Sunday, 26 February 2012

Rodders SHOULD be worn out

I don't know if it is because we were excited about today but Rodders and I have been up since 6am.

Before we left for Hayling Island he had played with his toys, eaten two kongs of kibble, played in the garden, played in the bathroom while I showered and run about excitedly once he realised I was packing a bag of things for him.

He spent a while in the car and then got to sit outside a cafe with me while I had a cuppa, then a visit to a public toilet with me, a short walk and then another sit down for another cuppa.

He was then popped back in the car for 10 minutes while we drove to the meeting point and as we were 2nd there he got to meet all the other dogs and owner as they arrived. He then walked and ran about for another two hours before being put back in the car for a 10 minute journey to the chip shop where he got tied up outside to a table (with Yvonne keeping a close eye on him) while I grabbed chips and a drink. He then played under the table with his friends Renae, Susie-Belle and Rupert. He had to come to the loo with me again before a quick walk across the beach and then back to the car for the journey home.

Once back he went straight in the garden for a play, then chased me about while I got changed and sorted myself out and then he played with his kong so I filled it up for him.

He eventually settled for a rest but that didn't even last 2 hours as the door went and disturbed him. I took the opportunity to give him his supper thinking he would collapse in a heap shortly after.

Nope, time for play! He has now learnt how to get under the chairs in the conservatory to get his toys back but couldn't be bothered tonight and just barked for me to come and get it, then he got his frisbee stuck between the wall and the papasan chair, then he wanted a cuddle......

He had better sleep well tonight!

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