Saturday, 4 February 2012

The Spacehopper

On Wednesday evening I left OH and Rodders at home after dinner and headed off to Tesco to do my monthly shop and I was back just over an hour later with treats for everyone.

OH got some fruit bars and a carton of nuts and seeds to have as snacks, I got a new pair of wooly tights and Rodders got a space hopper!

I have been asked how I get him to ride a space hopper but that isn't a challenge I need to take up as this one is only about 6 inches big. It is made of rubber and has a squeaker that seems to make a noise even when Rodders isn't biting it.

OH unpacked it and played with it for a little while to get Rodders interested and then let him at it. He loves it and it has become his favourite toy of the week!

The squeak can get a bit much but he is happy!

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