Friday, 6 January 2012

Twas a busy day, too busy to update!

So Thursday started with Rodders barking at 5.15am as he desperately needed out for a piddle and a poo.The reason for this is that the weather the night before was horrendous, driving rain and howling gales and Rodders just would not go out in it. Well that is almost true, he got out once, got halfway past the patio table and ran back in, another time he got as far as the grass and ran back in. I can't say I blame him, it was truly awful and you could hear bins and all sorts going flying.

Anyway, having got me up so early he was happy to have another hours sleep on his bed pad while I slept on the sofa.

The weather was still awful so we didn't go out for a walk, we played fetch for a while with his ball and then I showered and washed my hair. Rodders is now fully back on kibble, his tummy seems fine but he doesn't seem to keen and didn't eat all his breakfast.

When I went to work I left the paperwork for the dog walker, some money and a kong full of kibble for her to put in the crate with him. I also let him have a couple of his original puppy treats as I know these used to be OK for him.

My plan was not to come home at lunchtime but the weather was so bad and I was starving (even though I had already eaten a bag of crisps, some chocolates and my sandwich!) so I came home for some toast. It was very strange coming in and finding the crate empty. As I was eating I heard a bark that I recognise and went to the door, there was Rodders and Sue (the dog walker). Rodders was wet through and looked a right scruff bag. Apparently he had a great time with 4 big dogs and was so well behaved so I was a very proud Mummy! They had got caught in a downpour and Sue had rubbed him off but he still looked a bit bedraggled.

He was quite happy to go back in his crate when I went back to work, I know he was tired but I think the kong and treats helped.

When I got home we had a quick fuss and then he was happy to run about after me as I started to get the Christmas Decoration Storage boxes down and strip the tree. I got as far as I could without going up the ladder and I knew that OH was on his way so I stopped and spent a bit of time grooming Rodders.

He is a good boy and either stands or sits on the grooming table. He had a few knots and so it took me a while to comb him through and he was very patient.

While we were waiting for OH to get home I swept up the needles that had fallen off the tree so far and carried the full boxes back up to the landing ready to go in to the loft and Rodders was chasing after me until he got distracted by my wellies. He didn't even hear OH come in the back door or it shut behind him. The minute OH spoke Rodders shot through to the conservatory barking and squeaking.

Once Rodders had said hello to OH they both went upstairs so that OH could get changed. I got dinner underway and then joined them. They were having a great time playing so I managed to get myself changed and back downstairs while they were still up there!

OH came down and started to take the higher decorations off the tree while I finished dinner off. Once we had eaten he carried on and then started to take the lights off. I nipped outside in my wellies to bring the wheelie bin around to the back. Rodders wasn't happy with me going out in my wellies without him and barked and whined at the lounge door. He was very surprised when I came back via the back door.

OH brought the wheelie bin in to the conservatory and then started cutting off the branches and filling the bin. While I took it back to the front of the house OH started to sweep up the rest of the fallen needles.

We still had to out everything back in the loft and take down the lights at the front of the house but first we had to go up in to the oft loft to get down more storage. Eventually, after 10.30pm, we had finished and we sat down to watch some television before going to bed.

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