppy and he didn't want to go in the garden so he and I settled on the sofa for another hour.

He heard another vehicle running and started to bark again but I was able to quieten him down by saying shh.

Once I got off the sofa he was happy to potter about playing and he asked to go in to the garden at about 6.15. I made a cuppa and sorted out his breakfast while he was outside.

The plan for this morning is to have my cuppa,  throw on my dog walking gear and take him up the rugby field before coming home for a shower. This is going to be my first morning at work, wonder how Rodders will react!

Sunday, 18 December 2011

We now have a little horror!

Rodders was having a quiet snooze on the sofa with me and then we got two interruptions. The first one was a christmas card being delivered and Sophie knocked incase Roders ate post, the second was Kevin and Polo coming to visit us.

Polo and Rodders have met before and they seemed to get on OK again today. Except someone piddled on the floor, not sure who :-( It was quite a big puddle and I am not convinced it was Rodders. I made Kev and I a cuppa and we sat nattering while Rodders chased Polo about and asking him to play. When Polo got fed up with being batted with a paw and teased by him I put his Rodders lead on and tried to make him sit. He threw a complete tantrum and was trying to bite me so he got severely checked. I then managed to get him to lie down and stood on the lead so he couldn't get up. He lay at my feet making play with me noises but at least he stayed down.

Once they left Rodders had the devil in him. He was running around getting in to mischief as I was trying to tidy up all the wrapping paper stuff and then I found him sitting in his toy box. At least that was keeping him quiet! He then decided to throw all his toys out of the toy box and the conservatory floor was covered, this is one spoilt puppy! I hope he doesn't get too many more for Christmas or we will be looking for a new, bigger, toy box.

As I cooked dinner he was under my feet in the kitchen waiting to see if anything dropped. He then asked for his dinner, the first time in ages, so he must be feeling better. He has eaten most of it too.

There are now fireworks going off and so he is barking at them. I think I have just managed to distract him as he has gone back to his toys.

Poor puppy, not getting too much attention

Rodders was in the garden barking so I went out to see why and he was talking to Bob and Pat next door over the fence. They had been away for the night and were just getting back and tell me the roads are very slippy.

Once Rodders came in we went upstairs so that I could get washed and dressed and then we went straight out for a walk. This is the first time that Rodders has been on the rugby field in days and he loved it! As usual I swapped to the extendable lead while we were on the field as it gives him some freedom to run and play. He loves to lag behind and them come running past me but I also made sure that he would actually come back to me, rather than keep on running and I got him to wait for me to catch up with him a couple of times. He kindly pooped near the bin which was handy! We also had two short flurries of snow so it really is flipping cold!

After we left the rugby field OH rang to check how we were and I was still chatting to him when I spotted Nicky & John from across the road. They wanted to say hello to Rodders so I hung up on OH so that I could stop and chat. They have spotted Roders and I leaving home a few times and think that he is walking beautifully on the lead and they also think that he has grown a lot in the last few weeks. We parted company and Rodders and I carried on home to get in the warm.

Back inside Rodders ate some more of his chicken and rice while I made a cuppa. I then got ready for the last of the Christmas wrapping marathon. Rodders wasn't too impressed when he saw what I was doing and he has mooched about playing with his toys or in the garden on his own most of the time. He did take offence to one of the gift bags and was trying to bite it and he has tried getting rubbish out the bin. When he has done this I have stopped to play fetch for a little while to try and alleviate his boredom. The next thing he tried to chew was on of OH's presents, luckily I caught him before he did any damage.

Just as I was on the final few bits one of my friends rang to check that I was going to do my traditional visit on Christmas Eve which I am. They have invited me for lunch and know that Rodders will be coming too. It will be good to catch up and see their children, especially the youngest as she is my goddaughter!

As soon as I finished wrapping I came and sat on the sofa so that I could watch the Show Jumping from Olympia. My bestest friend and I used to go every year until she moved to America. We started off in the cheap seats for one performance and ended up taking the week off work and going to every performance with members tickets!

Rodders is very happy that I have sat down at last and he is snuggled up beside me. Must think about something to eat soon, haven't had anything yet although I did spot that Rodders has cleared his bowl.

