Monday, 2 January 2012

Shopping and a new friend

When we get back from a walk Rodders always seems to be energised and runs about playing for a while.

He did eventually settle down and had a rest on his bed pad for a little while before asking to go out in the garden. Once he came back in I put on my coat and told him that I needed to go out shopping and he needed to stay here and go in his bed. He wasn't happy and when I put his front feet in to the crate he tried to escape. I grabbed him and put all of him in the crate and he curled up as I locked it and said goodbye.

When I got back from Tesco he was obviously asleep as he didn't make a sound until I was in the kitchen and, when I let him out of the crate, his tummy was all warm and toasty.

After I had given him a fuss I started to put away the shopping and he was chasing about after me. He did try to stick his nose in the shopping bags but stopped when he was told no.

I hadn't been back very long when Kev called in with his daughter Emily who is home from Uni. It didn't take her and Rodders long to make friends and they sat on the floor playing with his toys for ages while Kev and I had a New year drink.

Emily is happy to walk Rodders if I need her to when she is home from Uni, wish I had known she was home for this week before I booked the dog walker!

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