Saturday, 28 January 2012

Friday was a bit of a strange day for Rodders

Rodders woke up first at 4.10am, barked twice and then settled. At 5.18am he was barking again but a different sort of bark so I came down and let him in to the garden without putting on any lights. When he came back in he was happy to settle on his bed pad so I curled up on the sofa and managed to get back off to sleep until 6.30am.

Once I was awake I made a cuppa and my sandwich for lunch and then dashed upstairs to get washed and dressed. We then headed to the rugby field for a quick walk. It was very strange, there was a heavy frost so the trees were white and so was the grass but underfoot was still very soggy and mushy. We met up with a Westie that we see regularly and they had a quick runabout together before we headed off in different directions.

Rodders didn't eat any breakfast so I filled his Kong and left him with that and his puppy treats when I headed out to work. When I got home at lunchtime Skevi was here and so Rodders was running about. He had already been in the garden (and frightened Skevi to death when she couldn't see him hiding behind the tree) but he was happy to come out and chase after me as I poop scooped. We then had a play with his ball, he still doesn't really understand the concept of dropping it so that I can throw it again and he runs about with it in his mouth for ages, stopping to play with it and then run off with it again.

All too soon it was time for me to head back to work so I sorted out another Kong and some puppy treats and shut the crate door so that they were there for when Skevi needed to go. She sent me a text to let me know that she had to put him in his crate as he wouldn't walk in by himself.

I got off work just after 4pm and came home, swapped boots and took Rodders out for a walk. We headed up to the Nicky Line and I swapped to the extendable lead, I am still not brave enough to let him off on my own. We started to walk up towards Keen Fields but he didn't seem to want to walk that way again so after about 15 minutes I turned and walked back towards the rugby field. I could hear the rain but the trees were keeping it off us mostly. We walked the length of the rugby field on the Nicky Line and then moved on to the field itself by which time it was raining pretty hard so I kept to the tree line and headed towards home. It was chucking it down and very soon we were both soaked. Rodders doesn't seem to mind it too much, he just stops and shakes every now and again to try and get rid of it.

We had been out for 40 minutes and it really wasn't nice. The problem with my dog walking coat is that the rain just falls off it so the top half of me was dry and buy wellies had done a great job with my feet and legs up to my knees but the bit in the middle was soaked through. I towelled Rodders off and then went upstairs to peel off my wet jeans and hang them on the radiator. I threw on my fleecy trousers to try and warm me up and then went to sort out our tea.

Rodders isn't showing much interest in his kibble so I threw in some of a sample kibble from the vets and he ate half a bowl full of the mixed kibble. I really am concerned about how little he eats. Logic tells me he is still active and playful so he must be OK but I reckon he is eating half of what he should a day.

I had a rushed dinner of pizza and then went to get changed again and pack a bag of drinks and nibbles as I was off out with friends this evening. Rodders and I had a bit of a play and then a cuddle before it was time for me to go out, this is only the second evening I have ever left him. He went in to his crate without any bother with more treats.

I had a great time watching the Leverstock Green Players show, it was a mixture of song, dance and sketches and really well put together. Everyone else was going to carry on the evening but I headed home so that I could get back to Rodders, three hours on his own is enough I think.

He was happy to see me and we had a play and a cuddle before he wanted out out in to the garden. After a while he settled on to a bed pad and went back to sleep.

I don't like him being left for so long in a day but it really doesn't happen very often.

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