Saturday, 14 January 2012

Hilights of thursday

Really haven't got time to catch up properly so thought I would add in the hilights for the two days I missed!

Rodders got a quick walk with me in the morning and a long walk with Sue, the dog walker, late morning. I was home when he got back and he was wet and muddy to the belly.

When I got back from work and he had calmed down a bit I put him on the grooming table and combed him through. I managed to get seeds, grass, moss, leaves and twigs out of his coat! He was so good that I stopped half way to give him a cuddle, he can't hate being groomed too much as he was happy to give me a lick!

OH decided to have toffee yoghurt for dessert and let Rodders lick out the pot. He then used some dog wipes to clean off his beard which, unfortunately, failed miserably. Rodders beard set solid so just before bedtime OH had to give Rodders beard a wash and then comb it through. He still smelled of toffee though!

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