Sunday, 15 April 2012

On the beach

I wanted OH to be there when Rodders got his first run on the beach so we headed back across to Branksome Chine. OH got changed in the car and then we let Rodders out of his crate. He was very excited once he realised OH was there.

We headed on to the beach and Rodders was really funny, he seemed to like the change of texture under his feet and started to zoom about. I had taken his ball launcher with us and he was quite happy chasing after it as he ran about. He did go near the water but wasn't too sure what to make of the waves coming towards him so didn't hang about for too long.

Unfortunately the weather changed very quickly and heavy rain started to come down so we headed back to the car after about 10 minutes.

The roads were awful as we headed back to the hotel and we had to divert off through the new forest due to an accident so we were a bit late back.

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