Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Tuesday hilights and lowlight

Rodders was up early with OH and got sent up to wake me, twice! I am really not good in the mornings and usually have two alarms, I suppose I really shouldn't need Rodders nose in my face twice to get me out of bed.

Once up we saw OH off and then I made Rodders some scrambled egg. He wouldn't eat it rom the plate but was quite happy licking it off my hand. He ate his way through most of two eggs.

It took so long to feed him that I had to rush to get washed and dressed and only had time to walk him around the block.

He was so good when I needed to go to work, I gave him a cuddle and he then walked straight in to his crate.

At lunchtime we went straight in to the garden and he ran about while I poop scooped and then he waited at the lounge door while I went to the bin at the front door. Once I had washed my hands I fed him some more scrambled eggs. After a cuddle he went back in to his crate without any problems.

I knew that Rodders was in for a lovely surprise this afternoon as OH was going to be home early. Rodders heard his car pull up outside and as he got out there was one excited bark. He was so excited by the time OH came in the back door he could hardly contain himself.

What I didn't know is that I was in for some nice surprises too. By the time I got home Rodders had been bathed, dried and groomed, he looked so lovely and fluffy, a really smart boy. OH had also taken down the outside lights and put them away and cleaned the kitchen for me. He really is a star!

I had time for a shower and wash my hair and then we went to the pub for dinner. We are lucky that one of the best local foodie pubs lets dogs in. When we first got there we found a table and Rodders sat down with me while OH went to the bar to get drinks. Rodders was not happy with that and was squeaking and giving strangled barks to make sure OH knew that he had been left behind.

While we ordered and ate Rodders was happy under the table even if he did keep moving about to have a look at what was going on. We were both keeping an eye on him but OH had hold of the lead. And the next time I glanced down Rodders had thrown up under the table :-( I had taken a snuggle fleece for him so I used that to clear up. Luckily I had a carrier bag and a box of tissues in the car so I nipped out to get them so I could clean up better. Ah well, decision made, we won't be staying for pudding!

Back home I put the snuggle fleece in the washing machine and OH and Rodders went for a snuggle on the papasan chair. I heard OH ask if Rodders wanted down and then if he wanted in to the garden. The next thing was that Rodders had thrown up again. Bless him, he had tried to get outside but had thrown up on the doormat. It just seemed to be frothy bile this time.

He hasn't eaten since lunch time so we gave him a small amount of id diet as it is soft and easier for him to eat. It took him a while to eat it though. Since then he has been fast asleep on his bed pad at OH's feet. OH has checked Rodders tummy and it seems to be quiet, lets hope he is OK now.

Stupid me, four eggs in one day, when he has never had any before is probably too much for him.

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