Friday, 13 January 2012

The other (more serious) worry

My sister's dog, Finnan the Westie, has spent the last 24 hours in the vet seriously ill with Pancreatitis.

She hasn't really been right since before Christmas and my sister has tried everything as she has always had a sensitive tummy but when there was no improvement she knew it was time to go to the vet.

This was the email I got from her yesterday:
Finnan has been quite poorly this week and took her back to the vet today and they have kept her in, she has pancreatitis.  They scanned her this afternoon and it looks like it is caused by infection rather than a tumour, she is on intravenous drugs and stuff but will probably be in until Monday as her liver function is not good but it could all be connected.  I will get a daily update from the vet and will keep you posted.

Unfortunately there has been no improvement in the last 24 hours and they are concerned that she is not eating. They have tried to tempt her with all sorts of things including cottage cheese. My sister has suggested that they try tuna as Finnan usually does summersaults when you open a tin.

Finnan is the most beautiful Westie I have ever seen, easily as pretty as the one in the Cesar Dog food commercial, and a real character. She is probably the most stubborn and naughty dog I have ever known but we love her all the same. At 11 years old she can still act like a puppy even if she is a bit grumpy at times.

Get well soon Finnan!

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