Sunday, 5 February 2012

So what does Rodders think of snow?

On Saturday evening it started snowing lightly around 6pm and Rodders was happy to be outside. He was barking at it and eating it and playing quite happily.

By 10pm it was about 3 inches deep and he was happy to run about and play in it. The snow was still coming down and he was getting covered but one shake and it all fell off his back and head but his legs and feet were covered in small snowballs attached to his fur.

I rang my sister for advice about how to remove them as they were not coming off by rubbing with his towel. Apparently the only way is to pick them off but even that isn't very successful.

Rodders didn't like the noise as the snow fell off the conservatory roof and kept barking at it.

When he went out at bedtime he didn't have a piddle and only walked as far as the end of the patio before coming back in and straight in to his bed. About 30 minutes later he was barking the house down and so I came down and sat beside his crate talking gently to him. He soon quietened down again and I went back to bed.

At 7.20am this morning he started barking again and I came down and let him out of the crate. After a quick fuss he wanted to go out in to the garden....... until I opened the door.

He took one look at this huge expanse of white and started to back off. He so wanted to go out but he wasn't sure about it at all. He sat just inside the door, shuffling on his bum, making squeaking noises. After about 5 minutes I shut the door and went to make a cuppa. Rodders stayed where he was, just looking outside. I came back in to the conservatory with my cuppa and he was dancing at the door so I opened it again.

Eventually Rodders ventured out, he was walking with extended front legs like horses do in dressage and it looked so funny. He ventured across the patio and on to the grass but he really wasn't very sure of it even though he was making snowballs with his nose and sniffing and snuffling. The snow was right up to his tummy. He came back on to the patio and was desperately trying to find a place where there wasn't any snow but it was just impossible. He gave in a piddled and pooped on the patio before asking to come back in.

By this stage his legs were covered by quite large snowballs and as I was picking them off he was eating them. It took ages to get the worst of them off but it was impossible to get them all off.

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