Another good night! But he has found the Christmas Tree

At 11.30pm it was time for bed. When I told Rodders he got up from the bed pad by the sofa and moved in to his crate. No way was he going to go out in to the garden. I locked up, switched out the lights, gave him his treats and said goodnight.

Not a peep out of him, even when I needed to use the bathroom at 2am but I did try to be very quiet. I woke up at 6.45am and came downstairs. Rodders was very pleased to see me and was happy to come out of his crate for a fuss and soon wanted out in to the garden for a piddle and a poop.

Once back in he wanted to come up on the sofa with me and slept for another two hours. When he woke up he wanted to play with his toys and then I spotted that he has managed to get a decoration off the tree. It got taken away from him with a firm no and out back. He tried to get it again and was told no.

I let him play while I got his breakfast and next few meals ready and he came in to the kitchen with me after a little while to see what I was doing, chopping up chicken. He was squeaking so I threw some kibble down for him, just a small handful. I put his breakfast down and he has eaten a little chicken and rice.

We then got the comb out and groomed him. He hasn't been done for a few days and is a little knotty so we didn't do all of him in one go, we will go back to it later. He got a treat for being a good boy and has now gone back to playing. He was spotted trying to get at the Christmas Tree but came away when asked.

A good evening

Rodders was happy to play as I wrapped more christmas presents and he was in and out the garden for a while. He has eaten two full bowls of chicken and rice over the day and has hand a couple of handfuls of kibble but he doesn't seem to be drinking much.

I have taken chicken out the freezer to defrost and more rice has been cooked, brown rice this time so I hope he likes it.

Rodders has shown a bit more interest in the Christmas Tree but is coming away when asked.

Late in the evening, when I was still wrapping he was asleep on the bed pad by the sofa and then moved to his crate. About 10pm he asked to go out in the garden for a piddle.

The good news is that I only have a few more presents to wrap tomorrow and then we are done Do need to write the last of the Christmas cards though. About 10.30 I stopped for the night and he came out of his crate on to the bed pad by the sofa until bedtime.

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Shopping, wrapping, playing

While Rodders was being dopey I took the opportunity to go and finish my Christmas shopping and to post a parcel. He was happy to go in his crate once he knew that treats were on offer and he was quiet when I left.

He was on his own for over two hours and was still quiet when I got back, he didn't make a noise until he could actually see me as I came in and put the shopping down first. He then started squeaking and I let him out of his crate for a fuss and we went straight in to the garden so he could have a piddle.

We both had some lunch and then he started to play as I was wrapping presents. Every now and again I would stop and give him a fuss or throw one of his toys for him to fetch and he seemed quite happy with that. When I had a break earlier he was sat on my lap and the show jumping from Olympia was on the TV. Rodders was so funny, he was making a funny barking noise as he watched them like he wanted to play! He then turned around to face me and was climbing up me, I have no idea where he was trying to go or what he wanted to do but it was very sweet. When I went back to wrapping he was happy playing in the conservatory or out in the garden.

After wrapping another three people's presents I stopped for a while to watch a bit of TV and Rodders fell asleep on my lap before being transferred to his bed pad at my feet.

Wow, what a good night and morning.

Rodders was fast asleep in his crate at midnight when I decided it was time to go to bed so I had to wake him up to go out for a piddle. He went all stiff legged on me and so I carried him out in to the garden and put him on the grass. He sat there for a second, had a stretch and then wandered off for a piddle. He then came straight back in and went to his bed and sat there while I locked up, switched out lights and got his treats ready. I shut him in the crate and went upstairs.

I slept through until 8am and there wasn't a sound from Rodders as I got up, used the bathroom and came downstairs. He was a very sleepy boy as I opened the crate and after a fuss went and lay down on the snuggle fleece by the radiator. Gradually he woke up and after I had made a cuppa asked to go in to the garden. He was out there for ages and had a piddle and a poop before going off to play.

By the time he had come in I had almost sorted out his chicken and rice but I had put it in the microwave to warm it a little and it was now too hot. I threw down a small handful of kibble and he wolfed that down. When I put the chicken and rice down he didn't seem interested to start with until I put a bowl of kibble beside it - he picked the chicken and rice!

After eating some of his breakfast he wanted to play with his toys for a while until I went upstairs to get washed and dressed. He came too and was happy to play in the bathroom and then sit on the bed.

