Sunday, 11 March 2012

Rodders relationship with OH

Rodders gets so excited when OH arrives and he just cannot wait to be picked up for a fuss. Whenever possible he goes out to the gate to meet him and dances all the way to the back door beside him.

They always play rough which Rodders seems to love and they chase each other about both upstairs and downstairs. When OH sits in the Papasan Chair Rodders goes running for a snuggle.

This week a couple of different things happened.

Firstly Rodders asked to go up for a cuddle.

Also, when he was tired and wanted to flop, rather than lay at my feet on his bed pad he lay on the floor at OH's feet.

OH is probably much more lenient with Rodders than I am but he still manages to get him to do anything he wants him too and can say no to him if he needs to (normally when Rodders wants to come upstairs to wake me too early!). That is one of the reasons he gets to do the good jobs like checking his teeth and giving him his flea and worm treatment. OH has had dogs before and he really is far better with them than me, he is also teaching me as I go. Luckily some of it is common sense but I do need the occasional pointer. There really isn't much I can't do with him now, although he isn't keen on me doing his ears.

OH isn't here everyday and Rodders seems to understand that but on Saturday morning he just wouldn't settle until I had let him go upstairs to check out the bedroom and bathroom. Once he knew that OH wasn't here he was happy to be with me.

I am so glad that they have a special relationship! My relationship with them is pretty special too!

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