Saturday, 21 April 2012

Recall and well behaved dogs

We have a chap called Dave locally with three brilliantly trained Springer Spaniels. Watching him work with them is a joy, they are so well behaved. He can make them sit in a row and walk the full length of the field before calling one of them to him, the other two will stay where they are until they are called, just amazing!

Occasionally he will come over and going the 5 o'clock club and let his dogs run about and play with the others so Rodders knows them quite well.

One Friday recently Dave was the opposite side of the field training his dogs. He had got them all to sit and had walked away when another dog went over towards them and one broke away. Dave went back to them and made it sit. He walked away again and his dogs were just sat there when Rodders spotted them and went over to disrupt them. I was calling him back and walking towards him but he wasn't listening. Poor Dave gave up at that point and let them all have a run around together. I eventually caught up with Rodders and put him on his lead.

Twice since then Dave has been on the field with his dogs and Rodders has broken away to go and say hello. The first time Dave got his dogs to sit and stay once he saw that Rodders was ignoring me and I had to go all the way across the field to get him. The second time Dave had to get his dogs to sit and stay and I got Rodders to come back to me when I was about 25 feet away.

Each time I have thanked Dave and apologised to him. I envy his dogs behaviour.

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