Once we were back downstairs I popped his lead on and grabbed my coat so that we could walk up to the post box at the shops with the first batch of Christmas cards. It had started to rain a little but that didn't deter us. He was walking really nicely on the lead until we spotted another dog and he wanted to say hello. It was  a two year old poodle/bichon cross who seemed very friendly. They had a good sniff at each other and a little play before we parted company.

He was sitting and waiting as we stopped to cross roads and the only thing that seemed to spook him was a lady at the bus stop with an umbrella.

Back home he needed drying off with his towel as he was soaking and he then wanted to play so we got his ball out and played fetch for a while. He then wanted to attack the Christmas Tree but did stop with a very firm no. He has had this mornings tablet in a little lump of cheese and has eaten more chicken and rice.

I made another cuppa and came to sit down and he wanted up on my lap. Once he settled and fell asleep I moved him and snuggle fleece on to his bed pad at my feet. He seemed a little shivery so I have wrapped snuggle fleece around him.

Friday, 16 December 2011

Rodders doesn't like wrapping

I started to wrap the christmas presents after dinner this evening and Rodders wasn't very impressed.

First of all I went upstairs to move the presents I sorted last night so that I could get to the wrapping paper. Rodders decided he wasn't coming upstairs but as I was so long he came up to see what was going on. I brought the paper down and stood at the dining table and started to wrap the first bag of presents. To start with Rodders lay on a snuggle fleece by the lounge radiator, then he moved to the bed pad by the sofa and eventually in to his crate as that was as close to me as he could get.

I have been back upstairs to get another bag of presents to wrap and he stayed where he was, or I thought he did, but I have spotted a piddle on the door mat :-( It is now in the washing machine for the 2nd time this week.

I have now wrapped three people's gifts and think that is enough for tonight. I have just had a drink and we will be heading off to bed shortly.

Did I bring a different puppy home?

Since we got back from the vets Rodders has been playing much more than he has done since Wednesday. He has been chasing his toys and playing fetch, trying to eat the Christmas Tree, jumping on me, chewing the door mat, he has been in and out of the garden and came back soaked one time and covered in mud another and generally up to mischief! It is like I brought a different puppy home and so much nicer than the sad one of the last few days.

OH has called to check how he is doing and then again to say he is on his way home from work. We won't see him until Monday now :-(

I have checked the freezer and we have two more bags of cooked chicken so I have taken another one out to defrost ready for tomorrow, which means that I only need to cook up some more rice for him.

As I am typing Rodders has settled down on a snuggle fleece for a rest.

A quiet day and a visit to the vet

Rodders was very quiet today and hardly left his bed pad or my side other than to go out in to the garden for a piddle. By lunchtime he had eaten some chicken and rice and had drunk a little but he really wasn't playing like normal. He didn't even want to come upstairs with me.

I needed to go out waxing and shopping so I let him in the garden for a piddle and then popped him in his crate with a treat. I was out for almost three hours and he was happy to see me back.

We went out in to the garden so he could have a piddle and then it was time to go back to the vets for his check up. He wasn't happy to go out on his lead to the car but once we got to the vets he was very happy to trot in there. While we were in the waiting room we saw a cat and then a chocolate labrador. Rodders had been sitting nicely until the lab came in and then he wanted to play with it. He was making so much noise with his come play with me bark that I eventually asked the owners if he could say hello. They agreed and the dogs had a good sniff of each other. Rodders was then happy to come back and sit beside me.

Rachel called us in and we talked through how the last day has been. I said that he was still quite quiet and sleepy but had drunk all the rehydration salts and more than 2 bowls of chicken and rice. She checked him over and he is no longer dehydrated which is good and heart and temperature are still good.

To be on the safe side she wants him to have antibiotics twice daily for five days and to stay on chicken and rice until she sees him again on Wednesday, just because she wants to be a bit cautious and make sure he is better by christmas. Once she gives him the OK we can gradually swap him back to kibble.

We went back to the waiting room to wait for his tablets and another bill and there were two more cats in there, one was making quite a lot of noise so I managed to get Rodders to sit behind them. He only made a bit of a squeak, much better than the barking earlier.

We got called forward to pay the bill and pick up the tablets and we were on our way out the door. Rodders was quite happy to walk back to the car and go in his crate.

