Saturday, 7 January 2012

A bit of a start!

I had a really good nights sleep and got woken with a start at 7.10am by Rodders barking loudly. I shot out of bed in a bit of a panic as I thought it was friday and I was going to be in a rush to get everything done before it was time to leave for work.

By the time I got down the stairs I had worked out that it was saturday and the panic subsided. Rodders was very happy to see me and wanted a fuss before he went in to the garden. While he was out there I could hear the bin men so I popped out the front to put my bin out. While Rodders was out for the second time I managed to get the recycling boxes out too!

I put down his breakfast and he had a sniff at it but didn't eat anything until about 9am.

He was happy to come upstairs with me while I got washed and dressed and wanted up on the bed. He seems a bit dopey this morning and was happy sitting there and didn't try to steal my socks for once.

I had some breakfast while he went to play in the garden for a while. Today is going to be a long day and I may not get to eat anything else until tea time.

While I loaded the TV in to the car Rodders had to stay in the lounge and he barked the whole time.

I finished getting ready to go out and Rodders was getting excited as he realised he was coming too. He was dancing in front of me as I tried to get the last things together. We eventually managed to head out to the car stopping for a chat with Sue at No1 on the way.

Rodders hasn't been in the car for over a week but he was very good and settled down really quickly without making a sound.

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