Tuesday, 17 April 2012

A Friday by the sea

Rodders and I had breakfast with OH before he had to head off for work.

We then had a play around with the ball in the garden before Rodders finished his breakfast (what he left over from supper the night before) and then a bit of a snooze while I sat quietly reading my book.

As I packed the last of my things in to the car Rodders was a very good boy and waited on the path for me.  We dropped the key off in reception and Sue had a last snuggle with Rodders before I popped him in the car and headed for Hayling Island. We did a Schnauzer Walk on the Billy Trail back in February so we aimed for there. It was a really lovely morning and we were very happy ambling along there looking at the spring flowers and blossom.

If you look closely at this photo you can see the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth, I love this building!

We saw a few other people around, mainly on bikes, a couple on horses and a few dog walkers. Rodders was happy to let us carry on our way as long as he could say hello to the dogs first. The last dog we met was a Giant Schnauzer called Blue.

Rodders was OK as I had brought his travel water bottle with me so he had stopped for a drink a couple of times but I was getting thirsty so we went in to Hayling Island and parked up to find somewhere for me to get a cuppa. We found a cafe with tables outside where you can order from a window at the front -  very useful when you have a puppy with you! We sat in the sunshine for almost a hour, me reading a book and Rodders watching the world going by from under the table. He did get a bit vocal when he spotted another dog but he really was very good.

We had a quick wander about to check out the shops, it didn't take long! I also spotted a lady with about a dozen chihuahua's (one in a pushchair and the others trotting along side her) and so turned around fairly quickly before Rodders noticed them.

Once back in the car we headed towards Littlehampton to see my friend Mike. It was lovely to catch up and I showed him how to throw together a Macaroni Cheese before we took Rodders for a run on the beach.

He really loved it, so last night with OH wasn't a one off. He was zooming about having a great time. He wasn't too sure about the waves trying to chase him up the beach though! So please my little boy loves the seaside.

We left Mike just after 7 in the hope that the usual Friday traffic on the M25 had eased off a bit and we got home just before 9. Rodders was happy to follow me backwards and forwards as I emptied the car. He was very tired after all the activity of the last few days and didn't want any supper though.

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