Sunday, 22 April 2012

How clever is Rodders!

It was my birthday this week and Rodders managed to buy, write and post a card to me and buy presents. How clever is he?

I suspect he had some help from OH, but still!

I had a lovely day although it was very wet for a lot of it. Rodders and I started with a walk around the rugby field in the rain, then home for me to have a shower.

We then had a bit of a lazy morning until my sister arrived with presses and cards galore. Rodders then got left at home while Kirsty and I went to do a bit of shopping, had a lovely lunch out and a nice afternoon at The Rex Cinema in Berko seeing the Best Ever Marigold Hotel. A really nice, gentle film with a brilliant cast in fantastic surroundings - The Rex is a reclaims art deco cinema and is just stunning inside. It is all very civilised and we chose to sit downstairs around little tables in very comfy red leather seats. There is a bar at the back selling drinks, sweets and chocolates.

Back home and I was pleased to see that Skevi, our lady that does, was here and had let Rodders out. as he had been on his own for quite a while. As soon as he saw me he started barking as he wanted to go up the field. I managed to keep him quiet for a little while but gave in and put on our wet weather gear and headed out. When it was obvious that the rain wasn't stopping and was coming down harder Rodders and I headed for home so he didn't get to play for as long as normal. He wasn't happy and kept stopping and pulling to go back. I stomped on and suddenly found myself with just a lead and collar! Rodders had just stopped and sat down patiently waiting for me to go back and out the collar back around his neck.

An hour or so later we headed to dog training (I will write more about this but it deserves a separate post) where we got very wet and muddy. Luckily OH was one and was waiting for us at the door with towels to dry Rodders off with. This gave me time to get my wet clothes off and have a quick wash before my beautiful nieces arrived for a birthday tea of takeaway pizza's and a few glasses of wine.

They are lovely but can be a little loud and overwhelming, poor Rodders didn't know what to do and bolted for OH in the conservatory where he tried to climb up his leg! OH picked him up and calmed him down until things were quieter.

I was thoroughly spoilt with presents and birthday cake. It really was a lovely day.

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