Sunday, 19 February 2012

New things

Rodders came with me to the car wash today, it isn't one of those horrid machine things it is a hand car wash. I wasn't too sure of what he would think as he doesn't like the car being stationary much but apart from a single bark, when I told him he had to stay, he was brilliant. And my car is now clean!

On our walk this afternoon he met a few new experiences while off lead. First he encountered bikes coming past us, he wasn't bothered by these and took himself off the path for a poo!

Next was another dog, also off lead. He was very good as it approached us. He was ahead of me and I asked him to wait and he did.  The owner walked past us and then the dog walked past. Rodders looked, turned his head, looked back and me and then tried to do a runner after it. I grabbed his collar quickly and stopped him. Don't know quite what I did next but I had Rodders in one hand and his collar in the other - oops! I got it back on quite quickly though.

Rather than have an issue at the steps by the church I called him back to me and popped his lead on. As we were walking under the bridge he decided to roll in the dust! He wasn't happy to be back on his lead and lead and kept stopping. At one point he lay down and refused to move, some more bikers were coming past us and they thought we had stopped to let them past!

Once we were past the steps and behind the gate I let the lead drop and he was happy to follow me. I caught hold of him before we got to the steps at the rugby field and we headed home. Back on Pentland I dropped the lead as we passed Bob and Pats and Rodders knew instantly. He bolted up our path, then ran on our front lawn, back to Peter & Ann's lawn and then to ours again, as he swung around each time his bum was up in the air and his head was down. I called him and made him come and sit and wait on the front door step.

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