Monday, 2 January 2012

A fun evening with Rodders

Rodders snoozed for two hours and woke up full of mischief. He was happy playing with his toys until it was time for his tea. I got him to sit and wait until the bowl were a millimetre from the floor so some progress.

For the first time since the Christmas Tree went up he seems to be fascinated by it and now disappears off behind it with any treasure and has tried to eat some of the lower decorations. He does stop chewing the minute he is told no though.

He is still barking an awful lot and usually runs straight to the back door. It is difficult to know if he needs to go out in to the garden or not, half the time when I open the door he just sits there and looks out. If he does go out he spends most of his time standing on the patio barking. A couple of times I have made him come back in and another couple I have just gone out there and lifted him up to bring him in, this has backfired as he now runs off when he see's me coming so it is back to calling him in. Sometimes he comes and sometimes he doesn't so I shut the door which usually has him running.

I also found him eating a christmas card which I presume had fallen from the windowsill.

This all sounds like he has been a monkey all evening but he hasn't really. He seemed to play or get up to mischief for a couple of hours and then sleep for a couple of hours. He is so much fun to have around and I love the fact that he can play happily on his own with his toys or in the garden or with you throwing a ball or toy for him. He also talks by barking or squeaking to let you know what he wants (usually up on the sofa) and it can be fun to try and interpret what he wants.

Tonight I was a bad Mummy and it took me a while to work out what he was saying and I was mortified when I realised that he was trying to tell me his water bowl was completely empty. I quickly filled it and he had a small drink, thank goodness he wasn't really thirsty.

He is still putting some of his toys away by himself but can get over excited and take them all out and throw them about the  place. When he does that I start to pick them up and drop them in ether for him, he talks to me as I do it and all of a sudden one toy will hardly hit the toy box before he leaps in and grabs it back.

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