Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Rodders likes.....

When I fed Rodders last night I used the last of the fresh vegetables and meant to take the next lot out of the freezer. Feeling as awful as I was I forgot and fell asleep on the sofa instead.

So tonight when Rodders asked for his supper there was a bit of a panic. I took his vegetables out of the freezer and some bits were quite easy to get out of the bag as they hadn't frozen in a solid lump, just not as much as he would usually have. So I added some frozen peas to his bowl along with his kibble and he has eaten to all! He obviously likes frozen veg!

He has been such a good boy today as I have had to take the day off sick. He has spent a fair amount of the time in the garden and seems to be very interested in the birds. He has barked at big fat pigeons sat on the fence, he has eyed up the blackbirds eating bread on next doors lawn and he has chased the sparrows as they flit from the fence to the tree and back again. When inside he has also been quite cuddly and stayed up on the sofa with me for over an hour sleeping.

Rodders has also been happy to amuse himself and has emptied the toy box and then pushed it around the conservatory floor, that made a great noise. He has also run up and down from the conservatory to the lounge and back a few times with different toys having a great time.

He has also barked a couple of times, once to let me know he had managed to get his collar off again and another time to let me know that there was a pen on the floor. I keep saying how lucky I am that he is such a good boy but days like this remind me how much.

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