Saturday, 7 January 2012

Sorry, got a bit behind

This working for a living makes it difficult to keep up with the blog but I do want to record each and every day so I must try to make the time each day.

Friday was a quieter day for Rodders. It started at a more reasonable hour than the two previous days thank goodness. I got OH to give Rodders his flea and worm treatment today as I struggled when I did it last time, but I now know why and I will be able to do it myself next time. I was being stupid and didn't know how to open it properly so used a knife last time! When OH went to work Rodders went out to the gate with him and wouldn't come when called again. He was happy to play in the garden for ages and so we only had time for a quick walk around the block before it was time for me to go to work. I managed to bribe him in to his crate with some treats.

In return for getting a 45 minute lunch break monday to Thursday we get an hour for lunch on a Friday and finish at 4pm. I took an earlier lunch break at 12.30 and nipped to the shop on the way home but it still meant a shorter morning for Rodders. He was happy to see me and wanted a fuss before we both went out in to the garden. After the awful weather we have had this week it was nice to see some sunshine. I gave Rodders his lunch but he did't eat much of it so when it was time to go back to work I filled his Kong with kibble. He seems to like this as a treat anyway.

It was still light when I got home just after 4pm and Rodders wanted out in the garden for a piddle. When he came back in he came upstairs with me while I quickly changed and then we headed up the rugby field.

There were lots of dog walkers about and there dogs were having a great time chasing each other about. As we got closer to them Rodders got more excited and wanted to join in and the other dogs came over to say hello. Unfortunately Rodders was getting in a mess with the extendable lead as he was jumping about so much and I was struggling to get it off his back leg. I tried to swap back to the other lead which was quite hard as the last thing he wanted to do was to sit still for me and with other dogs jumping around us. As soon as I managed to get the extendable lead unclipped the strain came off it and it unravelled.

After letting him have a bit more of a play we moved on and he was so good, coming away without complaint. By the time we got back to the start of the field it was getting dark so we headed home.

Rodders was happy to play and bark and then bark some more. I really would like to find a way to stop this. He was also in and out of the garden all evening but he seems to have a new game. He goes to the door and asks to go out and when I get there and open the door he just walks away, or if he does go out he has a quick sniff of the drain and wants to come straight back in.

I had to take the TV down from the bracket in the bedroom and Rodders came upstairs with me but quickly disappeared. Unfortunately I was up a ladder with a heavy object in my hands so I couldn't go and found out why. Once I had manhandled the TV down on to the floor I went to investigate and the little monkey was sat on the mat at the back door chewing one of my pashmina's and he wasn't too happy about letting it go!

I was getting concerned about how little Rodders is eating. When he was under the vet and on the id diet he was on 75g 4 times a day which is 300g. I had dropped him to three meals a day and was giving him 80g each time but he wasn't eating it all so I went on to the Royal Canin website to check and for his age he should only be on 185g a day. When we talked about feeding at Puppy Party Nicci did say that smaller puppies tend to eat what they need and leave the rest and it would appear she is right!

Rodders didn't settle down until after 10pm and I woke him up to go out in the garden for a piddle at 11.40pm. He went out by himself which is something he has started to do over the last couple of days. When he came back in I locked up and switched out lights while he sat and watched me from the conservatory. Since he has been poorly and wasn't getting treats he has stopped going in his crate by himself. I spent about ten minutes enticing him towards me and eventually he walked in to the crate by himself.

It will be good to get back to training school tomorrow, I think Rodders needs it!

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