Wednesday, 11 January 2012

A quiet night, not a lot of food but a goodish day

I had to waker Rodders to go in to the garden at bedtime and, despite putting him on the grass twice, he refused to have a piddle.

I picked him up once he was back inside and gave him a cuddle while walking around and locking up before putting him at the crate door. He walked straight in to his bed to find his treats and another Kong full of kibble. I switched out the lights and said goodnight and I didn't hear anything else from him until I was in the bathroom at 6.30am the next morning.

He was happy to have a quick snuggle when I let him out the crate but soon wanted out in to the garden for a piddle. I left the door open while I went to make a cuppa and he came back in for a fuss before going back out for a poo. I put his breakfast down but he really didn't seem interested in it.

He then came up on the sofa with me until it was time to go and get washed and dressed. He wanted up on to the bed and instead of stealing my socks he was stealing the tissues out of my dressing gown pocket.

As soon as we got back downstairs I locked the back door and out my coat on. Rodders was almost doing summersaults as I tried to get his lead on and put my wellies on. We were eventually ready to go out and he sat nicely at the door waiting and walked nicely to the rugby field. Once there he sat while I swapped to the extendable lead and then was off sniffing and running about. He stopped for a piddle and a poo and waited while I cleaned up. We bumped in to the man and Westie we saw yesterday and stopped to pass the time of day while the dogs played and were then on our way again. When we got near the road there were some people walking towards the school with children and Rodders was quite happy to sit and watch them for a while before I called him to come to me and we headed back to the edge of the field, swapped leads and then on our way home. He had a bark at a couple of people on route but carried on walking beside me.

Back indoors I got changed out of my jeans and then got him a kong ready before putting on my coat and gathering my things ready to leave for work. I gave him a cuddle and put him down at the crate door and then he walked straight in.

When I got back at lunchtime he was happy to have a snuggle but wanted out in the garden to play fairly quickly. I made tea and toast and ate it quickly then followed him in to the garden with the ball launcher. He was happy to chase after the ball but didn't want to give it back even though it was difficult to bark at Bob and Pat next door when they came out. All too soon it was time for me to go back to work. Luckily he had already come back in so all I had to do was get him in his crate. As he hadn't shown any interest in his lunch I gave him another kong as well as some treats.

I got held up at work tonight and so I didn't get home until 5.30pm. Luckily Skevi had been here since 4.30pm and had already let him out of the crate and in to the garden a couple of times. He was quite happy chasing her about but she had decided to leave him downstairs while she cleaned upstairs as he was stealing things out of the bedroom so when I got in he was behind the lounge door.

After she and I said hello I came downstairs with Rodders to make a cuppa. While I was stood in the kitchen I threw a few bits of kibble down and he hoovered them up so I threw down more and more. I then swapped his kibble in to a different bowl as he seems hungry but isn't eating from the bowl he got for Christmas. As soon as I swapped back to his old bowl he ate half the kibble in there.

Skevi finished upstairs and got a bark when she came down with the mop and bucket. Once she had tidied up she had a quick play with Rodders before leaving us for another week.

Rodders and I had a quick snuggle and then he came in to the kitchen with me while I cooked my dinner. As I was eating he was playing behind me in the conservatory, when I turned around to look he had thrown all his toys out of the toy box and was in there trying to curl up in it - I think he is too big for it now!

When I finished eating he came and lay down beside me on the bed pad and didn't move when I went to make a cuppa. The only thing that got him to move was when OH FaceTimed us. He had a chat with both of us.

I have put a post up on the Schnauzer Forum about how badly Rodders is eating for some advice but I am beginning to wonder if he is just bored as each time I stand in the kitchen and throw the kibble down for him to chase he eats it all up, he just won't eat it from the bowl.

He is now happily playing in the kitchen chasing his ball, he seems to like the enclosed space for it to bounce off.

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