In the toy box

Rodders Christmas Lunch - direct from the US!

The first taste of snow

At bedtime I sent Rodders out in to the garden for a final piddle and then he climbed in to the crate. There wasn't a peep out of him until he heard OH's alarm go off.

OH came downstairs and tried to get Rodders to go out for a piddle but Rodders stuck his nose out, saw this funny white stuff falling from the sky and decided he wasn't having any of it. At that point OH decided that this was something I shouldn't miss so shouted up to me.

I came down and tried to get Rodders to go out but he wouldn't stick anything more than his nose out! I dashed back upstairs to get some shoes and I walked in to the garden and Rodders followed me. He had a quick piddle and a poo and wandered about sniffing the snow before we headed back indoors.

I had been having problems sending the paperwork back to the agency so OH was trying to do that for me and so I got his breakfast ready, I then realised that I needed to get washed and dressed quickly as I have to go with OH so that he can drop me off to get my car.

OH had a shower and got dressed with Rodders help. He seems to have worked out the difference between play clothes and work clothes and once OH started to put on his suit Rodders sat down and watched instead of playing and trying to tug his clothes.

OH and Rodders came back downstairs and he went out to load the car. I got my coat on and slipped on Rodders lead and carried Rodders out to the car. He wasn't sure about being in the front on my knee and shook all the way down the town, luckily it is only a 5 minute journey. I am really happy that he would rather be in his care crate as he is so much safer in there.

Back home Rodders had a piddle on his way in from the car and was happy to settle indoors on his bed pad. He has been there ever since and so I have been able to catch up with the blog and make some phone calls.

A celebration!

To say congratulations on getting the new job and Happy Christmas OH wanted to take me out for dinner to our favourite restaurant to celebrate. Having heard how awful I sounded on the phone he wasn't sure if this was going to happen.

Once he came in and saw that I was feeling better he nipped out to the car for a change of clothes. Rodders was distraught at being left inside as OH hadn't said goodbye to him and he sat at the door barking and whinging. As soon as I spotted that OH was back in the garden and the gate was shut I let him Rodders out  and he was so happy to be chasing OH up the path.

The ironing people called in to collect my ironing and wanted to see Rodders so I brought him to the door for a fuss, he also had a sneaky bark at someone passing by.

We both went upstairs to get changed and Rodders realised that we were probably going out and leaving him behind. Once back downstairs he did come out in to the garden for a piddle and then came back in and was encouraged in to his crate with some treats.

I drove us down to the restaurant and we had a lovely meal with a bottle of wine before getting a cab back. It was so nice to see Alberto again, he always looks after us.

As the cab dropped us back home and we were walking up the path we could hear Rodeders barking. We got inside and let him out of the crate and he was desperate to get out in to the garden for a piddle.

I made a cuppa and then left Rodders and OH downstairs playing while I went to sort out the Christmas presents. Rodders ate more of his chicken and rice and had another drink. OH also gave his beard a wash, all this chicken and rice had made it a bit sticky. OH and I then had to make the bed and Rodders came up to help.

I don't feel well now :-(

All afternoon I had been feeling rough and I had already taken a migralieve but I was still feeling awful.

As soon as my friend left Rodders was happy playing and I needed to get myself on to the sofa for a sleep. As I lay down I called him to me and he came up on the sofa and gave me a wash. Once he realised that I wasn't up to playing he climbed over my legs and settled down between my thighs, knees and calves.

The little star that he is Rodders stayed there and didn't move even when the phone went for OH to say he was on his way and he didn't make a sound until OH arrived. Then he was desperate to get off the sofa and get to him so I lifted him down on to the floor. He was soon jumping up OH wanting a fuss and a snuggle.

Once I got up and started moving around I felt much better. Rodders seemed to be too, he was playing with OH and he asked for more to eat. He didn't eat too much of the chicken and rice but he did drink quite a lot so I topped his bowl up with more rehydrating salts.

Getting better

Over the course of the day Rodders was improving and I found him sitting in his toy box at one point! The length of time he was playing was getting longer and the sleeping was getting shorter so it is obvious that he is feeling better. A combination of the treatment by the vet, chicken and rice and drinking probably.

My only concerning moment was when he dragged his teddy across the floor and then whimpered as he let him go. He just sat there and looked at me so I called him over and brought him up on to my lap. As soon as he fell asleep I popped him back on his bed pad.

