Saturday, 25 February 2012

How long will this take?

My plan for today is to groom Rodders in stages. He really is a bit mucky and smelly and in desperate need of a trim but it is the first time I have tried to clip him on my own. So we will do a little bit at a time and try to ensure that neither he, nor I, get stressed out by it.

So far he has been combed through and then bathed and dried.

The bath was interesting, we both got soaked and he did try to climb out a couple of times but we got there. He was very good while I did his body but he didn't like his face being done much. I also put conditioner on his legs and beard so it meant two lots of rinsing which I don't think he was very impressed at.

Once I lifted him out of the bath in a towel to get the worst of the water off him he had a good shake and pebble dashed the bathroom in water. I swapped to a dry towel to carry him downstairs and out him straight on the grooming table.

He was OK with the hairdryer mostly, but he didn't like it anywhere near his face. I tried to do it from above as much as I could but it wasn't too successful and drying his chin!

But he is now sparkly clean, dry and fluffy.

The clippers come out next......

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