Sunday, 15 April 2012

Visiting friends and joining OH in Southampton

Luckily I have three days off work so Rodders and I got  to go out and about.

He knew something was up as I was packing bags and getting food ready so he hardly left my side. By the time I was ready to pack the car he was getting very excited and so wasn't very impressed when he got shut in the lounge for me to load the car and he barked the house down until I came ack inside to lock up and get him.

Our first stop was to see Denise, who I used to work with, and her dog Amber. This was Rodders and Ambers first meeting and it didn't go too well as she would not stop barking at him. We tried letting them out in the garden and they eventually seemed to get on a little better but Amber still carried on barking. Denise and I managed to catch up on each others news and have a cuppa though so it wasn't all bad.

We then stopped in at my old offices so we could say hi to Lisa for 10 minutes. Lots of people came past and said hi as we sat in reception talking.

We said goodbye and it was time to get back in the car and head to Southampton to join OH. We got to the hotel about an hour before he did so we said hello to Sue, the hotel manager, and she got to give Rodders a quick fuss before she had to go and get on with some work. Once Rodders and I had settled in to our room we went out for a play around in the garden with his ball launcher. He was quite good at bringing the ball back for me to throw again but he did also get distracted by the copious amount of rabbit poo - it would seem to be a bit of a delicacy by the way he was hoovering it up!

Once we knew OH was close by I put Rodders on his lead and we headed out to the front of the hotel to wait for him. As he drove over the bridge he stopped, wound the window down, and said hello to Rodders before moving off to park. I thought Rodders was going to pull me over in his desperation to get to him. I checked that there were no other vehicles about and let go of the lead once OH was out of his car. Rodders ran straight to him and I could hear him squeaking with delight as I followed him across the car park.

We helped OH in with his luggage and had a cuppa before bringing in Rodders crate and my bags. I put down Rodders supper but he wasn't really interested in it.

Once OH and I were both changed we headed over to the Wine Bar for dinner. Rodders was really good  as we ate. He was tied to my chair so he couldn't go too far but he spent his time either curled up on his fleece or peaking out at the edge of the table to see what was going on.

Once dinner was over we headed back to our room and Rodders ate his supper. We had all been up early and so it was going to be an early night so I took Rodders for a quick run around the garden before bed. OH decided to leave Rodders crate in our room this time, we have out it in the bathroom before. I wasn't sure how this would go but it worked like a dream. Rodders settled down straight away and went to sleep even though I had the lights on and read for a little while. There wasn't a peep out of him until 6.15am when OH got up with him. They both went out in the garden for a wander around before I got up.

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