Sunday, 1 April 2012

Doggy Day Care

Our dog walker, Sue, also does Doggy Day Care and also home from home Doggy Boarding where your dog lives in the house with her, her family and pets.

Although Rodders is used to Sue and loves to go off with her we hadn't had the opportunity to try out a longer stay with her although Rodders is booked in when I go away for a week in July with OH.

Sadly one of my school chums died recently after a short illness (well, he had been ill for a while but was only diagnosed in the three weeks before he died) and I was keen to attend his funeral. It was going to be a long day as I needed to leave home before 8.30am and didn't know when I would be back so it seemed sensible to let him go to Sue for the day.

She picked him up just after 9am and took him for a couple of walks through the day and I went and got him from her at just before 5pm. He seemed to have had a lovely day but was very excited to see me when I got there to pick him up.

I am sure he will be fine with her for a longer stay.

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