Saturday, 25 February 2012

Friday evening walk

It was a lovely evening when I knocked off work at 4pm so I came home, changed my jeans, grabbed Rodders and headed out towards the Nicky Line.

We got almost half way to Queensway and we could hear one of those stupid little mini bikes coming towards us. I called Rodders back and held on to him as it came towards us. As soon as the hoodie wearing rider spotted us he turned around and went back the way he came.

I let Rodders go and we carried on, only for another hoodie wearing rider to come towards us on the same bike. As we got around the bend you could see 8 or 10 of the little blighters sitting and standing around the fallen logs. Now they could see us they were riding the bike in the opposite direction, there was no point carrying on so we turned and headed back from whence we came.

Rodders was quite happy sniffing about, running ahead of me, laughing a bit behind, being called for treats. He didn't try to go up the steps near the church but he did run up the steps to the rugby field and no amount of calling him was bringing him back.

Eventually, when he was out of sight, I followed him up there and found him sniffing in the long grass. As I put his lead on I told him off, not that he seemed bothered.

Most Fridays there seems to be a group of dog owners that meet at the far corner of the rugby field, as far away from the traffic as you can get.  Rodders and I walked up there to say hello and to let him chase about a bit with three Springers and a Collie. We were then joined by a crazy Cocker and a bouncy Lab who were running about in circles chasing each other. Rodders was desperate to join in this game and the extendable lead just wasn't long enough so I took a deep breath and let him off to play. He loved it, he and the Cocker were going mental chasing each other round in a figure of eight, stopping every now and again to put their heads down and bums in the air looking at each other before racing off again. After about 15 minutes it was time for everyone to move off and Rodders wasn't happy to come back to me and go on his lead. It took me a few seconds (but felt like an age) to get him back to me.

We headed back down the rugby field and towards home.

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