Monday, 2 April 2012

Rodders the guard dog

Rodders loves being in his garden and will amuse himself for ages playing with the stones, sunning himself on the patio, chewing sticks or he will take a chew out there to munch on or a toy to play with.

While he is out there he does like to let me know if any of the neighbours are in their garden or if anyone comes to the garages behind us and I am getting used to what the different barks mean. If I think it is getting too much I go out and bring him back inside.

On Friday evening he was barking consistently and I didn't recognise this sort of bark at all so I went out to see what the matter was.

Rodders was on the back lawn barking madly and prancing at a young lad stood on our fence! I told Rodders he was a good boy and let him carry on barking while asking the lad what he thought he was doing. Apparently his ball was in next doors garden and they weren't in so he was trying to climb in to their garden to get it.

Rodders and I stood and watched as he made his way across the fence, hanging off the tree, and then dropping down in to the garden to get his ball and we watched him climb back out.

Rodders barked all the time and I didn't try to stop him untie they had gone. He got lots of fuss for being such a good boy and alerting me to intruders.

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