One of my friends called in for a cuppa and to drop some goodies off for me. When the doorbell went Rodders didn't move off the bed pad. She came in and crouched down on the floor and miraculously Rodders got up and crept towards her and let her fuss him. As I made a cuppa for us both he was quite happy wandering between us and when we settled down for a natter he just wanted to chew her shoe laces! I managed to distract him with some toys for a while but then he went back to the laces so we had to try again with another toy, this was a bit more successful.

All too soon it was time for her to go and Rodders came to the door to say goodbye.

After the vet

Rodders spent most of the day asleep on his bed pad or snuggle fleece, getting up to play for a little while and then having another snooze. When I went upstairs for anything he didn't want to come with me so I know that he isn't right. He didn't even react to the doorbell and he hasn't wanted to go out in to the garden for very long, just did what he had to do and then came back in.

Gradually he started to improve and when I made a cuppa I threw some kibble on the floor which he happily chased and ate.

I had chicken out on the side defrosting and I made him some rice. By about 2pm he was asking for something to eat so I had to try and cool the cooked rice down quickly by spreading it out on a big plate. Once cool it was mixed with the chicken and sprinkled some of the rehydrating salts on it and I put it down for him. He wolfed it down.

I mixed the rest of the rehydrating salts with water and swapped it for the plain water in his bowl. He has started to drink this too.

I have another job!

In the middle of worrying about Rodders I also had to focus on me.

I already have one temp job that I am supposed to be starting on Monday and I was interviewed yesterday for another one that also starts on Monday so I need to know quickly if I am to let anyone down. I had hoped to hear very early this morning and when I hadn't heard anything by 9.15am I called the agency. They had already dropped them an email and were going to call them by 10am if there hadn't been an answer.

At 10.20am the first agency called to ask why I hadn't returned the paperwork so I had to explain my position. They understood that I would have to go with the better paid and longer term contract if I got it and asked me to let them know as quickly as I could.

As I put the phone down on them it went again and it was the second agency. The job is mine if I want it but they can't get me the hourly rate I wanted. I had to agree to drop by £1 an hour so not the end of the world.

I rang OH to let him know and sent a text to my sisters & nieces. Everyone seems very happy for me :-)

I also had to ring agency one to let them know that to was good news for me and bad news for them. I also asked them to pass on my apologies to the 1st company, I really hate letting people down especially this late on.

Poorly boy

Rodders just wanted to be beside me or on me all morning and just wasn't himself. I had checked his mouth and it looked a little pale to me. I also poop scoopped the garden while he was out for a piddle to check what his poo is like. We have two huge piles that are a little looser than normal but not too bad.

At 11.20am I rang the vets for some advice and because he isn't drinking or eating and is so young they advised me to bring him down for them to check him over.

I gave OH a quick ring to let him know and we went straight down. Rodders was happy to be out on his lead and didn't whinge in the car. As soon as we got to the vets he started to bark to make sure that they knew he was there and had the liver treats ready!

We had only sat down for a few minutes when Rachel the vet called us in. She hadn't seen Rodders since his first jab and thought that he had grown in to a very handsome boy and is in good condition :-) We talked through when he had last eaten and drank, his demeanour and when he was sick and what it was like.

Rachel checked his mouth and agreed that he was a little dehydrated and showed me how to check - if his gums are sticky to the touch. Luckily it isn't so bad that they need to put him on a drip. She then checked his eyes and moved on to his tummy, he was fine to start with but as she got towards the back he really wasn't very happy and turned to look at her quite sharply with a little whimper though - no aggression at all. Rachel then popped him on the floor to weigh him and it was a bit tricky to make him stay still on the scales until I told him to sit. He weighs 4.65 kilograms so he has lost a little since Nicci weighed him at puppy party an couple of weeks ago. She also checked his heart and temperature - both normal.

Rachel decided that he is definitely a little under the weather and has a sore tummy so she decided to give him two injections, an anti sickness one that lasts for 24 hours which will stop him being and feeling sick and an antibiotic. As she left the consulting room to get them he started to bark and when she came back I explained that he is looking for Nicci and his liver treats!

