Sunday, 1 January 2012

A quiet morning and a long walk

I woke up about 8.30am and there wasn't a peep out of Rodders until I started walking towards the bathroom. By the time I got down the stairs he was squeaking quite loudly.

He wanted a fuss and a snuggle before asking to go in the garden. While he was out there I made a cuppa and got his breakfast ready. As soon as he heard his bowls moving he dashed back in and started barking.  I am trying to make him sit and wait so that I can put his bowls down without his nose in the way, we are almost there but he can't resist once they are an inch from the floor so it took about 5 minutes just to give him his breakfast this morning.

Once he had eaten his breakfast he was quite lively and chasing his toys around. He was also up to mischief and we have had a bit of a battle over the door stop and the door mat. OH wants to put the rugs back down after we take down the Christmas Tree but I think this might be a mistake. They are long pile, shaggy things  and I think the temptation would be too much.

After a lot of playing inside and out and a fair amount of mischief Rodders eventually wanted a rest and came up on the sofa with me.

He seems to be able to find tissues from a mile away, even if they are hidden in pockets or behind cushions, and I have lost count of how many I have taken off him today.

I had brunch before emptying the washing machine and then getting washed and dressed so we could head out for a walk. I thought we would go towards the Nicky Line and see how muddy it is. Once we got there it looked quite good so we headed under the bridge and towards Queensway, stopping to swap to the extendable lead. Rodders loved running around sniffing as I wandered down the path and would be behind me one minute and flying past me to get in front the next. He stopped a couple of times and sat down so I called him to me and he came running. I wonder if the fact that there is an obvious path to follow makes him happier?

We walked over the bridge at Queensway, down the steps and in to the park. Rodders hadn't done this park before but he seemed to like it, we probably walked two thirds of it. He got to play with one dog for about 5 minutes. The two of them were chasing around his owner and I as we stood chatting, it was lovely to see.

As we were walking back towards the bridge I could hear my name being called. I looked up and saw Bob and Pat from next door standing on the bridge waving. Rodders and I made our way towards the steps and met them coming down with Gus, their Grand Dog. This was the first time Gus and Rodders had met. Gus is better with humans, Rodders is better with dogs so once they worked that out they were happy to ignore each other while we chatted. After a while we parted company so that we could head home and they could let Gus off for a run around and to chase his stick.

Rodders stayed a little closer on the way back so I thought we may have tired him out. No chance! Once we were back inside I made a cuppa and gave him his lunch and then he was running up and down after his ball, playing with his yoghurt pot and frizbee and then wanted out in to the garden. It had started to rain, I hope Bob and Pat aren't too long or they will be soaked,

Rodders was out there a while and has come in soaking. After being towelled off he was happy to lie on his bed pad for a snooze.

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