Sunday, 15 April 2012

A day at the seaside

Rodders and I joined OH for breakfast and Rodders was nearly as well behaved as he was at dinner the night before. He did bark when OH left the table to go to the buffet to get his fruit and yoghurt but was quiet other than that.

After breakfast we grabbed our bags and drove OH to work in Poole. This was the first time OH had done a longer journey with Rodders in the car and he commented that you would not know he was there, once the car is moving Rodders just settles down and doesn't make a sound.

Once we had dropped off OH we headed out to Sandbanks and I parked the car. The forecast was for rain showers through the day so I opened the boot to let Rodders see what was going on while I put on my waterproof trousers, boots and coat before letting him out of his crate.

Today was going to be Rodders first visit to the seaside and I hoped he was going to love it as much as me. The plan was to walk along the promenade from Sandbanks towards Bournemouth and back. Almost as soon as we started moving Rodders seemed to be excited by the sea air and he was bouncing around like a spring lamb as she you can see on the video below.

We met lots of dogs on our way and Rodders wanted to say hello to all of them. Some stopped and some didn't (especially the one out jogging with his owner!). We stopped part way at Branksome Chine for a sit in the sunshine and to let Rodders have a drink and then a bit further on for me to pick up a cuppa. Once we were within reach of the pier we turned around and headed back. Rodders still seemed to be full of energy and was still skipping along, paying attention to everything going on around him.

Once we were back at Sandbanks I let him have another drink and we had a sit down before going in to the Jazz Cafe for me to have some lunch and a cuppa. Rodders wouldn't really settle in there as there were lots of dogs at other tables and he didn't want to stay with me when there were other dogs to meet so we didn't stay too long.

I popped Rodders in the car and took off my wet weather gear as the forecast now said no rain until the evening. That was the morning done, what should we do with the afternoon? Looks like we should head to the Quay for a while.

We got parked in the multi storey fairly easily and Rodders came down the stairs with ease. We ambled down towards the Sunseeker site to drool at the pretty boats before finding a bench to sit for a while. Rodders didn't settle down at all even though I was sure that he would need a rest. He wanted to say hello to all the people or to chase the pigeons.

After a while we moved over the road to one of the tables outside Corkers so I could have a cuppa. I tied Rodders to the table and he lay down and watched what was going on, he did eventually have a bit of a rest.

We then had a slow amble down to the Harbourside Park and back, stopping to look at the crab fishermen on route.

We got stopped by a lady and gentlemen from Wales who were there for a few days holiday. They were pleased to see a miniature schnauzer as they have left their two at the breeders while they are away. They thought Rodders was lovely and as we chatted I found out she used to show. I thought I should apologise for Rodders home trim but she was lovely and told me I had done a great job, I was really chuffed!

We had another cuppa at Corkers to while away another hour before heading off to Sandbanks and then back across town towards OH. Once we were close I tried to park up and read my book but Rodders hates to be in the car crate when we are stationary so I drove around the block checking out different routes until OH called and said he was done for the day.

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