Sunday, 22 January 2012

Shite internet connection

My internet connection has been really iffy since Friday so it has been difficult to update, sorry :-(

Friday was quite a good day, and just to give you the hilights:

Rodders has started to bark at the pigeons that sit on the fence between us and Bob and Pat. It is really funny as he can see them from the conservatory and is desperate to get out there to chase them off. He barks like mad as he races out of the door, across the patio and on to the grass but the pigeons just look at him. When they eventually fly away Rodders looks really confused about where they have gone.

At lunchtime he was happy playing in the garden but popped in to see me a couple of times! When it was time for me to go back to work he came in when asked and, when he saw me go to the treat tin, he went straight in to the crate without being asked.

He heard OH pull up out the back and was desperate to get outside so that he could meet him at the gate. As they came up the path Rodders was dancing around OH's feet with excitement. The pair of them had a play as I made a sandwich to keep OH going until he got home. As he was eating it we sat at the dining table and had a chat.

OH wrapped Rodders in a towel to stop him wriggling so that he could check his mouth as I am sure it is sore by the way he is eating, his breath smells a little too so I just wanted to check there was nothing too serious going on in there. Luckily it just seems to be a poorly tooth and I am sure it will be out soon.

When OH went Rodders went out to say goodbye and then came back in when I called him. A few seconds later he wanted to check if OH had really gone and so asked to go back in the garden. He then had a mad five minutes running in and out, up the path, around the garden, under the patio table and back. It is hard not to giggle at him when he does this.

At bedtime he went out in to the garden without too much fuss but then lay down on the grass for ages before actually doing anything. I didn't think we were ever getting to bed!

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