Saturday, 18 February 2012

Getting brave with this off lead lark

After work yesterday I waked Rodders down the Nicky Line and he was off lead all the time. He came when called, with one exception, but I know that the treats helped a lot. My stomach is in my mouth a lot of the time though!

The exception was when we got to the steps by the rugby field, he wouldn't come to me and I stood my ground while he stood part way up looking at me and then up the steps and back. He then decided to run up the steps and I couldn't stay where I was any longer. As I followed him I spotted why, there was another dog coming towards him and he had gone to say hello. At least he had stopped and I could clip the lead back on. OH told me off and said that I should have scolded him.

Last  night I had to nip out to get some bread and I decided to take Rodders in the car with me. As we walked outside I let his lead drag behind him and he skipped along beside me quite happily until I stepped off the pavement at the car. He just stood there unsure what to do so I went back and picked up his lead and then he walked beside me to the back of the car.

When we got home I put him on the path and let him walk to the house with me and he was fine, just stayed with me.

I tried again this morning and he did the same again. But it was early, not many people or traffic about so no distractions for him. It is interesting that he won't go off the pavement though.

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