Sunday, 8 April 2012

Our second home groom

So after a lovely walk to A) Try out my new waterproof trousers and B) Wear Rodders out a bit (which seems to have worked as we bumped in to his pal Teddy the Dogue de Bordeaux) it was time to attempt our second home trim.

This is what we started with

Rodders is brilliant in the bath, he just stands there and doesn't move until you get his head wet. He really doesn't like that at all and always makes at least one attempt at getting out if he can (he can't!).

I always lift him out of the bath in a towel and manage to get the worst of the water off him before putting him down on the floor.

Caution, I am about to shake!

I did warn you!

Back downstairs Rodders got a wash and blow dry before being allowed off the grooming table for a bit of a play.

It was then time to comb him trough again before starting with the clippers. I am gutted that there were 4 knots on his tummy that I just couldn't get out so I had to resort to the scissors.

Half way through clipping him the clippers ran out of power and we had to stop while they recharged. But I managed to finish him off eventually.

He isn't perfect as I still need to do his ears and shave his tummy but he really had been through enough for one day and was beginning to tell me about it.

He does seem to have forgiven me though as he came for cuddles as soon as he was let off the grooming table and he is now curled up on the sofa with his head on my legs.

He really is such a good puppy and I am so lucky to have him!

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