Thursday, 19 January 2012

Thursday has been a good day, shame about the night!

Rodders went out in to the garden at bedtime but flatly refused to do anything, however long he was out there so I gave up and let him come in. He went straight in to his crate as he saw me getting his treats.

Just after 4am he was barking the house down so I thought he wanted in to the garden. I came down and went to let him out if the crate without putting on any lights. He wanted a fuss but didn't want to go out and then went to try and curl up on his bed pad! I wasn't having that so Picked him up, told him it was bed time, and put him in his crate. He went back to sleep without any problems until he heard my alarm go off at 6am.

It was chucking it down with rain but Rodders was happy to go out in to the garden and even happier to be towel dried when he came in. And then he went out again and in to be towelled and out and in, I was beginning to think that it was just a game!

I gave him 50g id diet for breakfast and he was happy to eat it from the dish to start with but then stood back and barked at it until I went and held the dish. He then ate the rest of it without any problem.

He was happy playing as I pottered about filling the dishwasher and making my sandwich and followed me upstairs when I went to get washed and dressed. He stayed on the bed while I wandered about upstairs getting my clothes out and for once didn't try to steal anything so I was lulled in to a false sense of security when he got off the bed a snuck a sock out of the laundry on his way past.

He is getting very good at going in his crate. Although he does try to back off when I tell him it is time for me to go to work he doesn't actually run  away so I can pick him up and give him a cuddle before putting him on the floor by the crate and he goes straight in.

Although I had parked out the back I went out the front door and walked around the back, Rodders seemed happier with this and didn't bark at all.

When I got home at lunchtime Rodders was still out with Sue, the dog walker, so I got a chance to raid the freezer to see what I could have for dinner and then put my feet up with a cuppa. Just as I was about to get ready to go back to work he arrived home full of energy and up to his tummy in mud. He had obviously had a great time. I had just enough time to rub him down with a towel before having to put him in his crate. As I didn't have enough time to feed him I gave him extra treats including a liver treat and a dentastick.

When I got back after work he hadn't touched the dentastick but he did go and get it once he had calmed down and he was having a lovely time throwing it about and playing with it.

Once he went out in to the garden I got him some kibble out and soaked it ready for him coming back in. He started to eat it out the dish but after a few minutes he barked at it and so I went and lifted it for him to eat out of. The kibble soon disappeared and then he was off to see what mischief he could get up to.

I had a chat with OH on his way back to the hotel while letting Rodders in and out of the garden and then my sister while Rodders was playing. He does have a new game, he goes and stands at the door and barks so that I will go and open the door, once open he has a sniff outside and then walks away. He has done it about 5 times this evening.

My eldest nice also called for a catch up and to see how her cousin is doing! She is a bit worried about me as she isn't used to me not loving my job so I had to explain that the most important thing for me nowadays is that I am working in Hemel and can be home for Rodders at lunchtime and at a reasonable hour in the evening. She seemed a little happier now that she understands it is more of a life change than she had anticipated.

It is raining again so Rodders has had to be towelled off when he has been out in the garden, luckily he thinks this is fun.

I got my dinner ready to go in the oven and then put Rodders on the grooming table to try and get rid of the mud. Luckily it had dried and as I was combing him it was coming away as dust. There was only a few areas that were a bit knotted or clumpy and he was very patient with me as I teased it out so I gave him a liver treat afterwards.

He did curl up on his snuggle fleece as I ate my dinner but was soon playing again afterwards. He has been up to some mischief though: -
- the doorstop went walkabout
- he managed to get hold of a packet of cigarettes and got one out of the packet and started to chew it before I spotted him (I don't think he has actually eaten any of it)
- he tried to get my teddy of the crate it sits on
- he has dragged the back door mat all the way to the kitchen door

He has also had another 50g of id diet and still seemed to be hungry after that as he would not come out of the kitchen and kept barking. I then got him another dish of soaked kibble and he ate that too. He still won't eat much if it is on the floor and I have to lift the dish for him.

Once he had a full tummy he was very playful and was lying on his back under the bed pad moving it about, he was also trying to do the same with a snuggle fleece and he has been taking toys out of the toy box.

I did try to check his mouth to see if he has lost another tooth but he wasn't happy with me doing it, I obviously don't have OH's knack!

He is now sleeping at my feet.

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