Saturday, 25 February 2012

An early morning walk on the Nicky Line

We were up early and it was a gorgeous morning so I threw on my clothes and headed out with Rodders to the Nicky Line. We walked all the way to Queensway and back with him off lead. He was having a great time but kept stopping if he got twigs or leaves stuck on him.

We stopped at the fallen logs for a photo opportunity and so that Rodders could check his PMail.

He didn't try to go up the steps by the church on the way back but he did run up the ones at the Rugby Field and no amount of calling was bringing him back - this is getting to be a habit.

Eventually I followed him to see where he had gone and he was sat where I usually swap his lead over to the extending one. As soon as I spotted him I asked him to wait and kept walking towards him. I put his lead back on and walked him back to the Nicky Line, it was a bit if a struggle and he fought against it to start with. Once back on the Nicky Line I walked a little way before letting him off again. A couple of times he tried to climb the bank and go on to the rugby field but I managed to keep him with me. He then tried going off the other way in to some garages but stopped and looked at me and came back when called. I wonder how long it will be before I am posting that I have lost him or spent hours trying to find him. His recall really does need to get better and quicker.

Once we got to the top of the rugby field, near the 5 A Side pitch we moved on to the field and I let Rodders stay off lead until we got to the end of the fenced in pitch. He was so excited to be on the field and off lead and he really was haring about like a mad thing.

Once we were in danger of him having the whole field to run in and my chances of getting him back were minimal I called him back, he looked at me and then the field and thought for just a second too long. I turned away and started walking away from him and that was enough to have him racing back to me.

I popped on the extendable lead and we walked back down the side of the field towards home.

I have been letting his lead go as we turn in the path and he is usually quite good and comes and sits on the front door step until I tell him he can come in the house. Today he just wanted to sit there and watch the world go by!

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