Monday, 2 January 2012

A bit more active this afternoon

Rodders and I spent some time in the garden. First of all I poop scooped and then we played chase.

He came and lay on the kitchen floor while I emptied the washing machine and once he was told no he didn't try to bite things as they came out of the machine. Once the washing machine was empty he followed me upstairs while I hung stuff on the radiators and ran off with my slippers. One is still on the landing and the other is in the lounge.

I then put on my walking gear and we headed off down the Nicky Line following yesterdays route. Rodders was really funny once we swapped to the extendable lead. He would either run ahead of me and then sit and wait or he would lag behind me and wait for me to call him and come running so I turned it in to a training exercise.

As he seems to like this walk I thought I should check where it is we end up and apparently it is Keen Fields. I wasn't quite so keen on it today as I spotted drug paraphernalia up by the seating area and basketball court :-(

Anyway we did the walk around and Rodders loved running and sniffing about and he got to play with a boxer and a staff cross before we headed back up the Nicky Line.

He is funny if he gets anything stuck to his legs. He just sits down and waits for me to take it off him.

We got passed by a cyclist and a runner, Rodders was quite good and sat still for me while we let them passed. He doesn't like it when other dog walkers go past us if he isn't allowed to stop and say hello but he will keep walking even if he does keep looking back.

We walked back as far as the rugby field before turning and heading for home. Once inside I was trying to swap out of my wellies and Rodders was trying to bite the boots I was putting on so I shut him in the lounge. To start with he was quiet but he soon started squeaking as he hates being shut away from me if I am home.

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