Apparently they aren't very nice as one is quite thick and the other a bit stingy. I held him facing me and fussed him as she did them and he was so good, he didn't really like the thick one but didn't even flinch for the stingy one.

As he was so good Rachel rewarded him with some liver treats and there was no problem eating them! Rachel wants to see him again tomorrow and agrees that Chicken and Rice is exactly the right thing to be feeding him, she also wants him to have water with rehydrating salts in - I already have some of these as he didn't need them the last time she prescribed them.

We went back to reception and Sam from puppy school was there. She was surprised to see Rodders and gave him a fuss as we chatted about what was wrong and I explained that we would probably have to miss puppy school this week which she understood. We booked an appointment for 4.15pm tomorrow and paid our bill for today - £60. And don't tell Rodders, but we got him some liver treats to put away for Christmas!

Once back home Rodders went in to the garden for a piddle and then settled down on his bed pad for a snooze.

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Wednesday night/Thursday morning

Once we got home from puppy party Rodders settled himself in to his crate for a snooze, after trying a snuggle fleece and the other bed pad, while we ate dinner. In fact he didn't move from there all evening, even when OH went and lay down on the floor, and I had to get him out of there to go for a piddle at bed time. He went straight back in there and was happy to have treats once I locked up and switched out lights.

Rodders was silent when we went to bed and didn't even make a peep when OH came down the stairs this morning. He did come out of the crate and was happy to play though.

When I came down he was very happy to see me and came running towards me and jumped up my leg asking for a fuss. While Oh was showering he went upstairs and had managed to get a jumper of a radiator so I took that off him and left him on the landing playing with OH's slipper!

They both came downstairs and just before OH left Rodders threw up again. This time it was just bile but his tummy is empty as he hasn't really eaten much apart from treats since Tuesday night. We have put his breakfast down but he isn't interested but he did eat some kibble from OH's hand. I may need to do him some Chicken and rice if this carries on.

Puppy Party 4

OH managed to leave work early today so that he could be home in time for the final puppy party. Rodders was asleep when he came in the back door but got straight up and was barking until he saw who it was. The barks then turned to squeaks of delight and he rushed to the door to greet him and have a fuss and a snuggle.

OH then went straight out the front to sort out the Christmas Lights that have fallen and then in to the loft to get the spare stair gate before we both got changed ready for puppy party. I also managed to eat a slice of toast as I hadn't had anything all day.

We slipped on Rodders lead and went out to the car & OH popped him in the crate. He whinged for a minute or two but settled down quite quickly. A few minutes later and we were at the vets. Rodders seemed happy to walk in there and was greeted by Marley as soon as we were in the door. He didn't even seem to mind when Marley had his nose underneath him sniffing his bits!

Once we managed to get beyond the door he found Appa and said hello but he was quite happy once we sat down to be with OH. Molly joined us soon after and gave everyone her usual exuberant greeting, she is one powerful puppy.

Nicci started to hand out liver treats and threw out the toys. Appa managed to get to the dental kong first and was doing really well at getting the liver treat out of it before Marley was let loose and took it off him.

The noise level once the puppy's were let off tonight was quite high, mainly Rodders barking! He was desperate to play but he knew that Molly and Marley were a bit rough and Appa just tends to trundle around doing his own thing. A few times Rodders did get himself in there and found his way out and back to OH when things got a bit rough for him. He would sit there for a little while and then go back in to the fray. OH seemed to be a hit with Molly who came to have a fuss and chew at his beard and ears a couple of times.

We had to gather up the puppies a couple of times to stop them going in to pools of piddle (Thanks Molly and Marley!) and again once Marley pooped everywhere - he was still playing when he did it and so it ended up all over him as well. It was quite a clean up operation for the vet nurses and his owner.

We all got shown around the surgery and got to see all the different rooms and equipment they have. Poor Appa was sick so yet another clean up operation.

We also had to fill out a questionnaire to say what we thought of the puppy parties, mine was all positive as I think it has been a great experience for Rodders and I. Then it was time for final goodbyes, but it may not be the last time we meet as Nicci may organise a puppy walk in the new year for all of this years puppy graduates, that would be fun to see how they have all grown and progressed.

On the way home OH and I chatted about the other puppies and the vet practice, he seems quite impressed with them which is good. We also stopped to pick up a takeaway, I don't think Rodders was too impressed at being left in the car though!