Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Where did that come from?

To get me some fresh air to try and clear my head, and to make sure that Rodders didn't go stir crazy, we headed out for a walk this afternoon.

We headed up to the rugby field and down on to the Nicky Line so that he could have a bit of off lead time. He was so good, he did try to get back on to the rugby field in a couple of places but came back when called. He also spotted another dog quite a way behind us and stopped and looked at it but decided that me and treats was a better option.

Once we were level with the 5 A Side pitch we moved on to the field. There is something about being on grass that makes him more excited and he runs about more. I carried on walking don the field while he was chasing about and when I was almost at the end of the fence I called him to me. He came flying towards me and skidded to a halt ready for a treat. I slipped on his extendable lead so that we could carry on our walk.

When we were about half way along the side of the rugby pitch a Brindle Staffie came running up behind us. I looked about but couldn't see anyone else on the field at all. Luckily it seemed friendly and just wanted to play. Rodders was quite happy with that to start with and then the Staffie bowled him over a couple of times and so his tail went down and I could see that it wasn't fun any more. I was trying to keep my eye on the dogs and look out for signs of an owner, still no one else about.

I started to tell the Staffie off and it seemed to be paying attention. Then I spotted a lady with a pushchair coming up from the Nicky Line and calling him. The Staffie was torn and wanted to stay with us so I turned and started to walk a little way towards her. Eventually the Staffie went back to her and she told it to sit so that she could put his lead on, once he was back under control she shouted sorry before turning around and heading back the way she had come. It had taken her 5 minutes to find her dog and get it back to her at least.

Luckily Rodders didn't seem to bothered by the encounter and was quite happy to carry on our walk.

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