Sunday, 12 February 2012

Schnauzer Walk at Ashridge

We went straight from Training School to Ashridge Forest to meet up with some others from the Schnauzer Forum. It was very easy to find but the last mile, down their drive, was pretty hairy as it was compact ice.

As we got out of the car I could hear a dog barking and just knew it was a Schnauzer! As we made our way towards the noise another Schnauzer was coming towards us and introduced themselves.

This walk was arranged at fairly short notice so there was only 4 dogs (3 mini's and a standard) and 5 people but we had a great time, it really is a wonderful place for a walk. It is on paths through forests and it is quite busy but not really overcrowded. The added bonus is that the sun had come out and the temperature had risen to zero which made it beautiful in the snow.

Once we were on the path I let Rodders off lead and he was having a great time chasing Charlie and Lola (the standard) and saying hello to the other dogs we passed. We walked for over a mile before stopping for a photo opportunity.

Rodders has also started to roll in the snow and his face was covered. Unfortunately I didn't get a decent photo of that as he wouldn't stand still long enough. Hopefully the video above will show you though.

We headed back the way we had come and I stopped to admire a gorgeous Bichin Frise puppy, she had been lifted up as the Schnauzers were all over her and as I gave her a fuss she licked me all over.

A couple of times I had to call Rodders to me if there were lots of people around and he was getting lost
in the crowd, another reason I had the liver treats with me today!

We then headed to the cafe which is really good, it has a really varied menu and all the seating is outside  with about three under cover (which means it wouldn't be too good if it was very wet), I also thought that it was quite reasonably priced. I had a hot chocolate and a sausage sandwich (which I could barely finish). Rodders was really good and sat or lay nicely while I ate so I gave him a couple of extra treats.

We all headed off towards our cars vowing to come back and try the walk again, hopefully we can get a few more Schnauzer there then.

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