Saturday, 18 February 2012

Saturday afternoon

When we got back to Kirstty's all was quiet and both dogs had been good so they got carrots as treats. Since Finnan has been poorly this is the only treat she is allowed, Rodders was not complaining at having to share them as he loves them too.

Today was the day that Kirsty decided to let go of all the treats she had in stock for Finnan and Rodders has come home with the lot, a whole big bag full. There are some things in there that he hasn't had before so we will have to see how he gets on with them. One thing is for sure, we won't need any more treats until April at the earliest!

We let both dogs out in to the garden for a run about and Rodders was very happy trundling around sniffing and trying to get Finnan to play with him. She wasn't up to it so I let him chase me about instead. When we came back inside Rodders seemed to have brought in half the shrubbery attached to his legs and beard but he was very patient and let me pick most of it off him without fuss.

Rodders wanted in and out to play and Kirsty took him out one of the time. He looked to be bolting down the end of the garden so she called him back, she was pleased to see that he came back without a problem and was then happier to let him roam a bit further.

The weather changed and it started to rain so we stayed indoors watching television. Rodders was happy to play with the toys I brought with me and Finnan sat up on the sofa with Kirsty, grizzling if Rodders went near. At one point she was sat on top of the sofa to keep away from him.

By about 4.30 Finnan seemed really fed up with the little upstart in her home and she really wasn't resting very much so I decided it was time to gather up our things and put the crate back in the car so that we could head home.

Just before we left I was apologising to Finnan because Rodders had been annoying him and Kirsty said that Rodders had been really well behaved and all the training I had done with him is working. I was one very proud Mummy!

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