Saturday, 21 April 2012

After a few days away

The day after we got home from a few days away Rodders was exhausted and, after a short morning walk, was happy to snooze they day away. Until about 4pm.

From then he was pacing up and down and barking, heading to the front door and back to me to bark again, on and on it went. He was obviously telling me that it was time to go and meet the 5 o'clock club to tell them about his great time away.

At 4.45 I couldn't stand it any more and we headed off up to the rugby field. Rodders was gutted when we got there and nobody else was there and seemed quite deflated. We walked twice around the field and were about to give up and head home when we spotted Judy and Brewster. Rodders was very excited as he raced towards him and after an initial greeting they were soon scurrying about as normal. Gradually all the usual suspects turned up and Rodders was delighted to sat hello to his pals again.

After an hour he headed home with me quite happily and wasn't even bothered when I put him in his crate and headed out for an evening with my own friends.

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