Saturday, 21 April 2012

Recall - a different tack

While we were up with the 5 o'clock club today Rodders tried to run off a couple of times and I didn't follow him.

Instead I crouched down as I called him and he stopped, looked at me and came bounding back looking very happy with himself. Each time he got lots of fuss and a treat for being such a good boy.

We then saw Kevin, Jane and Polo on the field and wandered down to meet them. Rodders was happy saying hello and trotted back up the field with us all before diverting off for a poo. I bagged it up and then made my way to the poo bin and called for him to come with me which he did.

Once we were at the poo bin he spotted Polo again and wanted to go off to play. As they were walking away from us I crouched down and called him back. He came running back and Kevin and Jane were impressed at how well he was behaving.

And then it all went wrong! We had made our way back to the 5 o'clock club and Rodders was playing happily, especially as his girlfriend Piper had arrived. Then he spotted Polo the other side of the field and he took off. I tried calling him back but he wasn't paying any attention at all so I started to walk towards him, calling him periodically. Once I was within 25 feet of him he suddenly realised what I wanted and came bounding over. I wasn't best pleased and put him on his lead using the choke chain this time.

We walked back across the field with him at heel and he was made to sit at my feet while the others played. We will get the hang of this and I will be able to trust him!

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