Sunday, 12 February 2012

An off lead walk

Rodders and I headed off to the Nicky Line this afternoon and as it was quiet I thought I would let him off lead. I had lots of treats with me to help me get him back if I needed to, including liver treats. This meant that he didn't know what he was coming back for and it could be something particularly yummy.

He was so good and we only had a few eeeek moments as we walked to Keen Fields and back.

The first one was when he had got quite far in front of me and I asked him to wait, he did for a second or two and then he carried on. I stopped and stood still and called him back with a treat. He came running towards me and sat at my feet for his treat.

The next one was when we had to pass a group of lads congregating on a fallen tree trunk. Rodders was keeping his distance and walking not far from me and then he turned and went back to them. He kept about three feet away from them but wouldn't come to me when called. As I was trying to encourage him the lads started to take the micky out of me. I ignored them and concentrated on Rodders. Once his attention moved away from them and back to me he came straight away.

A bit further down the lane he was quite far ahead of me and wouldn't come when called. I turned around and walked the other way and Rodders came bounding up behind me.

The final one, and probably the worst, was as we got back to the steps by the church. One minute he was sniffing a tree at the bottom and the next minute he had leapt up the steps to the top. Another 10 feet and he would be on the road and I could hear traffic and people up there. I stood my ground and called him, he stood at the top of the steps looking towards the road, back to me and back towards the road. Which way was he going to go? Luckily the idea of a treat won and he came running back down the steps to me.

We carried on walking up towards the rugby field and just as we got to the steps there I popped his lead on as a man and his young son were coming towards us. As we turned to go on to the rugby field they were level with us and Rodders took exception to them and started barking, I have no idea why but it was short lived and he was soon off to sniff something.

Just as we got back on to Pentland Adam from No 1 was outside and he stopped to talk to Rodders. To start with Rodders backed off but then decided Adam wasn't too bad and approached for a fuss.

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